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Guest Etiquette Elevated: Practical Dressing Tips for Every Wedding Occasion!

It is not only the bride who has trouble deciding what to wear to her wedding. Most wedding guests also spend a lot of time worrying over what to wear to a wedding, how they will look in what they choose and whether it would be appropriate for the type of wedding.

Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult to choose a dress that will be right. All you have to do is follow cues from the invitation and pay attention to the time of the wedding and the venue. Here are some tips to help you dress to impress.

The differences between dressing for an evening ceremony and an afternoon one

If the ceremony is in the evening, it is appropriate to wear cocktail dresses or gowns. This is your chance to experiment with color, texture and pattern. If you would like to stand out from the rest of the crowd, wear a bold color. A simple dress would be better for weddings that are held before five. Afternoon and morning weddings are usually not very formal affairs. So, stay away from long flowing gowns and extra embellishments in which you will look over-dressed.

Choose a vivid color for maximum impact

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Jade, magenta, teal and clementine are bold colors. Bring out your personality with a color that complements your skin tone, and you needn’t worry too much about the rest of the details. Just remember that you should never upstage the bride with your choice of dress. To be safe, avoid colors like cream, white and ivory. When choosing printed dresses, go for classic designs that will drape beautifully. Chiffon and cotton are good fabric choices.

Go for classic silhouettes to look elegant

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When choosing the silhouette of your dress, choose one that is appropriate for the venue. If you choose a strapless dress for a church wedding, it may be a good idea to wear a mock bolero or pashmina over your shoulders, till the reception. If your dress is in a bold color like teal or emerald, go with a classic A-line silhouette or fit and flare gown. For loud colors, keep the embellishments simple to avoid a cluttered look.

Accessorize appropriate to scale and color


Weddings are the best occasions to bring on chunky statement necklaces, dangling chandelier earrings and killer heels. Just remember that you do not want to have too many elements that grab attention, or you will spoil the entire effect. If your dress is a stunner, keep the accessories simple. On the other hand, if your dress is relatively simple, play with oversize accessories to dress it up.

Remember that you can always wear an evening dress to more than one occasion, and create an entirely different look with it based on how you style it. Mix and match accessories, change your makeup and hairstyle every time, and you will always look unique.

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  1. Thank you for these tips! This website is very helpful for planning and all other things “wedding” related!

  2. I was always a fan of the vivid colors, or at least something that was not so bright.

    1. Me too. pastels are great options to go with in this case, don’t you think?

  3. Great tips here! I appreciate the blog and all the information you have here!

  4. I would agree these are “practical”. Thank you for the tips!

  5. Whatever you feel comfortable in as long as it is closer to your “sunday’s best” than further from it.

  6. Jade is my favorite color. I am going to go with that!

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