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Accessorize with Flair: Expert Styling Tips to Elevate Your Bridesmaids’ Look!

Your bridesmaids have an important role to play in your wedding. When they look good, the entire wedding feels good. So, you have to make sure that you pay close attention to how they will be dressed.

In most cases bridesmaids pay from their pockets for their dresses. The least the bride can do for these women who agree to happily shoulder their responsibilities is to buy them their accessories. Don’t you agree?

These simple styling tips will help you choose the right accessories for your bridesmaid’s dresses.

#Tip 1

Shop for accessories only after choosing the dresses

While there are accessories that go well with almost any dress, they aren’t necessarily the best choice. So, wait till you buy the bridesmaids dresses, to go shopping for their accessories. This way, you will avoid wasting time and can make a better selection.

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#Tip 2

Simple dresses go with bold accessories and vice-versa

This is a very simple rule that many women fail to follow. Be it for a wedding or a cocktail party, the dress or accessories are not the main focus, but the woman wearing it. Balancing the dress with supporting accessories for an uncluttered and elegant look. Keep the accessories minimum for an embellished dress (like a sequined or patterned one or one in a bold colour). If the dress is relatively simple or in neutral shades with little to no accents, dress it up with attractive accessories.

#Tip 3

Let the neckline decide whether a necklace is necessary

Necklaces are accessories that can make or break a look. Not all dresses need necklaces to look great. For example, wearing a necklace with a halter dress would be too much. On the other hand, a sweetheart or bateau neckline would be emphasized with a pretty necklace.

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#Tip 4

Don’t be scared to experiment with color

There is more than one way to add color to your bridesmaid’s outfits. While the obvious choice is a colourful dress, you should remember that not all colours look good on all women. You want your best friends to love their look, don’t you? If you prefer neutrals and toned-down colors for their dresses, add pops of color with bright and bold accessories. This may be with shoes, waistbands or jewelry. The effect is enhanced when colours are paired with the neutral background of their dresses.

#Tip 5

Mix and match accessories to suit each bridesmaid’s taste, but keep the look cohesive


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Your bridesmaids have different personalities. Respect their individuality and let their looks reflect who they are. The accessories you choose for each woman should suit her taste and match her style. This way, you can make them all happy. The only thing to remember when choosing the accessories is to keep one-factor uniform throughout. This could either be the color, the design or the impact it creates.

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8 thoughts on “Accessorize with Flair: Expert Styling Tips to Elevate Your Bridesmaids’ Look!

  1. I was not sure which direction to go with the bridesmaids, but I want them to feel special as well. These are good ideas!

  2. I made the mistake of ordering some accessories BEFORE the dresses, even though I knew the colors. That did not work out and caused a lot of issues!

  3. I always like the un-accessorized look for the bridesmaids. That might be a little old fashioned for me these days however.

  4. I was a bridesmaid one time and the bride and groom did an awesome job with our dresses and accessories. I hope I can get the same outcome at my wedding next year!

    1. Did you see that red halter dress?!~? That thing is amazing and I want to wear that as my wedding dress 🙂

  5. Just a necklace that fits the theme of the dress they are wearing, that is all they need in my opinion.

  6. I think shopping after you get the dress is the best option as well.

    1. I agree with this!

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