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Why Hiring the Right Makeup Artist is Important: A True Story

Please Note: The following has been written by a guest blogger.

A makeup artist may be one of the last things that a bride thinks of, but it’s no less important a choice than a hairstylist or even a florist. It takes research to find the artist that will be the right fit for you and who will make you look exactly how you want to look and not caked in makeup. Another important thing to consider is a trial – during the trial, your makeup artist can look at photos of what kind of makeup you are looking for and will do an application. From there you can judge how you’d like to change the look, or if you like it how it is. Also, you may discover you have sensitivities to some products that you didn’t know you had.

I cannot stress the importance of a trial enough. Why? Because I didn’t have one for my wedding, it left me in tears on the most important day of my life, and I would never want another bride to go through the same thing.

To be fair, back then I didn’t know what I know now. No one told me that I needed a makeup trial and I would never have even thought of it. This was before the mobile makeup for brides became so popular, and also before I had even given any kind of thought to becoming a certified makeup artist (that came a couple years later).

Don't let this be you on your wedding day.
Don’t let this be you on your wedding day.

When the hairstylist and makeup artist showed up at my home, the first thing I noticed was the disorganized way the makeup artist was transporting her materials. In her small traincase, it was clear eyeshadows had been broken and not cleaned up. She proceeded with my makeup application and I found out then I was very sensitive to foundation formulas. So sensitive that I had an allergic reaction. In fact, the makeup was so bad, I looked like a raccoon with black lining my eyes and spread across my eyelids, despite asking for a ‘natural look with gold and brown tones’.

Now I look back on my wedding photos and while I love them, the redness from the allergic reaction is still there. I don’t love the photos any less, but it did make me realize the error in my ways. Years later when I became a certified artist, I realized that this girl had probably been nothing more than someone with a lot of makeup.

Don’t make the same mistake I did, ladies. Bite the bullet, pay for the trial (or at the very least make sure the artist is using products you are familiar with) and make sure you get exactly what you want on your wedding day.

For more useful tips and tricks for the bride-to-be, make sure you check out Best for Bride Blog where you will find everything you are looking for to help you with your wedding.

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Stylish dressing options for mother of the bride

Your mother has been there throughout the courtship and engagement. So, when it comes to choosing her dress, you need to check out the various options you have. Most importantly, you must make sure the mother of the bride has the best fashion options. The first thing you need to do is search through all the options to select a dress for your mother which suits her style. You can narrow down the search to the dress style, sleeves, designer as well as price range. This way it will easy to make the right choice.

Mother of the bride dresses don’t always need to be traditional, instead it can be a good combination of style and comfort. The ensemble should be reflecting her style more than anything else. Some of the options can be mermaid dresses, two piece dresses, dresses with laces, sequins and more. Here are some of the options that the mother of the bride can choose for her daughter’s big day.

Glitter lace gown with three quarter sleeves


This is one of the best choices for the mother who prefers to keep her look minimal yet stylish. In fact, this style suits almost all body type really well. The long length of the gown gives the body a good structure and height. The look is perfect for an evening wedding. The color selection depends entirely on the mother, of course.

Off shoulder belted sheath


This is a great option for the mother who can carry it off with style. Mostly, if the mother of the bride has a slimmer body and a good height, this dress is the best option to choose. It is a perfect choice for both a morning and an evening wedding. Apart from the dress, there is no need to accessorize it since the dress is enough to make a style statement.

Knee length dress with jacket


Mothers who want to carry off a simple, yet stylish look can choose a lace dress with  a jacket. In such a case, the color of the dress should be off white or something of a dark shade. Dark shades really work for this dress combination.

Bateau neck lace gown with sequins


Mother of the bride can also carry out this full length lace gown with bateau neck. It looks extremely stylish and perfect for the mother. Wearing a grey colored gown with sequins is all that is needed for the look.

The 3/4th sleeves ruffle detailed gown

70425 (1)

This gown is suitable for mothers of all ages. In fact, this is one of the best options to choose if the mother prefers something contemporary.


Lastly, depending on the body type, the mother can choose anything be it a ruched sheath or a peplum gown for her daughter’s big day. But there are other ways as well to flaunt the body. These include ruffled layers, cinched waistline and long sleeved dresses which runs across chest. Such dresses also hide the areas that one doesn’t want to be seen.

