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Choosing the Right Accessories For Your Plus Size Wedding Dresses

The plus size wedding dress hanging outside your closet is beautiful by itself. A lot of brides prefer to wear no jewelry or accessories at all in order project the splendor of their plus size wedding dresses in all its unobstructed splendor.


A few brides, on the other hand, prefer accessories and jewelries to spice up their plus size wedding dresses. It all boils down to preference, really. Some want to don tons of stones on their wedding day. Some prefer a minimalist approach, opting instead for a simple pair of pearl earrings or a solitary diamond pendant. The thing is, you should be able to weigh your accessories of choice. Here are a few tips for brides in finding the suitable accessories for their plus size wedding dresses:

1. No plastics

Whatever anyone tells you, whether it be from the crazy attendant from the cuckoo bridal shop downtown or your nosy next door neighbor, never ever choose to wear plastic bridal accessories. Plastic bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or even plastic flowers up on your perfectly styled hair. It is not cool. It is not classy. Plastic accessories do not belong to a magnificent wedding celebration. If you already bought plastic wedding accessories during your last trip to the bridal shop, here’s an advice: Throw it out.


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2. No bold prints

Inarguably, bold prints make one look bigger. Needless to say, bold prints do not belong to plus size wedding dresses. They will add bulk to your frame. Furthermore, bold prints are unwarranted when it comes to plus size wedding dresses or any wedding dress, for that matter. If you want to add a few prints to you plus size wedding dresses, choose tiny, subtle and pastel colored ones. These will look dainty.


3. No bold jewelries

Reality check, it is your wedding. It is not just some ordinary soiree. Wear the appropriate accessories and jewelries. They key to wedding jewelries: Keep it simple. Avoid bold, loud jewelries as they will take away the formality of your wedding celebration.

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4. No neon shades

Unless your wedding theme is neon green, orange or pink, try not to ruin your wedding dress by wearing neon colors. Neon colors don’t work. Whether you want to emphasize something or you simply want to make some undecipherable statement, neon is not the way to do it. Try other means, just do not stick to the neon fad.

5. Not too much ice

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. No truer words have been said. Simple, sparkling diamonds are the best accessories for your plus size wedding dress. However, too much ice on you wedding dress may put some guests off. How much is too much? Let’s see… A pair of dangling diamond earrings, a diamond tiara, a diamond-studded choker, diamond rings on nearly every finger, heaps of diamond bracelets, and add a diamond anklet to that pile.

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Remember, you do not need too much wedding accessories for you plus-size wedding dress. You already shine in it – by yourself.

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