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How to Pick Your Wedding Date

Are you recently engaged? I’m sure the first thing many people ask when they see your ring is, ‘when is the wedding?’ and you may not have an answer. But that’s perfectly alright! Many couples do not settle on a date immediately, and many things can factor in to picking the right date, from what kind of wedding you want, to who will be attending, where it will be held and possibly most important of all, the cost. So how do you pick the wedding date that’s right for you?

Think About Your Wedding Location

Is your reception hall cheaper in the spring than it is the summer? Do they offer discounts in the winter months? If it’s an outdoor wedding, you’ll have to of course consider weather as a factor. It’s always good to have a “Plan B” in case of bad weather. Is this a destination wedding? The general rule of thumb is make sure your invites go out at least three months in advance (provided you’ve already sent a ‘Save the Date’ card).


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It’s true that weddings can be very expensive, but if you pick the right date (for example: a Friday instead of a Saturday), you may be able to get things like your reception location, transportation and accommodation for a little bit cheaper. Be mindful of your guests though if you are picking a non-traditional day in the week to hold your ceremony and reception, as some may need to leave work early or may only be able to attend the reception.

Pick A Date Special to You

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Many couples pick a date around when they first started dating, or a year anniversary after their engagement. Some others tend to choose ‘lucky dates’ (like those who went to Vegas to get married on 7/7/2007 for example) but it’s completely up to you what date suits you best.

Consider Other Events

If your wedding is around a holiday or a major event your friends and family usually attend, make sure to take that into consideration. Never be afraid to ask your bridal party or family their input so there will not be any conflicts.

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4 thoughts on “How to Pick Your Wedding Date

  1. When I first read this I thought, “well surely your date should be the guy who’s giving you the ring” – then the light bulb went on. Choosing the calendar date of your wedding is very important. Clearly in most places, you wouldn’t want to plan an outdoor wedding in January. And while you’ll never find a date that pleases EVERYONE, it ‘s important to coordinate with the major players – Moms and Dads etc. – to see if they’ll be available.

  2. this is good tips for find out wedding date.. thanks for share you valuable idea

  3. Picking a date was so hard for my husband and I. We tried to think of a cool date that worked with the numbers and matched our “anniversary”, but we did not have that good of luck. Good luck to those looking for that special date!

  4. One of the hardest things to do pre-wedding planning. Get that date nailed down and all of the other pieces start to fall into place. It might not be easy after that, but it is hard to plan a reception if you do not know what date your are having it!

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