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Common Makeup Mistakes Brides Make

Many brides are unsure whether or not to hire a makeup artist for their wedding day or if they should do their makeup themselves, but wedding professionals all suggest taking the pressure off of yourself on your special day and hiring a makeup artist. But, there are some mistakes brides can make on their wedding day, with or without a professional.

Not Getting a Trial

There’s a reason there is a rehearsal before the wedding day and the same goes for makeup (and hair); you want to know what to expect, how long it is going to take and whether the artist is capable of providing you the look you wanted. What is a natural look to some isn’t always the same to others. If you cannot book a trial, make sure you bring reference photos and have a very good idea of what you want from your artist.


Forgetting a Touch Up Kit

Sometimes your makeup artist will provide you with a touch up kit, but if they don’t, this is something to keep in mind. Some items in the kit may include a couple extra bobby pins, a mini can of hairspray, some setting or mineral veil powder and an application brush, blotting papers and of course, your lipstick of choice.

Requesting Airbrush Makeup

Everyone wants that flawless airbrushed look we all see in magazines and while application of the foundation takes less time this way, it is a lot harder to set airbrush makeup and it tends to not wear as well. If you have oily skin or want a matte finish to your look on your wedding day, please consult with your makeup artist and they’ll recommend the best foundation for you.


Not Booking Your Artist Soon Enough

While you are picking out your dress, you should also be thinking about picking out a makeup artist. Most popular artists are booking dates 18 months in advance and you don’t want to miss out because you have waited. Make sure to check out their portfolio of work to get a good idea of whether or not this artist is good for you, and be mindful of the price point. Makeup artists can be expensive, but they offer a priceless experience and are well worth what they are charging. Make sure you ask about the products they use in their bridal kits (if it’s brands you can get at your local drug store, they’ll likely be charging much less than the artists that use brands like Smashbox, NARS, Dior and Make Up For Ever to name a few) and make mention of any allergies you may have.

Do you have your artist picked out already? Head on over to Best for Bride to begin looking for invitations, wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, cakes, favors and more!

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How to Get Gorgeous Before Your Wedding

wedding dress

If you’re engaged and happily planning your wedding, it’s important to take some time for yourself as the big day approaches. Sometimes, with all of the joyful chaos of planning your nuptials, you may feel too busy to nurture yourself. By setting aside time for certain beauty rituals and making these little pleasures a habit, you’ll be your most beautiful and alluring as you walk down the aisle.

To help you get gorgeous before your wedding, Best for Bride has compiled a quick guide to some excellent skin care and hair care routines that will help you to look great in any of our fashionable wedding dresses. These tips and tricks are the product of years of experience; we are a closely-knit team of wedding experts, and we are proud to support our valued brides-to-be as they prepare to make important lifetime commitments with their partners.

Here are some things to think about as you prepare to dazzle your friends, family, and groom-to-be on your wedding day…

Skin Care

wedding gown

Three or four months before your big day, consider concentrating on your skin care routine. Starting early is the best way to get good results from skin care products, such as anti-aging serums, skin-brightening moisturizers, anti-acne potions, and soothing eye creams.

Most products take at least eight weeks to make a visible difference in your skin, so choose the right products for your skin type and then use them religiously. Trusted brands don’t have to cost a fortune. For example, Neutrogena makes an excellent anti-wrinkle cream that won’t bust your budget, and its retinol formula really does smooth out fine lines and reveal fresher, younger-looking skin.

If you enjoy getting facials from a trained beauty technician, plan to have at least one per month before your wedding. However, you should shy away from extractions or peels right before your ceremony and reception, as these types of facials may leave your skin temporarily reddened or inflamed.

Wearing sunscreen is very important, even you plan to sport a tanned, healthy glow at your wedding. It’s better to find a good bronzer to dust on your face on the big day; wear protection of at least SPF15 at all other times. Choose a product that protects you from UVA and UVB rays. Avoid products with parabens.

Keep your makeup minimal a couple of weeks before your wedding, to give your skin a chance to breathe as much as possible. Drink plenty of water – add a little fresh lemon juice, as this is known to benefit the skin. If you have problem skin, take flax-seed oil, zinc, and vitamins A, C and E. Don’t overdo it with supplements. Always follow the directions to the letter, and stop taking them if they don’t agree with you. You can always find theie vital oils, minerals and vitamins in food, if you prefer to avoid taking dietary supplements.

