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Two Fun Ideas for Beach Wedding Invitations

There are times in a soon-to-be-bride’s life when quirkier wedding invitations are desired. By quirkier, we mean less conventional than the paper invitations that are sent out by the millions every year by couples across the country. Sure, they look very attractive but very common, too.

So, to make your wedding interesting from the onset, why not opt for either of these two fun ideas for invitations to your wedding?

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Message in a Bottle

If you have ever picked up a bottle on the beach with a message written on a piece of paper, you may have appreciated the romantic idea. Well, now, you can recreate the magic you felt by sending out message in a bottle wedding invitations!

You can either have a wedding store make these bottled invitations for you to save time or you can make these fun invitations yourself to save money. Whatever your choice, keep to the theme of a beach wedding by injecting touches of the sun, sand and sea.

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Think of placing colored sand to match your color motif, little seashells to match those in your cake, starfishes to reflect your starry-eyed state of happiness and even small water balls to represent the sea. This way, you can evoke the beach-y mood to your wedding guests through these unique wedding invites.

If you decide to make them on your own, remember a few things. First, make sure that you have a pull mechanism to allow the paper to come out of the box easily. You don’t want your wedding invitation recipients to go fishing on dry land or hammering on glass to get to the paper. Even a simple strip of ribbon attached to the paper will do the trick.

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Second, think of shipping costs. Try to keep the weight to a minimum, say, by placing just a half-inch of sand so as to save on costs. Besides, you want your wedding invitations to be evocative of the beach, not mess up your guests’ tables with sand!

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Flip Flops in a Shoebox

Well, flip flops are great beachwear so why not turn them into unique wedding invites? These might be the easiest invitations in a beach-themed wedding because you just need two basic things: a pair of flip flops and a piece of paper with the invitation words.

For more flair, you can always place the flip flops in a customized shoe box. Of course, this will add up costs per se but then again, you will have wedding invitations that double as wedding favors. Ultimately, you can save money from double duty wedding items!

And your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness since they can use the flip flops on the beach. Whoever says that wedding favours have to be for display purposes only must have never attended a beach wedding where flip flops are the wedding invites and favors rolled into one.

Truly, when it comes to wedding invitations, you are only limited by the power of your imagination. So, veer away from all-paper wedding invites and start thinking of bottles and flip flops beyond their utilitarian functions.

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  1. Hey guys 🙂 this was so helpful – on my wedding we used a bottle with stone inside and attached a mini starfish outside, and also my bouquet was made on a seashell!!

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