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Major Points in Choosing Plus Size Wedding Attires

Whatever the size, anyone can look good in their wedding attire if they choose the cut, the style and the color that best suits them. However, for plus-size women, this is not as easy as it seems. Finding the right plus size wedding attire requires a lot of details to consider. Here are a few advices that you ought to consider before picking up plus size wedding attires:


1. In choosing the right plus size wedding attire, consider carefully your body type. Do you have an hourglass figure? Are you pear-shaped? Are you top-heavy? There are specific plus size wedding attires for each figure, each ingeniously designed to enhance one’s assets and cover up their flaws.

2. Another thing that most women fail to consider is the color of the plus size wedding attire. First and foremost, determine your skin tone. Do you have a winter, summer, autumn or spring complexion? There are specific shades that best suits your shade.


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3. Frills or no frills? Go for the no-frills, no-ribbons look. Other than adding bulk to your frame, you would not want to seem like you snatched it from the wedding dresses rack would you? Wedding dresses are naturally exempt from the frills and ribbons rule. You are not the bride, so lay off on the frills.

4. You should consider the length of your plus size wedding attire. For casual weddings, go for cocktail dresses. For more formal weddings, it is advisable for you to wear ankle-length gowns. For beach weddings, you can either wear knee-length casual plus size dresses or opt for a more bohemian feel, with ankle-length skirts.


5. Do not overlook you height. There are certain plus size dresses that would go along certain heights. For petite women, stray away from lengthy dresses or skirts. Women blessed with height can basically get away with any skirt length.

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6. Less is more. Choose a simple, albeit, beautiful plus size dress and accessorize minimally. Avoid piling up accessories or too adorned dresses. You would not want to look like a wedding favors rack.

7.If you have found the perfect dress for your shape, complexion and height, and ended up with a strapless, slinky, red number, better to leave it on your wardrobe for some other occasion. Remember, you are going to a wedding. Not a night club. Lay off on slinky clothes.

8. Most women don one piece of clothing article that basically ruins the overall feel of their plus size wedding attires. The undergarments. It is disheartening to see sweet, lovely strapless dresses, with brassiere straps poking out. Nor is it pleasant to look at sheer dresses displaying black brassieres. It is important to note that the overall impact of you plus size wedding attire is greatly affected your undergarments – other than your shoes and accessories. This is applicable to wedding dresses, as well.

9. Comfort. Of course, you have to be perfectly comfortable with your plus size wedding attire. You have to be able to breathe in that dress, eat in that dress and walk in that dress.

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