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Choosing the Right Colors to Accentuate Your Wedding Dresses

Choosing the colors to accentuate your wedding dresses seems pretty easy. Predictably enough, most brides pick out their favorite shade out of the palette, without giving their wedding motif much consideration.

Let’s just put it this way, your wedding motif is red. Your wedding favors are the same shade of red, your mom’s plus size wedding attire is even red! Then you decide to go off and add a despicably obvious apply green sash to your otherwise pristine wedding dress. Horrendous is the best word for it.

Pink, red, fuchsia, burgundy, plum, mauve, purple, or blue, you name it. It actually does not matter what shade you would accentuate your wedding dresses with, as long as it is in the same color family as your chosen motif for your wedding. The key here is to leaf through a variety of color combinations and patterns. Bridal magazines are the best medium by which to look for wedding dresses. They portray wedding dressesF201 of various designs, color combinations and color patterns.

Here are a few tips that might help you out in choosing the right colors to accentuate your wedding dresses:

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1. As mentioned above, choose colors that complement your wedding’s motif. The closer the shade of your wedding dresses’ accents to your motif, the better.

2. Consider how the color of your choice will look on your wedding dresses. White may be neutral, but it doesn’t mean that anything goes with white. For instance, choosing a chocolate brown sash or a dirt brown bow may not work well for you or your wedding dress. Instead of looking special, you will end up looking dowdy.

3. Think about how your accentuated wedding dresses will look with the other wedding accessories. Will the accents stick out like a sore thumb? You may have picked out a shade that basically belongs to the same family as your wedding theme. Your wedding theme lilac. You chose to accentuate your wedding dress with a deep purple sash. Note, deep purple, the color of mourning. That is not good at all.

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4. It is good to be daring. In fact, the best inventions in this world emerged because a lot of people were audacious enough to try new things. However, this does not always apply to your wedding dresses’ color combinations, or color patterns for that matter. Plaid, checkered or stripes will never work in a wedding. Leopard prints, zebra prints or giraffe prints will produce worse effects. Imagine how horrifying it would be for your guests. Unless of course, your venue is the public zoo.

5. Here is a very good piece of advice, check out the venue of your wedding and your wedding reception. Take a look at the curtains, carpet and the tablecloths. Make sure the accents to your wedding dresses are not the same shade as those. Save yourself the embarrassment.

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6. Sequins look great on wedding dresses. However, covering up nearly half of your wedding dresses is certainly not a good idea. Whatever the color of the sequins is, they should not be overbearing. Sequins are meant to accentuate your wedding dresses, not to cover it up.

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