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Wedding Dresses: When Brides Wear Red

White wedding dresses are challenged by the daring intrusion of red bridal dresses. Traditional brides are disconcerted; everything held dear in wedding traditions are upended and brides are seeing red!

Should You Do Red?

A bride in fiery red? That would be the day and the day has come. In Europe daring brides have worn red in the last ten years and the fever is catching on elsewhere on the globe. How about you, would you try to be different and wear red instead of the traditional white wedding dress? Rumblings and violent opposition might meet your choice but if you do want to wear red there is nothing wrong with marching down the aisle in a blood-red flowing bridal dress. In the future, more brides will be wearing red.

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Traditionally, white is for brides; it has nothing to do with some mumbo jumbo, but rather the symbolism attached to the color white. White wedding gowns spell purity, fidelity, and steadfastness, signifying the desired qualities in a marriage. But times are fast changing. Women have been liberated from the traditional meek housewife mold. So should you wear a red wedding dress? Why not?

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Women are blazing trails and have intruded into the careers that have been the exclusive of men and now the gender equation is no longer 70 to 30 but veering towards 50-50. If you are courageous, daring and love passionately, the color red is for you. In some societies the color red represents joy, purity, and celebration and it is a belief that red attracts good fortune. So what’s the fuss over brides wearing red instead of white wedding dresses?

It’s all about the symbolism of color and the circumstances surrounding the selection of white for a wedding dress. But back in the Middle Ages, brides could wear any color but they opted for other colors rather than white because white dresses were difficult to clean up in those days. As a concession to the traditional symbolism of color, brides wore a blue ribbon or band to symbolize purity to go with their bridal dresses, which were anything that was special and could be worn repeatedly for special events.

Choosing the Wedding Dress

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Choosing a red wedding dress expresses your true self-expression. You are passionate and independent and your love is true. Aren’t all brides in the same boat? But when it comes to choosing your wedding gown or dress, always follow the rules. The dress should showcase your best features and have a good comfortable fit. In the matter of accessorizing your dress, you can go for gold and silver trimmings for accent. Red wedding dresses, like their white sisters have versatility.

Special Services for Red Brides

Brides wearing hot red numbers for wedding dresses should exploit special effects and services to highlight her unusual choice for a bridal dress. For an evening rite, she could ask for special fireworks to announce her eventual appearance to the wedding ceremony and arrive in a private chauffeur service. In the reception, she does well to have welcome baskets teeming with local specialties and containing an elegantly printed program for arriving guests and a red rose handed out to each female guest.

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