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My Investment

Have you heard about bridal registry? I’ve just heard about it and I was shocked to find out that there was such a thing. It’s actually like you’re demanding that your guests give you a gift. But since everybody’s doing it, I guess it’s okay that I follow suit. Besides, who’s complaining?

To discuss in detail, this system they call bridal registry was actually designed by department stores. Their purpose was to help engaged couples manage the gifts they are to receive at the wedding. How so? The couple checks the items that are available at the department store and uses them as basis for their list. This list consists of the items that they would like to receive from their guests. The couple or the participating stores then distribute the list to the guests.

That’s not the end of it. The department store updates the list whenever an item is purchased. Now this means that you won’t have to receive two same gifts from your guests. Imagine the convenience the system brings. I mean, who needs two oven toasters in one house? I remember my sister’s wedding. She did not receive two, but three oven toasters. I’d say it’s a waste.

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And imagine the savings you’ll make if you implement the system. Now your guests can shoulder some of the expenses you are bound to cover with your new home. I just finished making my own list. Now I have my oven toaster, coffee maker, kitchen utensils and many other home amenities covered. That leaves me more money to spend for my wedding.

This is exactly what I need since I am planning to invest on my bridal gown big time. Yes, I call it investment. My wedding dress is not a one-event thing for me. I’m planning to make it last a lifetime. You see, my Mom used my grandma’s wedding gown who used her grandma’s wedding gown who used her grandma’s wedding gown. Too bad this long tradition had to stop at my generation. You see, the vintage gown has finally given up and is now beyond repair.

Anyway, I plan to start my own tradition with my new wedding gown. I haven’t bought it yet though. But I have my eyes set on a Bridal Gowns – MyLady. The collection consists of lovely gowns embellished with splendid Austrian Swarowski and are made from deluxe European fabrics.

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I am trying to choose from three exquisite pieces. The first one is Lady Alba. It’s a two-piece bridal gown (bodice and skirt). The top is basic in cut and style yet part see-through. That’s looking bold and decent all at the same time.

Next in line is Lady Alegria. The bodice and skirt are also separate. I love its full skirt and elegant draperies. And what’s great about it is that you get to wear the bodice with plunging cleavage and still manage to look decent.

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And the last but definitely not the least (I think I’m going for this one) is the Lady Amaranta. This wedding gown is the perfect embodiment of elegance and splendor. Need I say more?

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