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Complete In-Depth On How To Choose Which Popular Flowers Is Perfect for Your Wedding

Complete In-Depth On How To Choose Which Popular Flowers Is Perfect for Your Wedding

Flowers are not just the universal gift that everyone appreciates. Flowers can also be used in wedding bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and decorations for the reception hall. No matter what type of flower you like, there is sure to be something that works for your wedding theme and color scheme. Here are popular flowers to choose from. 

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5 Tips to help you get your bridesmaids bouquets right


There are so many details, both big and small, to get right at your wedding. One of them is your bridesmaids’ bouquets. The flowers and the designs that you choose, will have an impact on how well they look on the day. Although they may not hold on to the bouquet for the entire day, it will still be prominent during some very important moments. So, you have to get it right.

Here are some ideas for you to start with.

Match it to your bouquet


Your own wedding bouquet should be the starting point for your bridesmaids bouquets. Bouquets that are miniature versions of your own would complete the effect seamlessly. Consider choosing the same or similar flowers as you have used in your own bouquet, for a cohesive effect. One thing to remember is that if your bouquet matches the colors of the bridesmaids dresses, it would be a good idea to choose flowers that are slightly darker or lighter in color for their bouquets. Else, it could get lost in the background of their dress.

Complement their dress color

Choosing a bridal bouquet is easy, as there are hardly any combinations that could go wrong with a white wedding dress. This is however, not the case with your bridesmaids dresses. Not all colors blend well. So, when you choose your wedding color palette, make sure that you have enough flower choices that will go well with your choice of bridesmaid dress colors. Lighter and shades from the same color family, complementary shades on the color spectrum and neutrals can be explored to find a good combination.

The size should go well with their dress design


If your bridesmaids wear elaborate gowns or dresses with intricate detailing, keep the floral accessories simple. For dresses with details at the bust or waist, choose a bouquet style that doesn’t hide it. Also consider the differences in height and build of your bridesmaids when choosing bouquets. After all, it is very unlikely that a bouquet which is perfect for a plus-size woman will have the same effect on a petite woman.

Make it interesting by varying the colors and designs

There was this rainbow wedding featured on the Rock ‘n’ Roll bride,  where the bridesmaids wore dresses in different colors and held bouquets that matched their dress color. The effect was spectacular. We can see that the most brilliant and memorable choices are when you think outside the box. Give a unique touch to each of your bridesmaids bouquets by customizing each one. Vary either the colors, or designs and you will have stunning results.

Trust your florist

You may soon feel you’ve had enough when you have to select so many flowers, bouquet designs and floral centerpieces. Trust your florist with the finer details. She is an expert who knows her job and when allowed to use her creativity, it is likely that she will give you some surprising choices that you would never have thought of yourself. Tell her what you would like and give her the freedom to design it. Not only will this reduce your stress, she may also appreciate the opportunity to show her best.

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The Best 5 Tips For Your Bouquet

Your wedding bouquet is a fundamental part to your special day. There is more than likely no other day in your lifetime which will see you holding a carefully constructed and tailor made bunch of flowers. Some weddings have even been known to have been designed entirely around a bunch of flowers.

Nevertheless and unfortunately, we are not all born with flower knowledge, so brides to be can often be confronted by countless choices, styles and colors, that really does not make the situation any easier. If you think Wang Peonies is a rude word, you have some learning to do! Oh and it is a flower, you awful minded thing.

Select your wedding dress, and then your bouquet.

There will come a point in your planning schedule that you will need to meet up with your florist for a consultation. At this point it is a great idea to bring along a picture of your wedding dress. Your florist can tailor your bouquet design to compliment your dress and to ensure that the flowers don’t ‘drown you’. A perfect bouquet should stand out without dwarfing the bride under countless amounts of plant life while allowing the silhouette of the dress to be seen easily.

It’s not only the shape and size of your dress that matters.

