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Sparkling Selections: 10 Essential Tips to Keep in Mind When Picking Your Wedding Jewelry!

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While a wedding dress can transform you into a beautiful bride, wedding jewelry is quintessential to add the finishing touches to your bridal look. Your choice of accessories impacts your wedding day look to considerable extent, and hence what you choose to wear with your wedding gown is very important. Here are ten smart tips to keep in mind when you, the pretty bride, have to choose your wedding day jewelry.

Always buy your wedding dress first

Your wedding dress should be first on your shopping list, and not something you buy after choosing your accessories. It is easier to find accessories that match the dress, than the reverse. The only exception is when you will be wearing heirloom jewelry. Heirloom jewelry usually features designs that go well with classic wedding gown designs. Since the wedding dress aisles are chock full of classic collections, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a dress that works with this jewelry. This may however, not be the case with modern designs. Since modern jewelry are usually very specific in nature, you may end up on a wild goose chase, to find a gown that matches the style of your chosen accessory. So, if your theme is something unusual, (like a peacock theme or rainbow theme), and you wish to find accessories like belts or headbands that match this theme, first buy your dress and then go shopping for the accessories. This will be easier to match.

Balance is key

Simple is elegant. The more details you use, the more chances of the finer ones getting lost in the jumble. When you choose your wedding jewelry, you should balance it out with the details on your dress. Keep the jewelry simple if your wedding gown is elaborate with intricate beading, embroidery, or other details. If you have chosen a minimalist wedding gown, or one with few details, it is fine to choose bigger and bolder jewelry. Similarly, pay attention to how the jewelry comes together with the details on your dress. If the wedding dress has an elaborate neckline, go easy on the necklace. Or if the dress has long sleeves, you can skip wearing a bracelet. If there is a motif of significant size on the bust, neckline or waist, your jewelry should not clash with it. Balancing your total look is tricky, but it can be achieved if you try to focus on what you really need. Your guests will not think much of your fashion sense if you look like a disco ball. So, stay away from the temptation to choose more sparkles than is really necessary.

You need not wear several jewelry pieces

Whether you buy a jewelry set, or choose each piece separately, you do not have to wear everything on the list. This can again clutter up the overall look, and take away the impact that can be achieved by just one statement piece. Wear small studs or leave out earrings entirely if your necklace is flashy and big. You must also tie the overall look to any statement motifs or embellishments on your wedding gown. If your dress features a beaded sash or waistband, go easy with the bling in your necklace. A single statement jewelry piece like tanzanite earrings is very fashionable. When no other pieces compete for attention, all eyes will be on this single piece of jewelry, making it effective.

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The metal colors should match the dress

This is because some colors look good together, while other combinations may clash against each other and ruin the effect of both. When choosing jewelry, you have choices like white, gold and pink. Jewelry made from metals like silver, palladium, platinum and white gold look good with stark white dresses or those with silver embellishments and beading. Jewelry in shades of yellow and gold look better with creamy white wedding dresses. Rose gold goes with white and silver. Also if the embellishments in your dress are silver, stick to the same color or gemstones that are set in a white base, so they match. If the embellishments are with pearls and beads, you could wear a string of pearls and other matching accessories. Colorful details on the dress, like sashes and waistbands should also be considered when choosing the color of the accessories. Certain shades like navy and gray look better with white than with gold or rose gold.

Don’t forget your hair

You may not be a big fan of wearing a tiara on your wedding day, but there is no harm if you do. Nevertheless, there are many fascinating options in hair accessories, like combs and head pieces that can make you look very pretty. Whether you tie your hair up or leave it down, you should consider decorating it with a headpiece that matches your dress and adds more impact to your overall look on the day. Choose big or small hair accessories, depending on the color and texture of your hair and the size of your face. If you have thick curls, you may need bigger accessories for it to be noticeable. For fine and thin hair, elaborate accessories may look too heavy. Also, your accessories need not be metal. For brides who love flowers, you can weave flowers into your hair for a natural but classic look. Flower crowns are another interesting accessory to consider. Also remember that varying the position of the accessory on your head, can help you achieve different looks. So, try out different options to find the best placement location. Finally, don’t pick out your hair accessories before deciding your wedding day’s hairstyle. This is because some hair accessories do not look good with specific styles. So, you may have to reconsider your choice if they do not go well when you try them together.