Hair Care

bridal dress

If you’re happy with your hair before you wedding, don’t change anything. It’s much better to keep the same length, style, cut and color so that you feel comfortable and “like yourself” as you marry. However, if you have problem hair, it may be time to tackle the issue in the months preceding your wedding. This is a good time to spend more on highlights, color, low-lights, conditioning treatments, cuts, and so on. It’s not necessarily a good time to get creative, but it’s a great time to put yourself in the hands of experienced, professional stylists and colorists who really know what they are doing.

Expertly cut hair will always look better than a budget ‘do. Ask your stylist to recommend the right products for you – usually, it’s better to stick with your natural texture (i.e. stop straightening and ironing your hair) during the weeks before your wedding, as it gives your tresses a chance to recover. Of course, you should wear your hair in whatever style that pleases you most on the big day.

Biotin is one supplement that is linked with thicker, shinier hair; vitamin E is also a good choice. If you don’t want to take supplements, you should be able to find products with these ingredients, such as biotin shampoos. If your hair is dry, condition with an olive oil treatment once a week. Warm the oil for 30 seconds in the microwave, apply to your hair, and then wash out five minutes later. This easy treatment is a wonderful way to tame fine, frizzy hair.

Get More Wedding Advice from Best for Bride

At Best for Bride, we offer beauty advice, and we also offer a host of practical wedding-related advice to brides-to-be. Whether you’re looking for wedding dresses in Toronto, wedding cakes, plus size wedding dresses, or wedding favours, we will be able to give you the guidance – and the products and services – that you really need.

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Don’t put yourself in the hands of amateurs at this special and important time; instead, work with our seasoned, caring team of bridal specialists. Contact us today for more information.

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Beat the January Blahs with Proper Diet and Exercise

wedding dress

All brides-to-be want to look stunning during their upcoming spring or summer weddings; however, holiday eating and cold weather conditions tend to pile on pounds and inhibit workouts. If you’re susceptible to the dreaded “January Blahs”, there are some ways to make this month more stimulating, invigorating, and beautifying. By planning ahead and adopting a healthier lifestyle, you’ll be ready for your close-up when your wedding day rolls around.

Use this month to become your very best self! Remember that results from dieting and exercise take time – therefore, it’s much better to start a few months in advance of your very special occasion. Of course, the bonus of eating correctly and working out is that you will feel amazing and handle stress much more effectively. There is no downside to taking care of your body – the work you do will always pay off in a big way.

Here are some tips on lifestyle changes that will help you to look fabulous in your white wedding dress…

Eating Correctly Will Slim You Down and Make You Feel Better 

bridal dress

Cutting excess “bad” fats, sugars, and white flours out of your diet is the best way to provoke the kind of weight loss that also makes you feel healthier (rather than tired or deprived) and gives you a glamorous look in fashionable wedding dresses – after all, these empty calories do nothing for you, and they tend to wreak havoc with your metabolism, your complexion, and your moods. Processed foods are always a poor choice – instead, treat yourself to whole grains, lean proteins and sauces in the correct portion sizes. In time, you’ll feel confident enough to begin shopping for wedding dresses Mississauga or wedding dresses in Barrie.

If you’re having trouble losing weight and you’re not a big junk food eater, it’s quite probable that you don’t understand what a typical serving size is. A cup of grains (brown rice, spinach pasta, couscous, etc.), 2/3 cup of topping (such as lean chicken, tofu or tuna), and a tablespoon of sauce or condiment (for example – olive oil, hot sauce, low-fat mayo, or fat-free salad dressing) should form the basis for most meals – then, you should augment with lots of pure water, veggies, and fruit. Imagine a typical Lean Cuisine microwave meal container – this is correctly portioned, and, as you’ve probably noticed, there isn’t a great deal of food on the plastic plate! Salads and fruit will fill you up if you’re still feeling hungry after you consume your “portioned” meal. You should also drink five big glasses of water or herbal tea every day.

Eating smaller portions is tough at first, but your body will soon adjust, and you will definitely lose weight. Cutting out the wrong foods and portioning the right foods is the best strategy for New Year’s weight loss. It takes discipline, to be sure – but you can do it.

Find Joy in Exercise This January

 bridal gown

Healthy lifestyle choices don’t have to be a chore – in fact, you set yourself up for defeat when you hate what you’re doing; therefore, exercise that is fun to do should always be the goal. To choose the right activity for your personality and fitness goals, do a little self-analysis…for example, if you’re quiet and bookish, home fitness equipment will be a perfect choice. You can read a great novel while you ride an Exercycle or use and Elliptical machine, and you won’t have to bother fighting the crowds at a gym.

