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Not Just Icing on Wedding Cakes

You usually hear, or say: it is just icing on the cake. You say that to mean that such a thing is not that important, as what matters more is what’s inside, the essence of a particular thing. In wedding cakes, however, you cannot say the same thing. You cannot say: it is just icing on the wedding cake. The truth is, the icing on the said wedding cake is equally important as the dough itself.

There are many kinds of icings on wedding cakes. Therefore, the task is not only limited to deciding on the design and the number of layers of the cake, it extends to knowing which type of icing should top the wonderful layers as well. Deciding on the type of icing is as complicated as looking for cheap wedding dresses.

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Deciding the type of icing on your wedding cake need not be complicated, however, if you know what you are looking for. You simply have to understand what each type is, and what it is for.

Here are some of the most common types of wedding cakes icings:

Fondant This is perhaps the most common type of icing used on wedding cakes because, first and foremost, this does not need refrigeration. Therefore, you can make your precious wedding cake as the centrepiece of your reception without worrying if the icing will melt and the cake will deform.

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This type of icing looks stiff and is sometimes regarded as having an appearance like that of a helmet. This smooth cream confection is made of corn syrup and gelatin.

Butter Cream Unlike fondant, butter cream is sensitive to extreme heat. Therefore, this type is not a wise choice for outdoor weddings.

In its simplest form, butter cream is made from powdered sugar and butter. If you want to add a little color, you can always add cocoa powder or vanilla extract. Although this is a popular topping for cupcakes, this is also widely accepted as a creamy and rich icing for sponge cakes.

Ganache Wedding cakes experts would only recommend this type of icing if the venue of your reception has a stable condition: no heat, no humid weather. Why?

This icing is made from chocolate and cream, usually 2 parts chocolate, one part cream. As such, this is a “heavy” type of icing that will give your cake a glass-like chocolate finish. Without the desired room temperature, you run the risk of having the icing slide right off your cake.

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Royal Icing This type of icing is made from egg whites, powdered sugar, milk, and sometimes, lemon juice. It is a hard white icing. Usually, glycerine is added in order to prevent the icing from becoming too hard.

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Royal icing is not only popular among wedding cakes; it is also widely used on Christmas cakes and gingerbread houses because it can create many decorative effects. Its properties allow it to be the perfect icing used in forming flowers, dots and other figures.

The type of icing that you’ll use largely determines the beauty and extravagance of your wedding cake. Therefore, you must choose it well, just as how you would choose bridal shops in Mississauga or how you would select wedding favors.

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Wedding cakes are an important part of the wedding ceremony; it’s but proper that they be given enough attention from color, to number of layers, design, and even type of icing!

Whether your aim is to find bridal shops in Mississauga, buy cheap wedding dresses or get hold of delectable wedding cakes, you will find all these in one stop.

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  1. Yes not just an icing, I had been argumenting this with my mom. She keep asking me why spending too much for a cake. She doesn’t know cakes are one important part of the wedding ceremony. Thank you beautifully written.

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