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Crafting Your Dream Day: Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner!


Wedding planners are an additional cost to your wedding budget, but when you choose the right person, your wedding will be a breeze. Most of your success depends on how capable the candidate is and also on how well you gel with your wedding planner.

A wedding planner may be professional and experienced, but you will not be satisfied if they do not get your ideas. After all, it is your wedding, and not theirs. So first off, remember this. Don’t hire anyone who

  • is bossy or busy
  • dismisses your ideas or is skeptical about implementing them
  • doesn’t agree to signing a contract and
  • just doesn’t understand you

Before hiring a wedding planner, you should conduct an interview with her. This may be face-to-face or over-the-phone. Here is what you should ask at this interview, and the answers will determine whether you have the right candidate for the job.

Are you available on my wedding day?

There is no point in pursuing the discussion if the planner has another wedding lined up on your wedding day. If your wedding date is not yet confirmed and you really like the person you are talking to, consider fixing your wedding on a day when she is available.

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What services do you offer?

Does she work only with a recommended list of vendors, or is she open to interviewing and assisting you with other vendors? Can she design your wedding, plan the ideas and be in charge of everything from sending out invitations to decorating the venue, or will she only assist you while you find and book vendors? Will she handle any booking issues herself? How often will you communicate, and how many meetings can you expect?

If the scope of her services are limited, consider whether you can tackle what is left yourself. If so, this shouldn’t be a problem. Also ask about the team. How many staff members will be on-site on day and how many other weddings they will be working on simultaneously.

How many weddings have you planned already?

The last thing you want to do is to entrust the task to an inexperienced planner. Ask her how long she’s been in business, and obtain references. A good wedding planner will direct you to a number of satisfied clients.

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Share your vision for the wedding with her and ask what she can contribute to make it better.

What if there is an emergency?

Ask her how the team tackles emergencies like bad weather or other wedding disasters. If you anticipate a likely problem, ask her how she would prepare. Another big challenge is adhering to budget, how can she ensure this? You should also ask for backup plans, should something unforeseen occur and she cannot personally handle your wedding.

And finally, the fees

Don’t feel shy to ask what her charges are, including all overheads and extras. This will confirm whether the charges are within your means. If your planner will handle vendor payments, ask how this will be done. Will you be paying your planner a lumpsum, or will you have to write out checks to each vendor as and when required?

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Once you have all this information, you should have a fair idea of whether this wedding planner is right for your wedding. If not, keep looking.

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6 thoughts on “Crafting Your Dream Day: Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner!

  1. Getting the experience of the wedding planner is a major deal! You do not really want to be stuck with a person that has done two in the last few years.

  2. Great advice. I can definitely say that you do NOT want someone that is bossy. That did not work out for us and I was happy to change planners.

  3. I felt a little weird putting them through an interview process, but I think it was for the best. Plus, you do NOT want to get stuck with someone that does not know what they are doing.

  4. Ours was very bossy, at first. I refused to deal with her and once she knew that, she calmed a bit and allowed us all to work together.

  5. Great tips! As a wedding planner, with my wife, these will get you a great sense of what the person has to offer and the type of planner they will be for you.

  6. It is so important to get a wedding planner who you have confidence in and who you gel with. Don’t be afraid of interviewing us planners as we expect it and we’ll ask you lots of questions too.

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