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A Superb Wedding Dress Rental Service In Toronto, Mississauga, Barrie and Hamilton

Want to save money on your wedding? However, you still prefer to wear stunning, beautiful and fashionable wedding dress and accessories? Best for Bride Bridal & Evening Wear boutique offers a variety of fashionable wedding dresses, veils, tiaras, gloves, crinolines and shawls for rent at cheap prices you simply will not find anywhere else!

Come to Best for Bride Bridal Shop and rent any wedding dress, bridal gown, veil, tiara, gloves, crinoline and shawl from our RENTALS Department at BEST and LOWEST prices in Toronto!

Rentals Price List (all the prices mentioned at this website are in Canadian Dollars):

* Bridal Gowns   from only $149
* Veils   from only $49
* Tiaras   from only $49
* Gloves   from only $20
* Shawls   from only $15
* Little Fullness crinoline   from only $49
* Medium Fullness crinoline   from only $79
* Mega Fullness crinoline   from only $99

New! Rent all the accessories!
Rent all the accessories you need for your wedding such as veil, crinoline, tiara, jewelry set, headpieces, gloves and shawl at only CAD $100!!!

NEW! Request a rental price!
All the dresses from our Bridal Collections are now available for rent at very attractive prices! Browse thoroughly the dresses from our new collections and send us request for a rental price. Please note the collection name, style and your size in your e-mail.

If you are on a Tight Budget, however you still prefer to purchase Never Worn New dress we invite you to look at our CLEARANCE Department where you can find a great bargain at CHEAPEST price in Toronto. The Wedding and Evening dresses at Best for Bride's Clearance Department are reduced up to 80% OFF the original purchase price!

Thank you for visiting the BEST FOR BRIDE web site! Please take the time to browse our web site thoroughly and do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you or hearing from you soon!

Don't feel let down by how expensive wedding dresses are. You can still look fabulous on your special day without spending a fortune with Toronto wedding dress rentals.

Explore our diverse and impressive collection of rental wedding dresses to find the perfect pick for your wedding. Our wedding dress rental collection has dresses in all sizes and styles. When you rent a wedding dress from this collection, make your choice from a variety of beautiful designer dresses to find one that fits your budget and suits your taste, body type and wedding theme.

Bridal dress rentals are easy, inexpensive and practical at Best for Bride. Not only can you have the dress you love at a fraction of its original cost, it will look as good as new. Also save money on alterations since rentals include simple alteration costs like taking in, hemming and bustle. You needn't worry about drycleaning it afterwards, as our team will take care of it when you return the dress.

Bridal Gown rentals procedure

To rent a bridal gown, contact us in-person or through email and discuss your requirements with our staff. We will then direct you to the best choices available. Try the chosen dresses to see how it looks. Once you make your decision, put down your security deposit and sign the contract. We will have your rental wedding dress ready to take home few days before your wedding.

And did you know that you can enjoy more than just your wedding gown for rent! Choose a rental package to save more money on your wedding dress accessories. Complete your look from head-to-toe with our exclusive bridal rental package deal that includes veil, tiara, jewelry and crinoline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will it cost to borrow my wedding dress?

The exact price of renting a wedding gown will depend on the dress you choose. Usually, rental prices are half of the purchase price. Therefore, by renting the dress you can save on current designer styles. You will also have to put down a security deposit to receive the bridal gown. We will return your deposit when you bring the dress back.

2. How can I find out if a bridal dress I like is available for rent?

Almost all the bridal dresses on our website are available for rent. However, we may not carry all sizes. To find out whether the dress you like is available or not, please send us an email with the collection name, dress number, and size. Our rentals department will confirm if it is available or not and give you the rental price. Alternatively, you can visit our store by appointment to browse through our rental dress collection to find a dress you like.

3. Are alterations allowed on borrowed wedding gowns?

Dress rentals at Best for Bride include simple alterations like taking in, hemming and bustle at no extra cost. However, extensive alterations like changing the size or customizing details cannot be performed on rental dresses. You will have to buy your own gown if you wish to make significant changes to the original design. In addition, if you have specific sizing issues, renting a gown may not be the right option for you.

4. Is it better to rent my wedding dress or buy it?

This is a very personal decision that only you can make. The main benefit of renting your wedding gown is that it is cheaper. You can wear an expensive designer bridal gown on your wedding day for a fraction of the original cost. In addition, you do not need to worry about cleaning or preserving your gown after the wedding. However, rental gowns are available in limited sizes and you will have to pay for any damages caused during the time you have it.

5. How do bridal dress rentals at Best for Bride work?

You can either select the dress you want to rent through our website or by visiting our store by appointment. For the first option, send us an email with the name of the collection, dress number, and size. Our team will inform you if the dress is available for rent and the price. You can then visit our store to try it on. Once you make your choice, you will have to sign a rental agreement, pay the rent in advance and put down a security deposit. Your dress will be ready for pick-up during the week before your wedding. You can return the dress after the wedding and we will return your security deposit after inspecting it for damages. If you do not have a specific style in mind, you can visit us by appointment and go through our rental collection to find a dress you like. The rest of the process remains the same.

6. Can I try on a wedding gown before renting it?

Yes, you can try on the dress before renting it. Please book an appointment and inform us in advance about the dresses you would like to see. Our team will keep it ready for your visit. You can also browse through the dresses in our rental collection during your appointment. Our consultants will be happy to help you find one that you like from the available choices.

7. How early should I book my wedding dress rental to receive it in time for my wedding? How many days can I keep it?

There are fewer options when it comes to renting wedding dresses. Therefore, we recommend that you shop early to have enough time to find a dress in your size that is in excellent condition. Once you find such a dress, confirm that it is available on your wedding day and book it immediately. We usually allow our customers to keep a rented dress for 3 to 4 days. This should give you enough time to return it after the wedding. However, if you would like to keep the dress for longer, please let us know and we will inform you about your options.

8. How soon after the wedding should I return my borrowed bridal gown?

Best for Bride typically rents dresses for 3-4 days. This should give you enough time to take it home before the wedding and return it afterward. If you need to keep it longer, please let us know in advance. This will allow us to plan accordingly.

9. Do wedding dress rentals include accessories like veils and crinoline?

Matching accessories are not automatically included with wedding dress rentals. However, we offer brides the option to rent these at a nominal price. Once you choose a dress, our staff can help you find matching accessories like jewelry, veils, and tiaras. We can add these items also to the rental agreement and you can collect and return them along with your wedding dress.

10. Should I borrow bridal gown accessories separately or do you have package deals that include accessories with the wedding dress?

We offer brides very attractive rental prices on matching accessories for their rented wedding dresses. For a fraction of the original cost, you can find jewelry, crinoline, veils, and tiaras for any gown you rent from our collection. The exact price will depend on the accessories you choose. We will include the details in your wedding dress rental agreement and you can conveniently collect and return them with the wedding gown.