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How to Avoid Wedding Invitations Disasters

What could possibly go wrong with wedding invitations, you might wonder. Funny, a piece of paper sealed inside a harmless little envelope does not seem to be potentially disastrous. Well, check again. There are already quite a few instances wherein the wedding invitations have caused grief for the bride. How? Let us enumerate the following mistakes that could be made with the wedding invitations:

1. Printing out the wrong venue. This wedding invitations disaster tops the cake. What could be possibly more horrible than leading your guests into the wrong venue?

2. Getting the bride’s name or groom’s name all wrong. How could it be all wrong? Well, for one, the printers messed up the names by mistake. However, as the bride, it is your responsibility to review each wedding invitation carefully.

3. Sending out the wrong wedding invitation to the wrong person. This happens quite a lot, actually. Many people choose to stay safe and refuse to put in the addressee’s name on the envelope. This, however, takes away the personal and intimate appeal of wedding invitations. It would be a whole lot better if you do jot down the name of the recipient. All it takes is a little extra care and a whole lot of attention to details.


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These are just a few of the possible mistakes that one could make with their wedding invitations. Do note that wedding invitations blunders are not as easy as a wedding dress blunder. You can not cover it up and pretend that nobody else will notice. Mistakes made with the shade of the bridesmaids dresses is not as disastrous – unless of course, your bridesmaids have to end up wearing a sickening shade of green.

Here are a few guidelines to remember so as to avoid wedding invitation slip ups:

1. Before sending out your wedding invitations to the printing press, make sure you have already checked it and reviewed it. It is a lot better to be sure than to have a hundred copies printed out wrongly. The printers merely follow your instructions. If you misspelled your name, they have no way of verifying if it is actually spelled wrongly.

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2. Upon receipt of the printed wedding invites, review each line thoroughly. Make sure everything is written properly and that everything is in its place – the names, the venue, the time, all these are of extreme importance. There is no harm in checking, right?


3. When writing the recipient’s name on your lovely envelope, make sure you spell out their names right. Call up your guests, if necessary, so as to get their proper designations and to have their names spelled correctly. You may think it is an unnecessary thing to do, but it actually does matter. Whether their names are spelled right matters a lot to your guests.

4. Upon delivering the wedding invitations, make sure you are aware of who’s who. Politely hand over the wedding invitations to your guests, but before you do, check out if you got the right one. How embarrassing it would be if you gave Mrs. Colby’s invitation to Dr. Jones. That reflects thoughtlessness on your end.

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