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My Bridal Infantry

Do you remember the early Roman times when bridesmaids were more like a bridal infantry? They played the role of the bride’s soldiers. They chaperoned her to the groom’s village, guarding her against anybody who was against the marriage or who was after her dowry.

My bridesmaids are much like that. They are my fierce warriors, my faithful friends who were always there to stand up for me, to defend me. And now that it’s my wedding, there’s nobody else who befits the role of a bridesmaid more than these group of women who are modern in their civilized ways but primitive in their fierceness.

Are you curious already? You see, I am now 42 years old. And I am marrying a 27-year-old guy. And well, you can imagine what other people have to say about that. I suppose they are now calling me a DOM, a Dirty Old Matron. And did I mention that I am a millionaire too? As a matter of fact, it’s almost like I am actually giving away a dowry. Now you can imagine what they have to say about my poor fiancé.

If you would ask me, I don’t give a scruple what those nosy, dirty vixens have to say. It’s just that I feel for my husband-to-be. He’s a simple, good-natured man, and he’s not used to all these intrigue and drama. And he can’t stand all the attention. Also, he’s not getting the best of treatments from my family.

There was a time when I almost gave up on the idea of us getting married. The pain all this was giving him weighed down on me until it was almost too heavy. And then the ladies came to the rescue. Brought my spirits back. Always the reliable friends that they are.

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It was funny how my friends, always cultured and refined, were suddenly uttering words of spite and hatred for those who just can’t leave us alone. And it was a major consolation that the whole set-up was readily accepted by my friends, without judgment, without prejudice.

Come to think of it, there is really nothing wrong with the set-up. Forty-two years of age is not all that old. Like they say, life starts at 40. And besides, the two of us are madly in love and we truly deserve to be happy. And we can’t just throw away what we have just to please those good-for-nothing shrews.

Anyway, I plan to give nothing but the best to my beloved female warriors on my wedding day. I already shopped for some wonderfully exquisite bridesmaids gifts. And now I am unto their precious dresses. They have to look debonair and dashing on my special day.

Anyway, I found this wonderful collection of Bridesmaids Gowns – Tulipia. They are perfect for my soldiers. The rich shades and striking prints and cuts exude a quintessential mix of femininity and fierceness.

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I am down to three choices. First in the list is Tulipia – 23. Its delicate and graceful pattern yet bold and daring cut is a perfect embodiment of my lady friends.

I also particularly like the Tulipia – Cleopatra. My friends are not much unlike Queen Cleopatra herself, strong-willed and ready to stand up against her opponents. The dress, in its exquisiteness and elegance, effectively communicates this fact.

And there’s the Tulipia – Flirt. The dress makes such a presence that any hellcat will think twice before making a false move. With its unique accents and eclectic mix of fabrics, this is definitely not your ordinary dress.

Now I am down to the task of making the final choice. But well, this is one problem I enjoy solving.

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