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Easy ways to inform your guests about your wedding registry

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Wedding etiquette restricts couples from displaying their wedding registry information on their wedding cards. Since this direct link with your wedding guests is out of the question, you need to look at other options to inform your guests about where you are registered. Remember that this should be done tactfully, and your guests shouldn’t have the impression that you are declaring your interest in receiving gifts.


Having said that, it is a fact that most wedding guests want to get you a wedding gift that you will actually use; not return or stash in the attic. Let us look at how you can make your registry information available to your guests, so they can locate it easily without asking you directly.

1. Make sure that your parents, siblings and all those involved in the wedding party know

It is only logical to assume that the wedding guests will turn to those closest to you, to obtain your registry information. So, make sure they know where you are registered, as well as what items are included in your registry, so they can pass it on to whoever needs it. You can also consider designating the people in your wedding party to discretely pass the information around, so it reaches everyone.

2. Have a wedding website

A wedding website is essential today, and this is not just for putting your wedding registry information. Aside from using it to update all the relevant details of your wedding, you can create a page with all your registry information on it. Then include the wedding website URL on your invitation, and your guests will easily find what they want without having to ask. A wedding website is in fact, one of the most popular choices that most couples turn to, today. Use this option the most, and your guests will appreciate the ease with which they can gather all the information regarding the wedding, including venue details, timings, type of wedding being hosted and any other information that you would like them to know.

3. Use the bridal shower invitation to pass the information along

The bridal shower invitation is an appropriate way to provide your wedding registry information. Technically, the shower is hosted by someone other than the bride. So, you will not breach any etiquette rules, by having it printed on the invite. Inform your maid of honour, mother, sister or whoever is in charge of the bridal shower, to add this in. The word will be passed along, and all those who want to know will obtain it this way.

We talked about why a wedding website is a great idea. It is also pretty easy to do, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. There are a number of free website builders, that allow you to make a splendid website, without any help from a professional. We suggest that you take a look at eWedding for some fantastic ideas.

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Making the most of your wedding registry and 9 registry must-haves

Wedding registries help guests to find useful gifts for the to-be-married couple. This is very helpful for them to set up their home, when they begin their new life together. Today, many couples may be living together long before they are married. Nevertheless, a good wedding registry allows them to get a little help with what they need to make their married life function more smoothly.

Over the course of this article, we will tell you why a registry is a good idea, how to inform your guests about where you are registered, how to make the best use of your wedding registry and also a list of registry must-haves that will help you set up home conveniently.

gift registry

Is a wedding registry even necessary?

Some couples feel that wedding registries are not a good idea, since it gives the impression that you are fishing for gifts. Do you agree with them or are you undecided on whether a wedding gift registry is a good idea?

Here are our arguments in favor of having wedding registries. The couple and their guests should pay attention to setting up or picking gifts from a wedding registry for these reasons:

  • It goes without saying that guests will get gifts for weddings. If every guest at the wedding were to pick a random gift, it is likely that you will end up with stuff that may not be useful to you at all, while you will still have to find the space to accommodate it till you decide what to do with it.
  • Different couples have different preferences. If your guests have no idea of your tastes, the likelihood of receiving gifts that serve no purpose or clashes with your choices, is very high.
  • If a couple have been living together for a while, it is likely that they will already have stocked up on the essentials. In that case, your registry will help your guests pick an item that will actually be useful, than go for something that you already own.

Now that you know why registering for gifts is sensible, let us look at how you can let your guests know where you are registered.

How to tell your guests where you are registered

Traditional wedding etiquette condemns you from putting your wedding registry on your wedding invitation. This makes it difficult for you to inform your guests about what you would like to receive. Fortunately, there are other ways, and here they are.

  • Entrust the task to your bridesmaids, mother and rest of the wedding party

A guest who wishes to find out where you are registered will be hesitant to ask you directly for your registry information. Instead, they will mostly ask a member of your bridal party. So, make sure your women in waiting know where you are registered, and pass it along when asked.

  • Use the bridal shower invitation

While it isn’t right to use the wedding invitation to share the wedding registry, the bridal shower invitation can be used for this purpose. Why? Technically, the shower is hosted by someone other than the bride. Since there will be invitations going out for this event, you can request your maid of honor, or whoever is in-charge of hosting it, to make this information readily available to those who seek it.

  • Wedding website

Every wedding today has to have a wedding website. This allows the couple to share relevant information pertaining to the wedding. Now, the guests needn’t worry if they lose the invitation card, or forget to ask about certain details. We suggest that you add your wedding registry to your wedding website, and your guests will have no difficulty locating it.

How to efficiently plan your wedding registry?


There are many lessons we can learn from couples who have previously tested the waters. This couple on Apartment Therapy tell us that like most couples, they had no idea on where to begin and ended up looking at their parents’ kitchens, pulled out a few lists of must-haves from magazines and created a registry. While some of these picks continue to serve them, others ended up being discarded or in the donation pile.

