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Tips For Picking Out Evening Dresses

Every girl’s closet must have evening dresses. However, with over hundreds of designs and shades, you might end up just a tad bit confused as to which type, style, color and designer to invest in.

Evening dresses are a necessity for women. At some point in our lives, we actually need to wear one. Thus, it is very important to invest in a few classic evening dresses that can be worn to more than just one occasion. Classic colors that are wise to purchase are midnight blue, black, white, silver or gold. Avoid bold, daring colors or patterns and prints. Well, actually, there are a lot of criteria to consider in buying evening dresses. Here are a few:

1. Style

Did you know that evening dresses actually have a variety of styles? There are halter evening dresses, strapless, empire waist, princess cut, cocktail dresses, mermaids, ruffled, sweetheart, A-line or bejeweled evening dresses. However, only a few of these are considered classic styles. Empire waist, halters, strapless and spaghetti straps are the infamous evening gowns that have ruled Hollywood over the past decades. So are the mermaid, knee-length and ankle length skirts – preferably with long slits.


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2. Color

Choose neutral colors. Pastels, neutrals, earth tones – these are mostly the colors that are considered classic. No matter what the occasion, beige, white, peach, black and midnight blue will never go out of style. No matter what the occasion – be it a wedding, a ball, a black tie party, you can wear dresses with these type of shades.

Bold, bright colors such as fuchsia, canary yellow, royal blue, and jade green can go out of season. They are not exactly the right investment pieces you would want to have.

3. Accessories

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It would be a whole lot better for your evening dresses to have minimal accessories and beadworks. Simple is better. Simple is timeless. Avoid bejeweled evening dresses, or sequined ones. They actually do more harm than good.

4. Fringes

At all costs, stay away from ruffled or fluffy evening dresses. Stay away from styles which remind you of wedding dresses or bridesmaid dressS2080_small. These types of evening dresses do not only lack the important criteria of a timeless piece: style and elegance; they also lack appeal. “Lacking appeal” is actually an understatement. These dresses are often the most hideous ones in any social gathering.

5. Neckline Cut

Cut, is a lot similar to style. However, the neckline cut, to be more specific, affects the overall impact of your evening dress more than you thought possible. A décolleté is timeless and basically suits everyone in any size. Busty women are advised to avoid closed-neck or turtle necks. Instead of enhancing their figures, it adds bulk to their frame. Strapless dresses are also considered a classic. From the 1920s up to the present time, strapless dresses have been a fixture in any formal event. Spaghetti straps have only recently made their mark on the fashion industry, yet they have swiftly soared on top of the must-have evening dresses list.

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