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What Wedding Dresses are All About: Tips in Transitioning to a Married Life

Getting into married life is a major decision. It is not as simple as changing your clothes or your shoes. It consists of a whole lot of opportunities – and a lot of leaving behind. But since you practically want to spend the rest of your life with that one person you choose to marry, then this kind of life change is not hard to embrace. After all, all your life, you’ve dreamed of this moment.

Now that you are through planning wedding dresses, wedding cakes and your wedding decor – Toronto or elsewhere – the next big thing is to prepare for your whole life together. Fretting over the design of your bridesmaid dress and the color of your bouquet is nothing compared to getting into married life.

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So given that all preparations for the wedding is done and you’ve finally chosen one from among equally fabulous wedding dresses, the following are some of the things that you need to be prepared for:

1. Establish your love nest.

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Especially if you have not started living together, among the most important things to consider after the wedding ceremony is where you, as a couple would live. Should you, as the wife, move in with your husband? Or would your husband need to be in your house? Are you going to live with one of your in-laws? This is a major decision that both you and your husband-to-be should tackle even before the wedding dresses selection gets done.

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If you choose to get a new place, then be ready with the down payment. Also, plan on how many days it will take to move all of your stuff in your love nest.

2. Clarify your financial arrangements.

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As husband and wife, of course what the husband owns will now be his wife’s – and the other way around. Unless you belong to the filthy rich, then you don’t need to have all those pre-nuptial agreements signed.

Managing your finances is an important aspect in married life. Talk about it – rather than just assume. If you want, you can discuss who will handle such a household expense. It is the modern times already and gone are the days when the man of the house is solely responsible for all expenses. Take care of some household expenses – for instance, groceries, telephone bills, electric consumption. You probably have had your share in paying for the most fabulous of wedding dresses during your wedding, so might as well contribute to the expenses at home now.

3. Recognize that there will always be something to argue about.

This is not to say that you should be “negative.” Instead, this means that you have to be realistic. It’s not always that you and your husband will have the same train of thought. It is not all the time that the household will be about smiles and sunshine. So, if you acknowledge this, then you will be prepared on how to deal with your partner’s “tantrums.” If you acknowledge this, then you can still have a “perfect life together – despite the arguments and occasional flare ups.

Therefore, wedding preparation should not only end with wedding dresses and members-of-the-entourage selection. Rather, the wedding ceremony should be taken as the starting line of another journey, the so called married life.

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