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Evening Gowns Galore: Choosing What’s Best for You

Evening gowns are not only for evening occasions. As such, when you own one, then you can definitely wear the same in another party -provided that the parties are at least three months apart and are not attended by the same guests, otherwise, people will think that your dress is your any-occasion uniform!

While it is lovely to be in a fabulous long gown, the task of finding the perfect dress for you is somewhat gruelling. There are so many things to consider; there are a thousand evening dresses to fit before you set eyes on the perfect one. Choosing an evening gown is like choosing from among a variety of wedding cakes, you can’t decide what to get unless you’ve been into almost all cake shops in your town, or your country!

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Well, ladies, it’s but understandable for you try on a million and one evening gowns first before finally settling on “the evening dress.” Girls will be girls, so they say.

But if you don’t have the luxury of time (perhaps because your sister has asked for your help in looking for bridesmaid dresses in Toronto), you can always take a shortcut. Here are a few suggestions in making your evening gown trip a bit shorter, but more productive:

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What’s Best for Your Body Type

Styles differ in order to fit certain body types. Equip yourself with this knowledge. Know when a certain style will accentuate your look. Know as well that even though how much a low-neckline gown will look good on a mannequin, it will never have the same effect on you if you don’t have a “full bust.”

If you are bottom heavy, choose evening gowns that skim over the lower part of your body. If you are not very confident of your legs, then you can always choose floor-length dresses. In the same way, if you feel that you have small busts, then use an empire cut. The trick here is to know what type of body shape you have and to know the style of gown that looks best on such a kind of figure.

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What’s the Best Fit

Even if you’ve chosen the perfect style for your body shape, if you don’t choose the gown that has a perfect fit, you would end up looking like someone who borrowed that dress from someone else. Don’t force yourself in getting into evening gowns that are 1-2 inches smaller. You might say that this is your strategy of slimming down but if the trick doesn’t work, you run the risk of wasting a great dress, and a sufficient amount of money.

What’s the Best Color

In choosing a gown, you must always get the color that works best with your complexion. Sometimes, this department constrains you because wedding parties, for instance, have motifs. Otherwise, if there’s no rule on color, you must always choose those that make you look lighter, or slimmer. Evening gowns in monochromatic tones do a perfect job in making you look taller and slimmer.

Taking all these into account – the right style, the right fit, the right color – you would surely be able to find the perfect dress for you. Of course, don’t forget to accessorize and to get the most elegant yet most comfortable shoes. With these, whenever you get invited to a party, you will are always ready to look fabulous and superb!

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