Think beyond the wedding ceremony

Unlike your wedding dress, you can get more than just one use out of your wedding jewelry. Keep this factor in mind when you choose accessories. This actually makes it worthwhile to spend a little more on your jewelry. Rather than choose accessories that are apt just for the day, or pieces that go well with the wedding theme, invest in jewelry that you like, and can see yourself using again in the future. If there is a gemstone that you are fond of, or there are certain designs that you have fallen in love with, this may be the time to seriously consider buying it. This could even be your something new. It is also a fact that jewelry is a good investment, as you can pass it on as an heirlooom to your children. They are more likely to use it than they are to use your wedding dress.

Consider renting if it is too expensive

If you are on a tight budget, investing too much money in your wedding accessories may not be possible. However, you do not want this factor to lessen the impact of your wedding day look. In such a case, you can have what you want for a reasonable budget, when you rent your accessories. At Best for Bride, we offer all bridal accessories on rent, just like we rent out wedding dresses. Since these pieces of jewelry are well-cared for, and look brand new, nobody is going to know that you aren’t wearing stuff that belongs to you. This is also an affordable option to have bigger and more beautiful and expensive pieces that you may not be able to consider otherwise. Choose jewelry that matches your wedding dress style, and collect it a day or two before your wedding after signing the required paperwork. All you now have to do is take good care of them while they are in your custody, and enjoy dressing up like a princess on the biggest day of your life; without a hefty fee, that is!

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The necklace can make or break your look

If there is one thing that your jewelry should match, it is the neckline of your dress. Finding the right adornment for your neckline style can instantly add extra points to your look. For a low-cut neckline like a sweetheart or strapless, almost any style of necklace would look good. This can be a string of pearls, a bold necklace or even a simple necklace with a pendant. The dress will usually feature an ornate neck area for the illusion neckline. This eliminates the need for a necklace, and you can wear a small one if absolutely necessary. A thin chain with a pendant would go well with a V-neckline. For halter dresses, it is best to skip the necklace altogether and focus on the hair and ear accessories instead.

Strive to stick to how you normally look

If you have always been big on the bling, your wedding day needs not be different. However, if you have always worn simple accessories, then you will feel and look drastically different on your wedding day if you were to drown yourself in jewelry. Whatever you wear should be an extension of your personality. Only then will it bode well with your overall look. So, don’t try something that you have never done before, for the first time on your wedding day. Look to your best-looking moments from the past to decide what kind of jewelry will suit you the most. Think of the one piece of jewelry that everyone has appreciated on you, in the past. This design most likely complements your style and enhances your beauty. Try to find wedding jewelry in a similar style, and you are likely to find the best one for your natural features. As with your hairstyle and makeup, your accessories should also enhance your natural beauty and add that extra dose of glamour to you—not change you into a whole other person who nobody can recognize.

Mix and match jewelry sensibly

Your wedding day is not the occasion to bring out all the expensive stuff that you own. As with mixing metals in your accessories, mix the gemstones also with care. Too much variation in color, style and design can do more harm than good in making you look your best. Stick with one colored stone throughout your accessories and choose jewelry that follows a similar pattern. Mixing up pink and white pearls in different parts of your ensemble, or wearing rhinestones on your neck and pearls in your bracelet can make you look like a fashion disaster. Also, don’t forget to match your watch to the rest of your jewelry in terms of color and finish. If you have difficulty finding one that goes well with the rest of your accessories, there is no harm in skipping it.

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It is absolutely essential to try on your wedding jewelry, along with your wedding dress, before your wedding day. You can take your accessories to one of your fitting appointments when you will try on your wedding dress. If you do your hair also in the style that you will be wearing on your wedding day, you can have a fair idea of how you will look on your big day. This will also allow you to modify the look, if you want to.

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32 thoughts on “Sparkling Selections: 10 Essential Tips to Keep in Mind When Picking Your Wedding Jewelry!

  1. I never thought of renting the jewelry. I wonder if ALL shops offer this type of an option for a one day event.

    1. Oh yeah, it’s a great idea. Keep in mind, depending on where you go, the company might require extra insurance as a payment to cover the jewels that you are renting. The extra cost is there, but it is much easier to just return everything after the wedding.