If you’re social and extroverted, fitness classes that feature Zumba exercise may be ideal – Zumba offers a great workout system that tones your body, and all of the action is set to lively Latin and international music. Other great options include swimming at a gym, Pilates, or hiking. Mixing it up is a good strategy – balance indoor and outdoor exercise for the best results. Getting fresh air – even in miserable weather – is very healthy, as long as you’re bundled up…

Reward Your Successes By Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gown and Accessories

 wedding tiara

In order to stay on track, you need to plan rewards – treating yourself is truly the best way to stay motivated. Instead of focusing on sweet treats or salty potato chips as rewards, why not plan your rewards to make your upcoming wedding even more special? For example, if you lose five pounds, give yourself permission to choose a stunning wedding tiara, wedding shoes, or bridal rings. Since you need these items anyway, choosing them as “milestones” along a New Year fitness program can be great fun. Of course, choosing your bridal dress will be the most important milestone of all…begin looking early in the New Year, so you know exactly what you want when you’re at peak fitness in a month or two. Create a shopping calendar that gels with your fitness goals – and beat the January blahs as you get ready to walk down the aisle.

Happy New Year from Best for Bride!

This New Year, our Best for Bride team will be there to help you find perfect wedding dresses, cheap bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses, and everything else you’ll need to plan the wedding of your dreams. We offer a variety of services, from wedding dresses Toronto to a fully-stocked online bridal store that lets you shop from the comfort of your own home.

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How to Look Beautiful in Wedding Photographs

wedding dress

Your wedding day is your day to shine…and your wedding photographs should capture your radiance, joy and beauty to perfection. However, now and then, women find themselves disappointed with their wedding pictures, which just don’t seem to flatter as they should. Often, “bad” wedding pictures are the result of improper makeup techniques, the wrong angles, and non-professional photography.

By knowing what to avoid, you’ll have more control over the final product. Whether you’re using a professional photographer (this is recommended) or relying on friends and family to commemorate your special day, you will increase your chances of perfect wedding photographs by following these helpful guidelines…

Know Your Best Angles

bridal dress

Every woman, whether she is voluptuous and Rubenesque or delicate and waifish, will have certain angles that are naturally flattering to her unique natural beauty. To find out your best angles, go through old pictures and select the shots you love and hate – then, look for the angles that do – and don’t – work for you. If you get great shots when your body is turned a certain way, or your head is tilted slightly upwards or downwards, use these poses when your wedding photographer is taking pictures.

Models and actresses always know their best angles – to get more ideas about successful angles and poses, look at red carpet photos from events like the Oscars or Golden Globes – you’ll notice that female celebs often pose carefully (one hip thrust outward, one leg forward) to ensure that their pics are ultra-flattering. Don’t be afraid to practice posing in your white wedding dress – have a friend take some preliminary snaps to test great angles. It may feel silly, but remember – at your wedding, you are the star of the show, and all eyes will be upon you. It’s perfectly ok to practice posing and whatnot as you prepare for your wedding day!

Professional Makeup Tips for Better Wedding Photos

wedding dresses

Experienced makeup artists know all of the tricks of the trade, and they always understand how makeup needs to be applied for the camera. Today, many makeup artists rely on high-def makeup powders and bases to get their client’s complexions looking flawless for glamour photography.

While you may not need these pricey HD cosmetics, you will need to consider the way your makeup “reacts” with the camera’s lens. Basically, the photographer’s lights will drain you, and his or her camera flashes will wash you out – to counteract these influences, use stronger makeup that you would for everyday, or even for a night of clubbing.

You need a good-quality base foundation, lots of powder to create a smooth matte effect, and good definition of eyebrows, eyes, cheekbones, jawline, and lips. While “contour” makeup is definitely out of date, makeup designed for the camera will refine the features in a subtle way. For example, many makeup artists use a darker shade of foundation under the chin to create the illusion of a leaner jawline.

For your wedding photos, you really need a full face of makeup – it’s actually the only way to get a “Hollywood” look – that’s why Hollywood actors and actresses are consistently powdered down by makeup crews between shots. If you hate wearing makeup, consider a light application for your ceremony and reception – then, book a private sitting with your groom (and wedding party, if you like) for some proper glamour photos. At this photo shoot, get your makeup done professionally for the best effect. This way, you can avoid wearing a lot of paint on your big day, and still have a set of great wedding pics that’s you’ll always treasure.

