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Bridal Shop Hopping: A Big No-no

Your wedding day is coming up in a few months. You’re tired and frustrated and on the verge of becoming a bridezilla. Your fiancé, your mom, your relatives wonder why. Your simple answer: You are so stressed in hopping from one bridal shop to another, to look for you dream plus size wedding dress, wedding favours, wedding flowers8462, bridesmaids dresses and all that.

Stress, that is definitely the biggest trade-off in being utterly close-minded in your vision of the perfect wedding goodies. You shop from one bridal shop to the next, in hopes of building together the necessary material components of your wedding. Indeed, you found what you wanted… after shopping from one town to the next!


Here is the thing: These bridal shop owners know what they are doing. They have been in the business for quite some time. They can offer you suggestions and alternatives that you might even find a lot more interesting that your dream plus size wedding dress, your ideal wedding favours, and the like. They can gauge what wedding favours go with what theme. What plus size wedding dress goes well with your venue. What bridesmaid dresses to go with your plus size wedding dress. All it takes is this: An open mind. Be open to ideas and suggestions.

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Choose a specific bridal shop. However, you ought to be very careful in choosing. Choose the bridal shop which has established a good reputation, a bridal shop which has been in business for a long time, one that is recommended by friends, family and relatives. Choose a bridal shop whose owner and sales staff you have a great rapport with, someone who is friendly, accommodating and definitely creative. Sort through that bridal shop’s collection of goods. Are the bridal shop’s plus size wedding dresses to your liking? If so, then start from there.

Ask your bridal shop attendant what would be the best wedding favour to go with your chosen plus size wedding dress. Welcome her ideas, albeit, remaining critical. Do not accept everything she suggests, though. It is your wedding, after all. Find a middle ground. For instance, choose a wedding favour that will still incorporate your ideas. The trick is: Keep an open mind. Together with the bridal shop attendant, leaf through magazines and sort through their shelves of wedding goodies until you find the one with the right feel.

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Do not forget one other important thing, though. Consult with your husband-to-be. Wedding planning may not be the male species’ cup of tea, but give your husband his respects due by seeking his opinions as well. You never know, maybe your fiancé can come up with something a whole lot better than your concept.

Despite your wedding goodies, the fact remains that all those things that you bought from the bridal shop — they are not the true determinants of your wedding. The true determining factor of the turnout of your wedding is YOU. Only you can ruin your wedding day, and only you can make it a success

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