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5 Tips to help you get your bridesmaids bouquets right

There are so many details, both big and small, to get right at your wedding. One of them is your bridesmaids’ bouquets. The flowers and the designs that you choose, will have an impact on how well they look on the day. Although they may not hold on to the bouquet for the entire day, it will still be prominent during some very important moments. So, you have to get it right.

Here are some ideas for you to start with.

Match it to your bouquet


Your own wedding bouquet should be the starting point for your bridesmaids bouquets. Bouquets that are miniature versions of your own would complete the effect seamlessly. Consider choosing the same or similar flowers as you have used in your own bouquet, for a cohesive effect. One thing to remember is that if your bouquet matches the colors of the bridesmaids dresses, it would be a good idea to choose flowers that are slightly darker or lighter in color for their bouquets. Else, it could get lost in the background of their dress.

Complement their dress color

Choosing a bridal bouquet is easy, as there are hardly any combinations that could go wrong with a white wedding dress. This is however, not the case with your bridesmaids dresses. Not all colors blend well. So, when you choose your wedding color palette, make sure that you have enough flower choices that will go well with your choice of bridesmaid dress colors. Lighter and shades from the same color family, complementary shades on the color spectrum and neutrals can be explored to find a good combination.

The size should go well with their dress design


If your bridesmaids wear elaborate gowns or dresses with intricate detailing, keep the floral accessories simple. For dresses with details at the bust or waist, choose a bouquet style that doesn’t hide it. Also consider the differences in height and build of your bridesmaids when choosing bouquets. After all, it is very unlikely that a bouquet which is perfect for a plus-size woman will have the same effect on a petite woman.

Make it interesting by varying the colors and designs

There was this rainbow wedding featured on the Rock ‘n’ Roll bride,  where the bridesmaids wore dresses in different colors and held bouquets that matched their dress color. The effect was spectacular. We can see that the most brilliant and memorable choices are when you think outside the box. Give a unique touch to each of your bridesmaids bouquets by customizing each one. Vary either the colors, or designs and you will have stunning results.

Trust your florist

You may soon feel you’ve had enough when you have to select so many flowers, bouquet designs and floral centerpieces. Trust your florist with the finer details. She is an expert who knows her job and when allowed to use her creativity, it is likely that she will give you some surprising choices that you would never have thought of yourself. Tell her what you would like and give her the freedom to design it. Not only will this reduce your stress, she may also appreciate the opportunity to show her best.

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Universally flattering colors to satisfy all your bridesmaids

As the bride, you are in charge of deciding the color, style and design of your bridesmaids dresses. Although your main concern is to choose dresses that blend with the wedding palette, remember that these girls are your best friends. You want them to look and feel fantastic on your big day, and what they wear plays a huge role in this.

While it is impossible to make everyone happy when you choose a wedding dress, you can still aim for a choice that will not have any of your maids feeling miserable. When you choose a color like bright pink or orange, it is likely that one or more of your bridesmaids may be unhappy, since it makes her look sick or fat.

So, what is the solution? Choose different dresses for your bridesmaids, so each one of them is happy, or go with a universally flattering color that looks good on almost anyone. Let us look at what colors make this list.

Gun metal and pewter

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While these colors will look good on any skin tone, these aren’t super fantastic either. The good thing is that you won’t catch any of your bridesmaids complaining about a ghastly color you chose. These will easily blend into any color palette, and so you needn’t worry about it matching your wedding theme.

Navy and black

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Black works with any color theme, and navy with almost every one. The general rule is that the darker a color, the more likely will suit every skin tone. If you are worried about these colors being boring, you can step up the drama by pairing it with brightly colored accessories like belts or shoes, and obtain and entirely different effect.

Purple and burgundy

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When you want colors that really stand out, your choices are purple and burgundy. However, don’t choose the lighter shades, as they may clash with certain skin tones. Go with the darkest shade you can find, and your bridesmaids will look ravishing. It may not be easy incorporating these colors into every wedding theme, so consider this factor before choosing them.

Teal and baby blue

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Blue is a color that is vibrant, energizing and suitable for almost anyone. The blue palette has another advantage—the various shades work together to create a very cohesive look. Since there is a blue for everyone, you can have your bridesmaids dressed in various shades of the same color, and not worry about it coming together. And, not to forget that your wedding gown in white will pop against a background of blue. So, imagine how stunning your wedding photographs will be!

While we are talking about colors, let us also take a quick look at those that you should stay away from, if you want to dress all your girls in a single color.

Beware of pink and peach. Few women look good in these colors, and unless you choose individual shades for each woman, stay away from it. Pastels are another no-no, as they add the illusion of extra pounds and can make your girls look pale.

Check out the bridesmaids dress collections at Best for Bride, for inspiration and select the right dress to have your bridesmaids satisfied and feeling fantastic, at your wedding!

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Shapes of Sweet Bliss at your wedding: A guide to classic Cake Shapes

If there is a wedding decision which allows the couple to have a lot of fun with, it has to be selecting the wedding cake. Wedding cakes today, are true works of art, and while you dream up your vision of sugary goodness, your wedding baker will do all the hard work to make it real.

More and more couples are going for elegant, striking tiered wedding cakes, that form the canvas for elaborate decorations matching the wedding décor, or even the details of the bridal dress. While the classic round white wedding cake has been around for a while, there are more shapes and designs to experiment with. Let us take a look at the most popular wedding cake shapes and some spectacular cakes crafted in these shapes.


Best for Bride
Best for Bride

The traditional wedding cake is round and simple. However, this simple shape forms the backdrop for a range of patterns, textures and colors. Beautiful round cakes with each layer designed uniquely, or decorated with pretty details like ribbons, pearls or flowers would be magnificent when done by an expert baker.

Sometimes, less is more! Simply changing the colors of the various tiers to tie it to the wedding décor, and adding the couple’s initials or an interesting cake topper are all it takes to make it a masterpiece.



Square wedding cakes look modern and add a touch of sophistication. The tiers may be layered one beneath the other, but when each layer is placed at a right angle to the above layer, it creates more visual interest. You can opt to soften the edges or use embellishments like flowers or ribbons to accentuate the angular effect. For an even more modern take on this style, you can choose pentagons, hexagons or other polygons to create a striking appearance.


Also known as the scallop shape, this is a soft, charming shape which is the perfect choice for an outdoor or garden theme wedding. A cake in this shape doesn’t require too much help to create an impact on the table. It looks splendid when encrusted with beads, pearls, ribbons and minimum embellishments, which still allow the shape to show through.

Mix and match

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The current trend is to mix two or more shapes in alternate layers to create a stunning wedding cake. The most commonly mixed shapes are square and round, and the result is a striking sculpture that really captures everyone’s attention.

Topsy turvy cakes

This design is the go-to choice for many young couples. It is modern and makes a bold, quirky statement. The layers of the tiered cake are asymmetrical, and look wild with geometrical patterns and colorful textured frosting. It is a good choice for a fun, casual party, but may not be the best for traditional affairs.

Best for Bride offers you the best in cake designs, and can customize your wedding cake to be all that you ever wanted. Check out our online gallery for a sample of the designs we can do for your wedding day.