Pale skin needs contrast – ivory complexions will look best with reddish-brown, magenta, or plum lips and cheeks. Golden complexions are warmer, and they don’t need as much contrast – they will be flattered by soft coral pinks, bronzes, and baby pinks. Again, look at celebrity makeup – what works for porcelain skinned actresses, such as January Jones and Evan Rachel Wood, will not work for gorgeous olive or dark-skinned ladies, such as J-lo and Jennifer Hudson.

Hiring a makeup artist who will instinctively know the best makeup shades, finishes and techniques for you may be a worthwhile investment. If you’d rather do your own makeup, invest in some high-quality cosmetics that are known to be popular with professional makeup artists and film crews – MAC, Smashbox, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown all produce high-end products that actually get results. If you can’t afford such expensive cosmetics, use cheaper drugstore versions, such as Cover Girl or Revlon – you may need to apply more of these products as they are often less pigmented.

Best for Bride is Here to Help


When it comes to planning a wedding, you need capable helpers who offer years of experience and skill…after all, your special day should be one of the happiest days of your life, and the buildup to your wedding should not be stressful or difficult. While choosing the right wedding makeup is important, it’s just one facet of creating the ideal wedding look; to make it all come together at your nuptials, you also need perfect wedding dresses, cheap bridesmaid dresses, and help with wedding invitations, wedding flowers, and more…

Our team of caring specialists are there to help you put together all of the pieces of the puzzle. When you work with Best for Bride, you’ll be treated kindly, respectfully, and fairly. Your happiness as a bride is important to us, and so is the general success of your wedding. Put yourself in our capable hands – let us show you the right plus-size wedding dresses, wedding decor ideas, and wedding cakes. Then, you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy this special time in your life.

Happy Holidays From Best for Bride!

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Womanly Wedding Gowns For Mature Brides-to-be

Recently, 55-year old Shannon Tweed finally wed her long-time love, Gene Simmons (of the rock band, Kiss). The wedding, which was televised on Shannon and Gene’s popular reality TV show, Family Jewels, featured a lavish night-time ceremony, which was attended by a host of glittering celebs.

 At her wedding, Shannon (shown above) chose to highlight her more mature beauty with a feminine, off-the-shoulder wedding dress – one that still showed plenty of discreet cleavage!

Brides-to-be come in all shapes and sizes, and they also come in all ages.

If you’re a little older than the typical blushing bride, you may want a more womanly wedding gown that shows off your curves – without letting it all hang out. Finding an appropriate bridal dress that still makes you feel romantic and special will be easier once you know what to look for.

In general, white wedding dresses for more mature brides-to-be will feature lots of supportive design elements, and they may offer a little more coverage than wedding gowns designed mostly for younger women.

However, as Shannon Tweed proved, you need not sacrifice glamor or the “wow factor” to get the grown-up look you really want!

The idea that older women can’t be sexy and stylish is an outdated concept – after all, beauties in their forties, fifties and sixties (Helen Mirren being a shining example) are in better shape than ever before, and they deserve wedding dresses that do justice to their confidence, wisdom, and regal bearing…

Here are some ideal choices for more mature brides-to-be:

An Elegant Neckline and Tons of Drama…

wedding gown

The pretty and elegant neckline on this show-stopping gown is quite similar to Shannon Tweed’s own wedding design. The womanly draped bodice of this spectacular frock is the perfect complement to a mature figure. Below the waist, at mid-thigh level, a profusion of airy ruffles offer all of the fairytale magic you secretly crave.

As you can see, this white wedding dress offers the best of both worlds to more mature brides-to-be. For an appealing silhouette, wear supportive undergarments, such as a long-line shaper that adds sleekness to the waist, hips and thighs – this piece will hold you in place and streamline your figure.

Spanx make lots of great body-wear for special occasions. Of course, you can always choose a few spicier articles of lingerie to change into on your wedding night.

For this look, hair should be whatever you’re comfortable with – Shannon Tweed wore her blond tresses in loose, romantic curls, and she opted for a long veil. Anything goes on your wedding day – just choose a look that makes you feel most comfortable with yourself.

Makeup should be understated and feminine – rosy mauve or soft berry lips will always flatter mature women.  Dark lipstick makes the lips look thinner – however, for some women, this look still works best.

In general, look at your everyday makeup and stay pretty close to what you normally wear. By now, you’ve learned what is right for your features and coloring. However, you should always avoid glittery or shiny makeup that is filled with shimmer – this type of makeup settles in fine lines and exaggerates their appearance.