  2. Wedding jewelry can be so expensive. what if you are on a strict budget? Is the jewelry one of the things that you can “skimp” on?

    1. Well, just do not go overboard, that is all.

    2. I think you can still get dolled up on a budget. You might have to do more research, but I certainly think it is possible.

    3. I am going to. The pieces are such a small part of the wedding I do not see the reason to spend so much money on that part.

  3. I would consider renting the jewelry if a larger or more expensive piece made sense with my wedding dress and all of the other planning.

    1. Very good point!

  4. I have seen some really bad necklace selections for the wedding day. In order to avoid that mistake myself, I am planning to go without a necklace or much jewelry at all for that matter.

  5. I think if there is EVER a day that I want to look better than I normally look, it would be my wedding day. The jewelry that I use is going to be flashy 🙂

  6. I really like this website. what a great amount of information. Thank you.

    1. I have found so much helpful information here. I tell everyone I know about it and share it on Facebook all the time!

  7. Did anyone consider that you are using the jewelry from your mother or family jewels? no reason to rent 🙂

  8. Expensive is not always better!

  9. Pretty awesome that you also rent out accessories. That is very helpful and might even save the couple some money!

  10. I have considered renting my jewelry, but I am not sure that I would feel comfortable doing that. What if something happens?

  11. Jewelry is my specialty so this is something that I am going to go all out on. I love wearing it and have been able to match up pieces that look amazing my whole life. Tips are good!

    1. That is great to know. do you own a shop or online store?

  12. Can you have too much jewelry?

  13. I love where you suggest wearing multiple pieces of jewelry can clutter up your look. I am getting married in a few months. I found my dress months ago but the jewelry process has really been stressing me out. I am going to have to look into more companies to find the perfect piece of jewelry for my special day.

    1. That is a great point. I like to keep things simple, yet colorful if possible. I think I can pull that off on the wedding day for sure!

  14. My sister is getting married soon, and she is having trouble deciding on her jewelry, so I am glad that I found this article! I like that you say that you should not wear several jewelry pieces and that a single statement jewelry piece can be very fashionable. Also, I agree that you should compare the jewelry to your dress because that will make it easier to match. I am going to share these tips with my sister!

  15. Hi Olga, you’ve given us the idea of just renting the bridal jewelry for my daughter’s wedding. This will help us a lot since we are trying to tighten our budget. Let me discuss it with them, I am sure they’ll be happy with it. Thanks a lot!

  16. Hello Olga, You have captured mindblowing tips which everyone needs to take care before buying wedding jewelry. With raising trend and increasing ratio of self-buying women, sometimes it happens some of the things skip from minds during excitement. But here you have cleared everyone’s mind. Thanks for sharing beautiful tips.

  17. I agree with you when you said that in terms of choosing the right jewelry pieces for the wedding clothes, the woman has to make sure that their colors do not clash with one another. Since my wedding dress is pure white, I think silver will work well with me, just like you said. I’ll try to find some of that make since the looks mean a lot to me, and I want it to be perfect for my very special day. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I am glad that you mentioned how you should find jewelry with metal that matches the color of your dress to avoid clashing. My sister is getting married this summer and wants to know what kind of jewelry she should get for the big day. I’ll let her know that she should find something that compliments the rest of her outfit.

  19. Hey this is amazing post. I hope it will help us and our customers in choosing the wedding jewelry. We have online store as well where we buy and sell the jewelry. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  20. My best friend is getting married next month, and she has everything she needs for the big day except for jewelry that will match her dress. It makes a lot of sense that you say my friend should consider the color of her dress so that it will match the color of her jewelry. I know that her dress is going to be an off-white that is more of a cream, so I appreciate that you say yellow and gold shades will look best. I will make sure to share this information with her!

  21. Thank you for telling me that I should buy jewelry pieces that I can also use in the future and not just on my wedding day. I’ve always chosen simple pieces, and although I’m not initially sure if I’ll do the same for my special day, your article convinced me that it is better to invest in something that I can use for a long time. I’ll shop later with my fiancee for a pair of single-stone earrings that will complement my bridal gown.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing article with us. Will stay connected with your blogs for the future posts.

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