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Evening Dresses: Styles for Your Every Mood

Whether you are going to a prom dress, a cocktail party, a wedding dress, or simply going out with your long-time crush, you need to be on the appropriate outfit. A first date can go a long way if have wowed your guy with a sexy but equally respectful cocktail dress. Who knows, after the success of that date, you are already on your way to shopping for bridesmaid dresses (you are not the bridesmaid, of course, but the bride!)

Thus, in choosing your evening dresses, you need to find the style appropriate for the occasion, or your mood. You need to get a bridesmaid dress – and not some slutty disco dress – if you are the bridesmaid. You need to dress appropriately, so to speak.

Here are a few styles that you can choose from the next time that you go shopping for evening dresses:

The Bias Cut It’s not certain where the term came from but indeed, bias cut evening dresses have some bias. They are biased to those who have the right curves and the perfect body! The fabric is cut diagonally so that it literally hugs your curves. So if you are preparing for an ultra-sexy night, choose this style of dress.

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A few notes, however. With bias cut evening dresses, you can’t wear much underneath. Yes, bra straps and panty lines become visible and they may just be an expensive distraction to your sexy, siren-y entrance. So if you decide to get sex with the bias cut, make sure that you can go all the way sexy!

The Basque Waist Also known as the low U or dropped V waist, this style is great for almost any body type. The v-shaped waist provides an illusion of length. This is also great in flattering your well-defined waist. If you are petite, then this style will help you get a fuller figure.

The Mermaid Just like the bias cut, evening dresses of mermaid cut are great for showing off those curvy curves! This gown is fitted from the bodice all the way to the thighs and it “bells” around the knees.

Just a couple of precautions when wearing a mermaid cut. First, make sure that the fit is right as you may have difficulty sitting down when in this style of dress. Second, avoid this type if you are bottom-heavy as your wide hips will really be emphasized.

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The Ballerina Dress Evening dresses in ballerina cut are not supposed to be worn on simple dates. Otherwise, your date will think that you’re running late for a ball! This style is literally “big” as it features a full skirt. This is best if you are heavy-busted since the volume of the skirt will balance your top figure.

This style of dress is considered to be one of the most romantic, thus, this is ideal for formal occasions where love and romance is in the air.

Men would not understand why women spend a considerable amount of time searching for a single dress. Don’t attempt to let them understand. Let them be. Just surprise them at how certain styles of evening dresses will give you different fabulous looks. Your point is not in making men distinguish an A-line from an Empire cut. Instead, you purpose is to let their jaw drop at the sight of you and your fabulous evening gown!

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