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Wedding Registry Tips

As the newlyweds removed the bow and unwrapped their 7th large, crystal deli tray, they realized they should have created a bridal registry. In my small town, it was not common for a couple to register. I have never been to a wedding where the couple has registered. However, this is becoming more common in communities where it was not always popular. Couples who are not familiar with the practices and etiquette of bridal registry may find these wedding registry tips helpful.

How do you tell people where you are registered? This is where many couples break wedding registry etiquette. The temptation is to put the registry location on the wedding invitations since everyone receives one. However, including the registry information on any written cards such as the invitations or Save the Date cards is considered tacky. Instead, include the wedding information on your wedding website or Facebook page and include the link on the invitation. Also, it’s perfectly fine to mention where you are registered if someone asks about gifts.

Register at both an online retailer and brick and mortar store. You may choose to register at three stores. One of the stores that you register at should be a local store for the convenience of the guests who may not shop online. Some guests may need the ease of an online store due to transportation issues or busy schedules that would make it difficult for them to shop at the store you chose. If you register at three stores, the third can be either a brick and mortar store or online retailer.

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Make decisions about the items on the online wedding registry list together. One spouse should not have the responsibility of choosing all the items. Both partners need to be happy with the items on the list. After all, these are the items that you will be living with for years to come. Select items that you will both enjoy.

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When you register, select items of varied price ranges at each location. Guests should feel comfortable selecting a wedding gift that is within their budgets. Instead of selecting all high ticket items, consider splitting the registry into thirds. Choose about a third of lower cost items, a third that are middle range, and a third that are higher. How expensive should the items on the registry be? This depends greatly on location and the financial means of the guests. If I quoted a price of $100 as a high range item, this would be beyond the reach of most guests at some weddings and considered too low at other weddings. The couple needs to consider the financial standing of their friends and family and choose registry items accordingly.

Setting up the registry should not be put off until the last moment. Allow your guests to have plenty of time to shop. Some couples set up the registry when they start making their engagement announcements in case anyone would ask for the registry location. Visit Best for Bride blog to learn how to make your wedding an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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  1. Aw thank you! The entire list are so perfect, I am nowhere near close to getting married but I just LOVE searching wedding tips! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out 🙂

  2. Very good tips as always. Nice website and thanks for sharing these!

  3. When we put our registry together, we kept everything under a $50 limit.

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