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Avoiding Wedding Dress Blues

Brides-to-be who eased themselves easily into their wedding dress months before the wedding might discover to their horror that they don’t fit their wedding gown on their wedding day! There’s no time to get another dress or rush wedding dress alterations and that dears can happen to you if you don’t watch out.

Avoid the Blues

Having an extra dress for your wedding does not mean you are going to double your expense for your wedding dress. Wear a form-fitting dress when you shop for your bridal gown. What you wear has identical dimensions to the dress you are going to pick out but don’t wear a dress of stretchable material; instead use your best dress, one with a good fit all around. This dress will tell you if you are still in the same shape three or six months later at no extra cost.

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Keep your “copy” and try it on weekly to keep tabs of your weight. Should the dress pinche around the arm sleeves or on the waist, you have to watch your weight or your wedding dress won’t fit on the big day. Don’t be a laggard when it comes to keeping a vigilant watch on those unwanted inches and falsely believe that you can crash diet a week before your wedding. That’s baloney and unhealthy to boot. Instead of looking radiant, you end up looking like a washed-out movie star.

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Check the dress buttons and snaps. A loosely sewed button can create a wardrobe malfunction, and you don’t want that happening when all eyes are on you as you float down the aisle. Just imagine it happening; can you survive this? Never! So check and double check buttons, snaps, and zipper.

Shoes and Hosiery

Don’t forget to bring along a pair of shoes with the heel size you are going to wear with the bridal gown. The length of your bridal dress cannot be calculated accurately with imaginary heels and it is a disaster of great magnitude to have a dress that’s an inch too long or short than your new Italian heels. What if there is no time to shop for another pair? That dears, would cost extra for alterations of the dress (if there is time) or another new pair of shoes because of this oversight.

Hosiery is a bride’s best friend. It gives them comfort to wear silky hosiery. If you are wearing a short dress, choose pantyhose; but you would be cooler and more comfortable with stockings if you are going to wear a gown. Don’t stint on hosiery; quality hosiery is expensive but peanuts compared to your wedding ensemble. So it’s worth it.

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Choose the right undergarments to go with your wedding dress. A too tight or loose bra or bulky underpants can ruin the look of your dress. It’s a good thing that bridal specialists can recommend the appropriate undergarments and you can shop for these later in the ladies section of your favorite store. You must at all cost have a smooth look front, back, and behind and you must be comfortable inside and out wearing your dream bridal dress.

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Now that you know how to avoid a wedding dress disaster, stop worrying. You can step out confidently on your wedding day and have fun. But if your groom spills wine on your immaculate white dress, that’s another story.

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