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The Favors Behind Wedding Favors

Weddings are a wonderful thing. This is probably one of your most sought-after events in your adult life. As a child, you have probably dreamed of shopping for wedding dresses, wedding favors and wedding cakes – all doe-eyed and hopeful that this will become a reality someday. Add to this childhood fantasy the promise of your prince charming and some fabulous wedding decorating – Toronto or elsewhere – and the fairytale is as good as it has to be.

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As the planning lengthens, you strive to make everything perfect. Of course, your wedding gown should be the most beautiful thing on Earth. Then your wedding cake must be one in a million. Of course, your wedding favors should be well thought of. After all, it is the “material manifestation” of the things that you want to thank your guests for.

Just what are you exactly thankful for? Why do you need to spend a considerable amount of money on wedding favors when they are simply little tokens – things that your guests can easily throw or misplace?

Well, the good news is, wedding favors actually remind you of the favors that you have asked from your guests – and most especially from the members of your wedding entourage.

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On time

Today, not all people have all the time in the world. With today’s fast-paced life, people hardly ever have enough time to eat a decent meal, to get enough sleep, or to relax. Getting them to be present at your wedding is already a big thing. Getting them to take some time off from their usual schedule is already an accomplishment.

wedding favor

The members of your entourage – your bridesmaids and maid of honor most especially – need more than just ordinary wedding favors. After all, they will be required to spend a bit more time to take care of some aspects of the wedding planning.

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On Unnecessary Expenses

Get real, when you invite friends and family to your wedding, they will have to spend. Although some may have already been taken care of by you, you can’t deny the fact that your guests will spend on new shoes, handbags and even accessories. Sure, they can recycle the things that are already in their closets but who would want to be seen wearing the “same exact” ensemble twice?

This fact alone proves that by inviting people to your wedding, you are encouraging them to spend on unnecessary expenses… unnecessary because they would not have spent on these had there been no wedding to attend. As such, it’s just proper that your guests be given special wedding favors.

On Embracing Cliches

While most women are suckers for weddings, some simply grimace at the thought of it. You would be lucky if all your guests like to attend a celebration such as this. Otherwise, then you would have some convincing to do. You don’t need to really need to change their perception on weddings, love and romance; you just have to coerce them to show up at the most important day of your life. After all the convincing and the talking, back it up with delightful wedding favors. Who knows, it might just be very thing that can make them less cynical about happy endings – or to be more appropriate, happy beginnings.

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