Pure Old Hollywood Glamour…

bridal dress

Lush, satiny softness and a deep-V neckline will offer more mature brides-to-be a little taste of classic Old Hollywood glamour. The screen sirens of yesteryear knew how to work it, whether they were young or old. These screen sirens, such as Joan Crawford and Lauren Bacall, balanced dramatic penciled brows, strong lips, and elegantly powdered faces with luxurious full-length evening dresses that hugged their curves without being too tight.

The lovely bridal dress shown above is a traditional choice for any mature bride-to-be – it’s beautiful, sweeping hemline will make all your movements into pure poetry…

A professional blowout, followed by a few large hot rollers , can give you soft, groomed waves that recall Hollywood’s Golden Age – this look is probably better without a veil. Be sure to wear a classic lip color, such as plum-brown, reddish-brown, or dark pinkish-brown. A little brown in a lip color adds elegance – it tones things down for a refined look.

Best For Bride is Here to Help

Whether you’re looking for cheap wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses in Barrie, or Bridal shops in Mississauga, Best for Bride is here to help. Our team of caring wedding specialists know how to help you make your wedding dreams come true.

Our expertise is at your fingertips when you need to find fashionable wedding dresses, bridal jewelry, and more. We have everything you need…from exquisite bridal gowns and veils to wedding invitations. We even offer a convenient online bridal store that makes it so easy to find your dream dress – right from the comfort of your own home!

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Ideas For Planet-Friendly, “Green” Weddings

wedding dress

Today, many brides consider the environment while they plan their wedding ceremonies and receptions. Avoiding waste , ordering planet-friendly supplies, and conserving energy at a grand celebration can be tricky, but it’s not impossible.

In fact, planning a “green” wedding can be a wonderful experiment that most guests will really appreciate. There are plenty of ways to ensure that your wedding is as environmentally-conscious as it can be; here are some excellent tips to help you get started:

Choose A Local, Sustainable Menu

Supporting local farmers and local businesses can be an excellent starting point when planning a planet-friendly wedding. After all, so much fuel, energy and packaging is wasted when food products are imported. Choosing local, sustainable ingredients is a perfect way to support your community and protect the environment. Look for fresh produce in season, and choose a menu that celebrates the hard work of local farmers.

Buying food products grown in your locality can be a great way of making sure that everything served at your wedding is as fresh as it can possibly be. While certain types of food, such as wild-farmed salmon, organic beef and chicken, and organic fruits and veggies can cost more, they are free of harmful pesticides, hormones, and other nasty additives. Your guests will taste the difference, and you will support environmentally-conscious local businesses. Make sure your friends and family know that you’ve chosen a fresh, local menu – they’ll love the idea!

Use Recycled Paper For Save-The-Date Notes, Invitations, Place Cards, and Menus

There are plenty of excellent ways to use recycled paper and cardboard to create gorgeous wedding invitations, place cards, and menus. If you’re outsourcing these items from a local designer or printer, be sure to request the materials you want – any reputable printer or artist will be more than happy to comply with your wishes.

To create lovely decorations, invitations, place cards and menus from recycled paper – get creative! Use appliques, ribbon, stencils and rubber stamps to give your work a chic, homespun vibe. A hot glue gun can be a great way to add embellishments to planet-friendly recycled wedding favors and invitations. You might also want to look for envelopes made from recycled materials…

Keep Things Simple And Old-Fashioned

A low-fi, old-school approach to wedding entertainment can give your reception a lot of charm. Instead of a noisy rock band or cheesy, loud wedding singers, consider a folk-rock musician who only needs a single mike, a couple of amps, and an acoustic guitar. Even a string quartet can provide amazingly beautiful music during a wedding ceremony, and they won’t need much “juice” to do it. You may also want to conserve power by planning a simple, outdoor ceremony that takes advantage of bright sunlight. Candlelight can be a romantic, planet-friendly option for your wedding reception. Votives and natural beeswax candles can be fragrant, flattering, and lovely to behold.

Plan A Natural Bridal Look That Reinforces Your “Green” Theme

bridal gown

Looking pretty, natural and fresh-faced will complement your wedding’s healthy, planet-friendly feel. Look for a bridal dress that is simple and not too sexy.

If you love funkier, edgier style, express yourself with an unusual gown, such as the cool bridal dress style shown above. Be yourself by choosing a white wedding dress that really reflects your personal taste and sensibilities.