So, how do you make sure that your wedding registry contains what will be most useful to you? Here are some tips

#Don’t go with the trend

Remember that expensive gifts should last long. So, don’t get caught up in the trend of what is hot today. Whether you find a trendy flatware pattern appealing, or feel hot pink towels are impressive, think of whether your taste will change over the years. The best thing to do is to stick with safe options in neutral colors, so that it will not look dated over the years.

#Choose individual items instead of a set of pieces

While it may look attractive to have a set of items that match, think thoroughly about how useful each piece will be to you. Make the best use of your gift choices by opting for items that will each serve a purpose, and you will have just the right things taking up space in your house.

#Don’t forget the basics

Instead of choosing occasionally useful items, give priority to the essential must-haves. A good set of knives, bath towels, bed linen, flatware and cutlery are all worthwhile investments, when you consider how well they serve you everyday. Don’t forget the essential toolbox and gardening items either, if you make use of these regularly.

#Upgrades and matching sets

If you live together already, and have your basic inventory covered, make use of your registry to get items that will complete your existing sets. Also, if you have been making do with what is available, this may be the right opportunity to upgrade to all-matching choices. You should also take a look at what you could have a few extras for. Say, you have always been short of wine glasses or serving bowls, when you entertain. Make sure to add that to the list and stock up on what will help you better.

#Say yes to gift coupons

At times, it is best for both parties if you receive gift coupons in place of gifts. This allows you to pick out what you want, and your guest needn’t rack their brains considering what will be the best choice for their budget, from the list you have created. So, don’t forget to tick the box for gift coupons in your registry. Also, when you write your thank you note, do mention what you got for the gift coupon, so your guest knows that you’ve put their thoughtful gift to good use.

#Keep the list varied and with items with differing costs

Do not restrict your registrations for only items that are available in sets. Keep your registry varied and with items of every price range, so your guests can pick what fits their budget. By choosing individual pieces, you can also build up your stock of items, which will allow you to entertain conveniently, whether you are hosting a party for 6 or 12.

Now, let us take a look at the must-have’s every couple should register for.

List of 10 must-have’s that no couple should overlook.



A whole dinnerware set in a neutral color, that you can use everyday is a must-have. Be careful when choosing the color, as you want it to live long and blend in easily with your varying tastes over time. White dishes are the best. Although they may not look too attractive, food of any color looks appealing when placed in a white dish. So, this is the perfect way to make sure your culinary efforts are most noticeable.

2. Flatware


Make your choice between silverware or the more practical stainless steel flatware. Keep in mind that dishwasher safe flatware are easiest to manage, and stainless steel often does best over time. If you already have a handy set, go for the silver. Nevertheless, remember that silver will tarnish, and so calls for extra care if you don’t use it regularly. Spend some time researching the options, and pick a pattern that you will love even after years have gone by.

3.Casseroles, saucepans and frying pans


Your food habits should determine what utensils will be useful for you. Assemble a basic cookware set with minimum three of these mentioned items. Like I said before, it is better to mix and match pieces to create the right mix of useful items, than just go with sets of many pieces that may not entirely be useful for you. Do you find yourself wishing for a soup pot all the time? Or would you like a wok for the Chinese food you always seem to cook? Then this is what should go on your registry.



Wine glasses, shot glasses, beer mugs, drinking glasses; all that you think should comprise your glass cabinet. Standard sizes and shapes are your best bet, as you will find it easier to replace should one break. Unusual fancy ones may be difficult to replace, and will spoil your set if even one is lost.

5.Sharp knives and a knife block


The essential for modern day cooking, a set of sharp knives are a treasure that will save you time and effort in the long run. Make sure you add the basic four: a stellar chef’s knife, paring knife and serrated knife and knife sharpener to your wedding registry. Add a knife block to store these knives in. Not only will it save you valuable space, but also makes storage of these precious kitchen essentials safe and smart.

6.Cutting board

cutting board

The wooden cutting board is a great investment and one that will last a lifetime. Add this to your registry, and get rid of those pale and tired looking plastic cutting boards that have been cluttering up your kitchen all this time.

7.Bed linen


Over the years, you will realize that you can never have too many good sheets. So, make sure you stock up on all the basic linen, including pillow cases, flat sheets and fitted sheets, by adding it to your registry. It would also help to have a few extras for backup. Choose a basic color that will be a timeless choice, and with a good thread count so they serve you for long.

8.Bath towels


Just like with the bed sheets, you will always find use for bath towels. Put down pairs of bath towels, hand towels and face towels. You do not have to stop with just one pair. Remember to stick with colors that will look fresh over the years.

