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Are You Getting Cold Feet?

Are you getting cold feet already? Don’t fret over it. It’s natural for you to experience wedding jitters. Practically everybody who’s about to make that momentous march to the altar goes through the same nerve wrecking apprehension.

I remember my own wedding. I was so nervous that I started to believe that my intuition was screaming at me, telling me that I was making a wrong decision. One day, I just lost it. I went straight to my fiance’s doorstep and told him I was not pushing through with the wedding. Broke his heart on the dot. I still remember his eyes, and the pain that registered as I uttered those silly words.

Naturally, the news found its way to my imposing mother in an instant. And she decided to put the matters into her own hands. In no time, she was at my doorstep with that scrutinizing expression that never fails to get me all cowered.

Then there she was, explaining to me what this so-called ‘wedding jitters’ was all about. And there I was, telling her that I was finally going through as planned. After she left, I could not help but wonder if I changed my mind because I was convinced that I was overreacting or because I was afraid of her.

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Right at this moment, I don’t really care. I’m pretty sure I made the right decision. I am now happily married to my husband of eight years and we are now expecting our third baby. This is one reason why I am never bitter with my Mom. She always truly knows what’s best for me.

As for you, don’t go breaking your fiance’s heart because of some stupid wedding jitters. Lest he’ll go and tease you for the next decades. And you’ll never forget how silly and childish you were. You know what’s the best way you can get your mind off your jitters? Attend to your wedding affairs. Be meticulous with every little detail.

Believe me, you’ll never run out of anything to attend to. There’s the flower arrangement, the wedding gifts, the choice of bridesmaids and flower girls, the reception and many others. But don’t get too engrossed with little details that you’ll neglect the important ones. And what’s more important than your bridal gown? Do you have one already. If you don’t, let me give you my recommendation.

Check out Bridal Gowns – Tulipia. They are not your ordinary wedding dresses. I can assure you your guests will always remember how you looked on your wedding day.

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Let me give you a run-through of my favorites. First in the list is Tulipia – 5. It’s your usual white bridal gown with a tube top and full skirt. What sets it apart is its drapery at the hips in an eye-catching shade of off-white.

Then there’s Tulipia – 7. I love its white and fluffy skirt. Reminds me of those beautiful winter days I always enjoy spending with my husband. You should look at it yourself.

Finally, on top of my list is Tulipia – 11. What I love about this piece is its exquisite detail that definitely sets it apart from other wedding gowns. Its lustrous fabric is embellished with pink swarowski all in the right places. The result is a dress dazzling in its splendor.

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Funny how I still enjoy looking at bridal gowns even when I don’t actually need them anymore. Well, come and join the fun!

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