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Shapes of Sweet Bliss at your wedding: A guide to classic Cake Shapes

If there is a wedding decision which allows the couple to have a lot of fun with, it has to be selecting the wedding cake. Wedding cakes today, are true works of art, and while you dream up your vision of sugary goodness, your wedding baker will do all the hard work to make it real.

More and more couples are going for elegant, striking tiered wedding cakes, that form the canvas for elaborate decorations matching the wedding décor, or even the details of the bridal dress. While the classic round white wedding cake has been around for a while, there are more shapes and designs to experiment with. Let us take a look at the most popular wedding cake shapes and some spectacular cakes crafted in these shapes.


Best for Bride
Best for Bride

The traditional wedding cake is round and simple. However, this simple shape forms the backdrop for a range of patterns, textures and colors. Beautiful round cakes with each layer designed uniquely, or decorated with pretty details like ribbons, pearls or flowers would be magnificent when done by an expert baker.

Sometimes, less is more! Simply changing the colors of the various tiers to tie it to the wedding décor, and adding the couple’s initials or an interesting cake topper are all it takes to make it a masterpiece.

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Square wedding cakes look modern and add a touch of sophistication. The tiers may be layered one beneath the other, but when each layer is placed at a right angle to the above layer, it creates more visual interest. You can opt to soften the edges or use embellishments like flowers or ribbons to accentuate the angular effect. For an even more modern take on this style, you can choose pentagons, hexagons or other polygons to create a striking appearance.


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Also known as the scallop shape, this is a soft, charming shape which is the perfect choice for an outdoor or garden theme wedding. A cake in this shape doesn’t require too much help to create an impact on the table. It looks splendid when encrusted with beads, pearls, ribbons and minimum embellishments, which still allow the shape to show through.

Mix and match

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The current trend is to mix two or more shapes in alternate layers to create a stunning wedding cake. The most commonly mixed shapes are square and round, and the result is a striking sculpture that really captures everyone’s attention.

Topsy turvy cakes

This design is the go-to choice for many young couples. It is modern and makes a bold, quirky statement. The layers of the tiered cake are asymmetrical, and look wild with geometrical patterns and colorful textured frosting. It is a good choice for a fun, casual party, but may not be the best for traditional affairs.

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Best for Bride offers you the best in cake designs, and can customize your wedding cake to be all that you ever wanted. Check out our online gallery for a sample of the designs we can do for your wedding day.

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