If your wedding dress includes fine detailing on the skirt, avoid trailing bouquets like the plague. You don’t want to be creating a lot of fuss around the bottom of your dress, but if your dress has a long train or large bustle in the back you may want to balance your look with a dramatic bouquet. Avoid hiding your beautiful waistline as this will be your narrowest part, make sure that your bouquet is far narrower than your waist to avoid looking frumpy and wider than you are.

Different flowers are available in different seasons.

You may have your mind set on the perfect flowers for your bouquet but sadly some flowers just aren’t available at certain times of the year. And if they are, they are incredibly expensive. So keep the seasons in mind when choosing your flowers.

How to hold your bouquet.

How hard can holding flowers be? Well, nervous brides can instantly find such a simple task incredibly difficult when placed under pressure. Many brides make the mistake of carrying their beautiful bouquet far too high with both hands, which results in raised or hunch shoulders. You do not need us to tell you that this is not a good look.

Have your bridesmaids on ‘bouquet-watch’, let them remind you to lower your bouquet below your hip and away from your dress if they see you rising your flowers up. Your bouquet can be a great way to hold your posture, which means you will look just amazing in photographs too.

Keep your bouquet fresh.

If you have chosen to have a hand tied bouquet, you may be able to refresh its appearance in the evening for your celebration party. Simply cut off between an inch to two inches of stem and drop them into some water for awhile. They will look like new, just in time for your evening celebrations.

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How to Make Your Own Bridal Bouquet

A bouquet is a personal touch that often incorporates the wedding colors or theme. More brides are creating handmade accents for their weddings including the wedding bouquets. Whether you want a traditional floral bouquet or something nontraditional, you can easily make your own bridal bouquet. Follow these simple steps to learn how to make your own bridal bouquet.

There are several types of bridal bouquets and flowers for the rest of the bridal party. The traditional bouquet is a hand-tied flower bouquet. A cascade bouquet has a trail of flowers and foliage that hang below the main bouquet. The Biedermeier is a striped bouquet of different types of flowers created by aligning the same type of flowers in circles. A pomander is a ball covered with flowers that is held dangling by a ribbon.

Floral Bouquet

The type of flowers used for a bouquet may be chosen based on what is available in the wedding colors. If you are using fresh flowers, prepare the flowers by removing any leaves and thorns from the stems. Select three or four of the flowers that you want as the central flowers and hold them tight in the position you want them. Add one flower at a time to the bouquet evenly around your central flowers.

After the main flowers are placed as desired, you can add filler flowers along some of the edge of the bouquet and among the main flowers. Baby’s breath is a traditional choice for filler flowers, however other flowers that feature clusters of small flowers or berries can be used as filler. Some flowers used as filler include seeded eucalyptus, aster, bouvardia, wax flowers, trachelium, and delphinium.

This classic, hand-tied clutch bouquet also could be made with silk flowers instead of fresh flowers. The cascade bouquet style can be made by adding longer flowers like orchids or using floral wire to connect flower blossoms in trails under the bouquet.

When you are happy with the overall appearance of the bouquet, you can wrap the stems tightly with floral tape. Once the flowers are secured in the arrangement with tape, trim the stems so that they are all the same length. The tape can then be covered with satin ribbon and lace to achieve the desired look. The finished floral bouquet should be wrapped in tissue paper and placed in the refrigerator.

 Craft or Theme Bouquet

Some brides are opting for a nontraditional bouquet that shows off their craft diva side. Bouquets of colorful buttons or items that reflect the theme of the wedding are popular choices. Are you having a unique wedding? Make a theme bouquet using objects related to the theme.To create these unique bouquets, the bouquet form is created with a styrofoam ball and either a bouquet holder or stick to hold the ball. For a pomander or brooch bouquet for the bride or flower girl, ribbon can be used to hold the styrofoam ball. The ball is then decorated with items that reflect the bride’s personality or wedding theme such as flowers made from colorful buttons, pearls, shells, lace, or silk flowers. If a stick is used, the stick can be transformed into a pretty holder by covering it with layers of tulle, ribbon, and lace.

For more unique wedding ideas, visit Best for Bride and browse or wedding blog. We have a lot of great tips to prepare for your special day and how to make it a memorable event for everyone.