A pretty laurel of flowers in your hair will be lovely choice – this style has been worn by brides since the Middle Ages. Keep your hairstyle soft and natural – avoid hairspray and a lacquered, fussy look. To highlight your bridal gown and hair, do natural makeup that focuses on soft, neutral earth tones – pinky-brown lip glosses, such as MAC Lust, will add just enough color and shine. Glowing cheeks can be achieved with a simple swipe of peachy blush, such as the popular Nars Orgasm. Foundation should be used sparingly, and it should be designed to create a soft, dewy effect. Almay’s lightweight, sheer bases are a great choice for this kind of look.

Your bridal rings should be carefully chosen to reflect your overall style – in general, the type of woman who wants a “green” wedding won’t need a lot of bling. Subtle Feri jewelry and a small bouquet of wildflowers can be more than enough to set off your natural beauty as you walk down the aisle in your wedding dress. If you’ve overspent setting up your green wedding, consider shopping for cheap bridesmaids dresses to save a little money; online bridal boutiques, such as our Best For Bride wedding emporium, offer high quality designs for a reasonable price.



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How To Get The Kate Middleton Look At Your Wedding

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On her wedding day, Kate Middleton embodied quiet elegance and poise. Dressed in a dazzling white wedding dress created by Sarah Burton (for Alexander McQueen), Kate looked truly regal as she walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey.

Always stylish and appropriate, the brunette beauty chose to highlight her lovely bone structure and tiny waist with a classic, princess-style bridal dress, tiara and veil. To enjoy some romantic footage of the wedding, visit this link – you’ll notice lots of exciting details about Kate’s wedding makeup, hair, headpiece, veil and gown…The Royal Wedding 2011 – Kate And William

If you enjoyed the Royal Wedding and you would like to emulate Kate’s gorgeous wedding look, you’ll adore our signature, Kate-inspired bridal gown (as shown above). Crafted with a fitted lace overlay, this luxurious design offers the same restrained glamor and delicacy as Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. Attention to detail, lush fabrics, and painstaking craftsmanship are all utilized to create a bridal gown fit for a princess…

Accessorize For Truly Regal Style

Getting the Kate Middleton look is all about combining perfect wedding dresses with the perfect wedding accessories, such as mid-length, opaque veils and subtle tiaras.

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While Kate’s tiara is made from genuine diamonds, you can get the same royal effect with our crystal wedding tiara (as shown above) – and it won’t cost hundreds of thousands of dollars! Our costume jewelry is very affordable and beautiful – another bonus of choosing a special headpiece like this is the way it will provide you with a poignant reminder of your wedding day – one you might enjoy passing down to your daughter (or any special bride-to-be) one day…

Many brides find that their wedding tiaras (and bridal gowns) take on great sentimental value over the years…

Hair And Makeup Will Complete Your Princess-Inspired Look

Kate Middleton did her own makeup on her wedding day, but she consulted with a Bobbi Brown makeup artist beforehand. During her makeup lessons with this expert, Kate learned how to apply blush, foundation, eyeliner, and lip color without any outside help – this was done to ensure secrecy on her wedding morning.

By choosing to make up her own face, Kate ran less risk of her wedding gown details (which were closely guarded) being leaked to the press.

If you don’t want to hire a makeup artist at your wedding, mimic Kate by visiting a department store and getting some bridal makeup lessons from a professional. A trained beauty consultant can point out the best shades, formulations, and techniques for you.

You might want to select some special products and keep them to be opened before your wedding. Of course, it’s always good to practice and take some digital photographs of your makeup in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

Kate’s makeup was quite strong, but the shades were generally soft and expertly blended. Three types of pink blush (two different rose tones and a shimmer blush) were layered to create flushed cheeks.

A shadow eyeliner in deep black rimmed her eyes, along with two coats of black mascara. Grey and ivory eyeshadow shades were used – the slate color highlighted the lids and crease, while the pale tone was used on the brow bone.

To finish, Kate used Bobbi Brown lip color in Sandwash Pink, topped with a shimmery clear gloss. Of course, moisturizer, base and translucent powder were used to prepare the face for color cosmetics…

Hair Tips For The Kate Middleton Look

Kate pinned back the front layers of her straight brown hair, letting the rest fall loose around her shoulders. This youthful look can be a great choice for many brides-to-be. Simple, shiny hair without a lot of volume at the crown gives a natural effect that isn’t fussy or overdone.

The overall health of your hair should be a priority as you search for a look that suits your white wedding dress. Glossy, sleek tresses that still have some movement will frame your face as you prepare to don your headpiece, veil, and bridal dress.

