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Matching Tattoos For Those Who Want To Tie The Knot (Exciting and Unique Ideas for Newlyweds!)

Matching Tattoos For Those Who Want To Tie The Knot

So you’re about to be newlyweds. What better way for the husband and wife to show their love for each other, and the permanent nature of that love, than by getting a tattoo that will be etched onto them permanently?

In this guide, we’ve gone into detail about the exciting history of people getting matching or complementary tattoos before their wedding. When you go into a marriage, you promise to love and look after that person for the rest of your life, and a tattoo is a beautiful way to declare that love even further to the rest of the world and keep it with you wherever you go.

Let’s dive more into tattoos for newlyweds.

Expressing Love Through Matching Tattoos 

Some think that the bride and groom are already doing enough to express their love by getting up in front of everyone and making their vows to one another. This is undoubtedly an incredible gesture. However, there are ways to go further and show your love to each other.

This is a gesture directly to your partner. It is a way to provide each other with a unique romantic signifier that will last for your whole life. Marriage is a similar concept, but once the day is over, you may wish to wear the souvenir on your body. Many couples make an appointment beforehand to either plan their tattoo or get the work carried out before getting married.

Couple holding hands newlyweds

Choosing The Best Placement 

Where do you want to place the tattoo on your body? If you are newlyweds looking to get matching tattoos, you might both choose the same body area, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

There are lots of things you might want to think about before deciding on placement once and for all:

  • Whether you want to be able to hide the tattoo if needed. This isn’t as important as it might have been years ago. However, there is the option to do so if you wear a longer sleeve. The upper arm is still a good option for this.
  • Whether it is your first tattoo. The first tattoo is often best inked in an area that is going to cause less stinging, and isn’t too boney and filled with nerves.
  • What your preference is. Of course, you may have always wanted a tattoo in one specific place, and that is totally fine, too.

Remember that this is a forever choice, so be sure to give it plenty of thought before making the final decision.

Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas

Wedding ring tattoos have grown in popularity massively. However, some people don’t choose to wear rings but get tattoos representing their marriage, usually around the finger.

Wearing tattoos for individuality and breaking away from tradition is a motivating factor. Use designs that appeal to you to make your wedding symbol more special. For example, the wedding ring tattoo is done in a distinctive style with details that make the overall design stand out.

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It is a romantic concept. So even when you are in positions where you need to remove your ring temporarily, you will always have that same symbol of eternal love decorating your body.

couples wedding ring tattoo

Saving The Date Tattoos

Significant dates have long been a way for people to make a statement with a tattoo. Often, dates are used upon the birth of a child to commemorate the day, but you can certainly expand this to other important dates in your life. For example, why not get a tattoo of the date you tied the knot on?

There is one additional consideration with this, though. You won’t have an excuse if you forget your anniversary.

wedding schedule date

Sun and Moon Symbols

The sun and moon have been spiritually and conceptually linked for the whole of human history. Therefore, the sun and moon symbols can be a brilliant way for a married couple to carry around designs linked together and have a certain romance to them.

On top of that, many sun and moon tattoos out there is a perfect canvas for tattoo artists to create something extraordinary, including colorwork.

The sun and moon represent two things intrinsically linked to humans and represent the vows of marriage.

Anchor Designs

An anchor can be the basis of many different tattoos. For example, an anchor can be decorated or accompanied by a dating tattoo.

The anchor is a sign of stability and, in this case, the love and peace that one person brings to another in a marriage. 

This is the sort of tattoo that many different artists have carried out time and time again, and you can probably see some excellent examples from your preferred tattoo artist.

“His” and “Hers” or Initials

A “his” and “hers” set of tattoos can be matching or complementary tattoos that include the initials or names of the person you are marrying. Initials can tie in nicely with other tattoos. For instance, you could add them to a tattoo that also contains the date of your wedding or another design that is a bit more personal and unique to you and your husband or wife.

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Of course, we aim to be inclusive, so not all tattoos have to be “his and hers” in an age of marriage being opened up to any two adults who love each other.

matching tattoos for newlyweds

Mr/Mrs or King/Queen Tattoos

Mr and Mrs or King and Queen tattoos are a chance to be bold. Many people take their design from decks of cards, symbolizing the fact that the two of you are married and form a team, and of course, comparing you to kings and queens. One is stronger than the other. 

Make sure the designs are precisely the same and that the two complement each other. They can make for an excellent photo opportunity, too. On top of this, they aren’t necessarily overly affectionate, so if you are easily embarrassed when explaining your tattoos, then this kind of ink can look like another fantastic design. You’ll know what it stands for.

First Date Symbols

Your first date. This is an incredible time and something to look back on when the day comes that you want to tie the knot. 

couples tattoo wedding newlyweds

There are so many different symbols that you can use to show your first date and what you remember of it. For example, you might have had a unique experience. Maybe you went to the zoo, and you could choose to get the date alongside a symbol of your favourite animals as your tattoo. If you went to the cinema, you could get your loved one’s name on a cinema ticket as a tattoo design.

Of course, you can opt for the date or combine this with the date that you get married. The choice is really up to you.

Many people go for simple designs such as hearts that can still be tied into remembering your first date.

Lock and Key Designs

The lock and key have long been a symbol of romance, not just because they symbolize sturdiness and security but also because they require two parts. So a tiny and elegant lock and critical design can be one of the best subtle tattoos you can get.

Like many other options on this list, it can be combined with different ink, so you may wish to add a name, initials, or additional significant information on the tattoo.

kissing couple newlyweds

Something Only You Know

This is one of the most personal ways to get a tattoo before or even after you are married. There might be something unique to both of you that other people wouldn’t know about. 

Contenders for this include the coordinates where the groom (or bride) proposed. Alternatively, nicknames for each other can be a great option.

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As a relationship grows and strengthens, you may develop certain things that mean an awful lot to both of you, which can be a candidate for matching ink. Something as simple as the outline of a dog or cat if you are a pet lover can be a good choice.


getting married

The time has come to get married, and you want to show each other what you mean to each other for the rest of your lives. What better way than a permanent design and a beautiful visual tribute on your body?

This is a real chance to be creative. Matching tattoos can look incredible if done right and carried out by the same tattoo artist to ensure they match stylistically. Consider what ink would mean the most to you and your partner as you head for life as newlyweds.

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