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The 5 Do’s of wedding registry



There are definite advantages of registering for gifts. It allows your guests to buy you something that you value and appreciate and also saves you the trouble of worrying over what to do with all those wedding gifts you didn’t want.

To help you make the most of your wedding registry, here are the top 5 Do’s that will make sure you do not break any etiquette rules, while getting most or all the right things that will be useful to you.

Register at a few select stores only

Rather than registering at all the stores you can think of, stick to a few select ones. Take time to research your options and go with places that allow guests to also purchase online. This will make it convenient for them. When choosing the stores, make sure you check with them about their shipping and delivery options, exchange and return policies and also any discount or offer programs that you can make use of.

Don’t put your registry on your invitation card

Putting registry information on your wedding invite is considered a breach of etiquette. So, refrain from it. If you have a wedding website, put the information there. This will allow guests to locate it easily. Register early, before you send out your invitations, so your registry information is available to your guests when they seek it. Also pass on the information to your family and close circle of friends, so they can share it with those who ask them.

Register for a variety of gifts and with various price ranges

Remember to register for plenty of gifts, so your guests have enough to choose from based on their budget. One way to do this is to register for more gifts than there are guests. While including expensive items on your list, remember that you should provide affordable options too, so your guests do not find it difficult to find a gift. Else, they may end up buying outside the registry, and it may be something that isn’t useful or you would like displaying in your home.

Keep updating your registry

Make sure that you keep track of what is going on with your registry, from the time it is open to your guests. If a gift has been purchased, make sure that you know about it, and take it off the list. If the store doesn’t do this automatically you should continuously review your registry. Also update it with more options, so that the guests who buy late still have enough options.

Think long-term when registering for gifts

Your wedding is the occasion to receive some really valuable gifts, so plan your list sensibly. Rather than going with what you want now, think of how your life will be 5 or 10 years from now, and what gifts will last that long and serve you well. Think of the special occasions or family get-togethers you will host, and what will be useful when you do. Put these items down in your registry.

Once you are blissfully married and have received all your wedding gifts, don’t forget to thank every guest filled your house with the stuff you wanted. Personally written thank you notes will make sure your guests feel appreciated and happy in return.

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Buying your wedding dress online and how to do it right

via Best for BrideOne of the biggest events in your wedding plans is buying your wedding dress. While nothing beats the experience of visiting a bridal boutique and being enraptured at the sight of yourself in “the dress,” there are situations when this may not be the possible choice, or the best option for you.

Fortunately, you can still have fun shopping for your dress online, and do it right too! You may even find more options than you can find at your local store, and this can be enticing. If online dress shopping is the way for you, let us find out what you need to know to do it properly.

Choose the silhouette and neckline

Since you won’t have a bridal consultant to help choose the right silhouette for your body type, you will have to do this part yourself. Identify the type of wedding dresses that are suitable for your body shape and shortlist the ones that seem right. A good idea is to head to a nearby clothes shop, try on few gowns and see your transformation in them. Notice the silhouettes and necklines that flatter your figure, and base your search on gowns in similar patterns.

Choosing “the dress” from a vast collection

You will quickly realize that online shopping throws open an ocean of choices, and you can feel overwhelmed and confused. So, don’t start looking at pictures right away. First, make a list of the various things in a dress that would look good on you. This would include the neckline, silhouette, type of sleeves and fabric. Also make a second list of the features that don’t flatter you in a dress.

Once this is done, begin your search. First choose by price. Find gowns that fall within budget. The next step is to pick out a certain number of gowns with features in the first list you prepared. Now, eliminate any of these dresses that have features belonging to the second list. Continue this way, till you have a small list of just a handful of dresses.

Pay attention to these chosen dresses in closer detail. Look at the fabric, the construction and how it drapes on the model. Get help from your friends to decide which of these would be the best choice. Take time to finalize it, and meanwhile look on the web for pictures of real brides wearing the dress you chose. Once you have made your decision, check the measurement charts for this particular dress and determine the optimal size. Place your order.

Work with a good tailor

Once you receive your gown, it is likely that you will have to make alterations, so it fits perfectly. Find a good tailor who can do this for you. Choose someone who has experience working with complicated garments and gowns, so he/she can handle the job properly. Leave plenty of time for more than one fitting session, so your dress looks perfect in time for your wedding.

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