If you’re shopping for wedding dresses in Toronto or looking for a bridal store in Barrie, you’re in luck! Best For Bride is there to help you put together the ultimate princess look for your special day. We have a team of caring, sensitive, and experienced specialists standing by to give you the personal service you need.

If you prefer to shop online, you can order a Kate Middleton-inspired bridal gown right from our online bridal store

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Summer Beauty Tips For Brides

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Getting married in the hot summer months may require some special beauty tips and tricks – staying fresh and beautiful in your bridal  gown will be easier when you use the right makeup and hair products.

When temperatures climb, it can be difficult to control the effects of humidity – and humidity is known to wreak havoc by melting makeup and creating frizz that ruins wedding hairstyles. However, there’s no need to panic – there are plenty of clever ways to avoid the detrimental effects of summer heat and humidity. Here are some practical ideas to try:

Makeup Tips For Hot Weather

Use A Primer

Adding another layer to your basic foundation may sound counterproductive, but a great primer can smooth your skin and keep your makeup looking great when the temperature climbs. Makeup primers are designed to extend the life of your foundation by giving your complexion a matte, oil-free finish. One of the most popular makeup primers is Smashbox Photo Finish.  These sorts of primers can make your skin look better in your wedding videos and photos – pores will look smaller, and makeup will adhere to the primer, giving your whole look better staying power.

You may also want to look into grabbing some Stila eyeshadow primer designed for the eyelids – if you’re planning on wearing eyeshadow, this product can keep it from smudging.

Go Waterproof

Waterproof mascara is a no-brainer with a pristine white wedding dress and wedding veil – after all, many brides tear up as they say their vows. However, there is more to waterproof makeup than simply a coat of long-lasting mascara. You can also find waterproof (or water-resistant) eye shadows, eyeliners, and lipsticks.

Long-wearing cosmetics, such as Cover Girl’s affordable Outlast lipcolor (it comes with a glossy sealant to combat dryness) will require less touch-ups. One perfect wedding shade of Outlast lipstick is Moonlit Mauve, a cool, rosy pinkish-purple…

Gel blush or powder blush will also be better choices than cream blushes, which tend to smear in the heat. A light dusting of bronzer or peachy blush will warm the skin and add a little glow, without being too heavy or chalky for summertime.

Keep It Minimalist

If you use primer properly, you can do a light, natural makeup that flatters your wedding dress, without worrying about makeup meltdown. In general, you can’t go wrong with gently flushed cheeks, rosy lips, and lightly defined eyes.

Classic wedding makeup shouldn’t be too glittery or shimmery – sparkly makeup can actually make you look older, as it calls attention to fine lines. Keep it classic and don’t overdo it – take some test shots with your camera (in different types of lighting) to gauge your results.

Don’t load on translucent powder – instead, use blotting papers to kill shine – Sephora Collection Matte Blotting Film will work well.

Haircare Tips

Battling humidity can be an issue for many women as they deal with their hair in the hot summer months. When it comes to wedding blowouts or up-dos, humidity can spoil the entire effect. If you want a perfect result, you may need the help of a professional stylist.In general, they will give you the sort of blowout that looks smooth and shiny for hours. However, getting the same results on your own is possible.

If you’re doing your own hair, it may be easier to work with your hair’s own natural texture. Highlight your look with beach-y waves or tousled, romantic curls. Naturally straight hair can get a boost with a little light teasing at the crown. Here are a couple of products that work wonders:

  • Joico Humidity Blocker – This moisture-rich finishing spray acts as a barrier between your hair and the environment. This hairspray can be ideal last touch as you prepare to put on your white wedding dress, veil, or tiara.
  • Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Conditioner – Encapsulated olive oil is the secret of this conditioner’s humidity-fighting power. Designed to give you a sleek, shiny look that is soft to the touch, this conditioner will help you fight the effects of drying summer sun and frizz-creating humidity.

If you’re still searching for wedding dresses and wedding accessories at a bridal shop, consider your hot-weather makeup and hair as part of your overall look. Plan out some potential hair and makeup looks that will work with a variety of bridal gowns. Also, think about just how hot it’s going to be on your wedding day – will you be inside or outside (or both) ? Choose a wedding dress that offers comfort, as well as style. If you’re looking for wedding dresses in Toronto, you’re in luck – Best For Bride is right there to help you coordinate a stunning summer look for your wedding day.