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Options and Alternatives for Wedding Cakes

The importance of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and wedding cakes are equal. These are both the highlights of weddings and no bride can imagine a wedding without the traditional wedding dress and cake. However, it’s a personal matter and brides can have selections over multiple choices or even do away with the bridal dress and the towering cake.

Choices for Wedding Cakes

Deciding about having a wedding wins hands down over not having a wedding cake because wedding cakes are the central pieces in wedding feasts. The cake could be a towering stunning creation or a simple round cake with all the trimmings. Similarly to the wedding dress, cake details big and small have to be carefully scanned to make sure that it is worth the money and the apprehensions spent over it.

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With so many cake recipes, types of icing and decorations at hand, it becomes a puzzling project to decide which cake is for you and how much should you spend on it. Before losing sleep over it, decide on the deciding factor, the budget. No matter how much you can spend or can’t spend on your wedding cake you can have your cake and eat it too.

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If you cannot afford an expensive four-tiered German chocolate cake for your wedding, you can still have a single layer of this cake and make up for it with sumptuous desserts for the guests. Generally, the wedding cakes are supposed to be the sweets served after the wedding meal but wedding packages include great desserts and guests don’t bother themselves with a slice of the wedding cake later.

This solves your wedding cake budget and you get your favorite cake recipe, which makes the wedding feast and your wedding day very memorable. If you opted for a German chocolate cake to serve 50 guests, you might be paying $3 per slice; multiply that by 50 and that’s about $150 for the cake, but wait, the price can jack up with the type of icing and decorations used for the cake. The fancier the icing, decorations and cake topper, the pricier your cake is.

The choices for wedding cakes start with the budget. The baker can provide you further ideas to whittle the cost of the cake down. If you have money to burn for your cake, by all means get all the trimmings to make your cake the best centerpiece ever and the tastiest yet.

If You Don’t Want a Wedding Cake

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The new generation of brides has other ideas. Instead of traditional wedding cakes, they prefer to have mouth-watering desserts served and order a cardboard cake for a pretty picture effect. Meanwhile, a ceremonial cake slice is ready for the sharing of the cake in keeping with wedding traditions.

There are several alternatives to having a wedding cake. You won’t be the first bride to choose cinnamon rolls, funnel cakes, chocolate truffles, chocolate fountain, fancy pies, and fruits dipped in chocolate. It’s a bet that brides always chocolates, aren’t everybody chocolate nuts at heart? Just watch guests line up at chocolate fountain.

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If brides don’t want to skip the tradition of wedding cakes altogether, they can stock up on sweet treats artfully decorated and order a regular sized cake with all the trimmings for sentimental and practical reasons. Think about it. Would you forego the wedding cake? If no, start looking around for the best wedding cake baker.

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