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All you wanted to know about engagement parties

Your engagement is great news; one that has to be shared and celebrated with your near and dear ones. You could always share the news over social media or telephone, but the traditional way of breaking the news to those who are closest to you is with an engagement party.

Are you unsure about how and when you should plan your engagement party? Here is a round-up of all you have to know, so you can begin planning.


Who hosts the engagement party?

Traditionally, this was done by the bride’s parents. Nowadays, there is really no set rule on who throws the party. At times it is the bride’s parents, or otherwise the groom’s parents. It isn’t too unusual to find the couple themselves hosting the party these days or even their friends doing it for them.

When is it held?

An engagement party is the occasion to officially announce your engagement. So, the earlier it is planned, the better. It is good to have the engagement party before you get too busy with wedding planning. This allows you to enjoy it fully, without worrying about the wedding. If you want to keep your engagement a surprise, an engagement party is the best occasion to announce this big news to all those who matter to you. Just make sure that the hosts or those who already know don’t spill the beans before the day.

What kind of a party should it be?

There are no set rules here. You could have a formal party, or choose to go with one that is casual and relaxed. Outdoor garden parties are great for celebrating engagements, but you could also have it at a club or in a hotel if you choose to. Traditional engagement parties were notorious for being serious and boring. But with a little creativity you can transform it into a fun-filled event. To get started, check out this article on The Huffington Post.

Who should be invited?

Engagement party etiquette was that only those in the wedding guest list were invited to this function. But, nowadays it is up to the hosts and the couple to decide who attends. You can either have an intimate gathering of your close friends and relatives, or a bigger affair where you invite co-workers, neighbors and associates as well. Couples may even choose to have more than one party for each group, but this depends on whether you have the time and the budget for it.

What do you wear?

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Your attire for the day should depend on the formality of the event and the venue. For a formal party choose an elegant evening gown that helps you stand out. For a casual outdoor affair, shorter dresses with interesting details would be a good choice. Your fiance should also choose his attire based on the same factors.

Are toasts part of the engagement party?

Yes, it is customary to toast the newly-engaged couple at the party. It can be done by their parents, or whoever hosts the party. The couple may also choose to raise a toast to the host of the party, if they aren’t hosting it themselves.

Now that you know all that you need to, on engagement parties, get ready to plan it. To find a suitable dress for this fantastic evening in your life, check out our collection of dresses for special occasions at Best for Bride.

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Fun Pen and Paper Bridal shower games

One of the traditional rules for a bridal shower is “There shall be games.” You can of course, have a bridal shower without any games, but remember that bridal shower games were introduced with more than one purpose. While all the guests know the bride, they may not know each other, and games are the best way to break the ice. Plus, they make the party fun and exciting as it brings guests of different generations and age-groups together and give them a chance to mingle freely.

1. Do you have it in your purse?


Things you need: List of items, markers or pencils

Make a list of items that you would normally find in every purse like credit cards, tissues and makeup, and add a number of random items like cookies, toothpicks and band aid, to the list. Print out a list with all these items and distribute it among the guests. Ask them to strike off all that they have. The winner is the one who has most items.

2. Bridal bingo


Things you need: Bridal bingo cards, markers or pencils

Add a wedding-related twist to the classic bingo game by providing the guests with bingo cards that has wedding words instead of numbers in the grids. The rest of the rules remain the same: the host calls out the words, and guests strike out those that are on their cards. The first player to complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line wins. You can either buy wedding bingo cards, or print it off the Easy bridal shower ideas website.

3. Petal wishes for the bride


Things you need: Petal wishes kit from Best for Bride or note papers and writing pad, pens

Make use of our petal wishes kit, and get the guests at the bridal party to write their wishes to the bride. Once they have done it, you can simply snap the petals together to create a beautiful flower bouquet that the bride can treasure forever. Alternately, you can also provide the guests with mini writing boards and a note to share their thoughts, which you can later put together into a book and gift the bride.

4. Whose lines are these

whose line

Things you need: list of questions, answers to the questions and pens

The hostess compiles a list of things that the bride and groom have said in the past. This is then printed beside two columns which have the bride’s name and groom’s name on them. All the guests are asked to circle who they think said the statements. The hostess then calls out the answers and the guest who gets most answers right wins the prize. This is a game that opens up conversation and can prompt friends and relatives to also share wedding stories and other trivia.

Aside from these sit-down and play games, you can also organize few active ones which will get the guests up and about. Just remember to balance it out, so that everyone attending the party enjoys it. For more wedding tips and advice, keep visiting us at Best for Bride.