9.Serving Dishes


A serving platter and an assorted range of serving dishes are essentials for every couple who loves to entertain. Although you may not think it is necessary right now, it will be a good investment that will be handy in the future. A large serving platter is a must, as it is versatile and can hold anything from rice and pasta to fruits, cupcakes and starters.

Do you think there is anything more that should be added to this list? If so, don’t forget to put it in the comments section below.

While we are on the topic of wedding registries, let me also remind you to constantly update yours, once you have it set up. As your guests tick items off your registry, update it with more options, so even the last guest has enough to choose from. This is where your multiple sets of items like bed linen and towels will come in handy.

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The 5 Do’s of wedding registry



There are definite advantages of registering for gifts. It allows your guests to buy you something that you value and appreciate and also saves you the trouble of worrying over what to do with all those wedding gifts you didn’t want.

To help you make the most of your wedding registry, here are the top 5 Do’s that will make sure you do not break any etiquette rules, while getting most or all the right things that will be useful to you.

Register at a few select stores only

Rather than registering at all the stores you can think of, stick to a few select ones. Take time to research your options and go with places that allow guests to also purchase online. This will make it convenient for them. When choosing the stores, make sure you check with them about their shipping and delivery options, exchange and return policies and also any discount or offer programs that you can make use of.

Don’t put your registry on your invitation card

Putting registry information on your wedding invite is considered a breach of etiquette. So, refrain from it. If you have a wedding website, put the information there. This will allow guests to locate it easily. Register early, before you send out your invitations, so your registry information is available to your guests when they seek it. Also pass on the information to your family and close circle of friends, so they can share it with those who ask them.

Register for a variety of gifts and with various price ranges

Remember to register for plenty of gifts, so your guests have enough to choose from based on their budget. One way to do this is to register for more gifts than there are guests. While including expensive items on your list, remember that you should provide affordable options too, so your guests do not find it difficult to find a gift. Else, they may end up buying outside the registry, and it may be something that isn’t useful or you would like displaying in your home.

Keep updating your registry

Make sure that you keep track of what is going on with your registry, from the time it is open to your guests. If a gift has been purchased, make sure that you know about it, and take it off the list. If the store doesn’t do this automatically you should continuously review your registry. Also update it with more options, so that the guests who buy late still have enough options.

Think long-term when registering for gifts

Your wedding is the occasion to receive some really valuable gifts, so plan your list sensibly. Rather than going with what you want now, think of how your life will be 5 or 10 years from now, and what gifts will last that long and serve you well. Think of the special occasions or family get-togethers you will host, and what will be useful when you do. Put these items down in your registry.

Once you are blissfully married and have received all your wedding gifts, don’t forget to thank every guest filled your house with the stuff you wanted. Personally written thank you notes will make sure your guests feel appreciated and happy in return.

For more wedding tips and advice, visit us at Best for Bride.

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Wedding Registry Tips

As the newlyweds removed the bow and unwrapped their 7th large, crystal deli tray, they realized they should have created a bridal registry. In my small town, it was not common for a couple to register. I have never been to a wedding where the couple has registered. However, this is becoming more common in communities where it was not always popular. Couples who are not familiar with the practices and etiquette of bridal registry may find these wedding registry tips helpful.

How do you tell people where you are registered? This is where many couples break wedding registry etiquette. The temptation is to put the registry location on the wedding invitations since everyone receives one. However, including the registry information on any written cards such as the invitations or Save the Date cards is considered tacky. Instead, include the wedding information on your wedding website or Facebook page and include the link on the invitation. Also, it’s perfectly fine to mention where you are registered if someone asks about gifts.

Register at both an online retailer and brick and mortar store. You may choose to register at three stores. One of the stores that you register at should be a local store for the convenience of the guests who may not shop online. Some guests may need the ease of an online store due to transportation issues or busy schedules that would make it difficult for them to shop at the store you chose. If you register at three stores, the third can be either a brick and mortar store or online retailer.

Make decisions about the items on the online wedding registry list together. One spouse should not have the responsibility of choosing all the items. Both partners need to be happy with the items on the list. After all, these are the items that you will be living with for years to come. Select items that you will both enjoy.

When you register, select items of varied price ranges at each location. Guests should feel comfortable selecting a wedding gift that is within their budgets. Instead of selecting all high ticket items, consider splitting the registry into thirds. Choose about a third of lower cost items, a third that are middle range, and a third that are higher. How expensive should the items on the registry be? This depends greatly on location and the financial means of the guests. If I quoted a price of $100 as a high range item, this would be beyond the reach of most guests at some weddings and considered too low at other weddings. The couple needs to consider the financial standing of their friends and family and choose registry items accordingly.

Setting up the registry should not be put off until the last moment. Allow your guests to have plenty of time to shop. Some couples set up the registry when they start making their engagement announcements in case anyone would ask for the registry location. Visit Best for Bride blog to learn how to make your wedding an enjoyable experience for everyone.