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The Ideal Wedding Dress for the Petite Bride

Magazine and fashion articles usually pay more attention in giving tips in looking for plus size wedding dresses. This is because the world today has acknowledged the growing number of more voluptuous women. But if you think that only the “fuller brides” experience pains in looking for their wedding dress, then you are mistaken. Petite women also find it hard to look for their ideal dress.

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Oftentimes, it is always an issue of getting right length vis-a-vis the right fit. More often than not, waists are too wide, or lengths are too long.

Therefore, it is important for you to get the correct style. Otherwise, you may be unnecessarily adding on more weight or are accidentally making you look like “child” bride. You wouldn’t want this to happen, would you?

So here are a few wedding dress tips for you, the petite bride:

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The Empire Cut This cut puts the waistline just below your bust. While this cut is flattering for any body size, this is also great for the petite bride because it makes you look taller. The attention is drawn upward and so there’s much to see from your “empire waist” to your hem. To make your wedding dress “more perfect” add spaghetti straps to this style so you’ll be able to flaunt those toned arms.

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Just one little note if you want this style of wedding gown. As the empire waist hides your stomach, your guests might think that you got married because you are pregnant. If you don’t want to deal with this type of unnecessary stress, you can either opt for another style of wedding dress, or give out more extravagant wedding favors!

The Column Style This style is fitted at the bodice and comes with a straight skirt. To make this style of wedding dress work best with your petite physique, get one that wraps in front. This way, the draping length will add more inches of height.

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The A-Line An A-line style is also a great wedding dress choice. This cut is simply described as having a fitted bodice and an A-line skirt. As such, it’s able to emphasize a well-defined waistline. This style of wedding dress also hides wide hips.

Just remember that the fitted bodice will draw more attention to your busts. So if you have smaller busts, you might want to use some extra padding to complete your look.

NOT the Corset Type A corset and skirt ensemble tends to cut you into half. If you are already petite, getting this type of wedding dress will make you look even smaller. The fitted bodice also shortens an already slim waist. This is therefore not ideal for any petite bride.

The task of finding the perfect wedding dress is indeed equally hard for both plus size women and petite brides. Both need to know the correct style that will enhance their best features. Plus size wedding dresses need to take off a few inches while those for petite women need to enhance a slim waist. When the reverse is done, the result is disaster!

Therefore, whatever your body size and shape maybe, you have the right to fret about having a hard time finding your wedding dress. You can hop from one shop after another for over a few months. After all, it is your wedding day – and you only want to be the most beautiful woman in the room even just for that day. Is that too much to ask for? Not really…

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