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Contemporary Celebrations: A Guide to Crafting a Stylish and Modern Wedding!


If you are tired of the all the classic weddings that you have attended in the past and are looking for something a bit different for your own special day, you may want to consider throwing a modern wedding instead.

A modern wedding is a popular trend at the moment and it will be a great way to celebrate the time that you are currently living in. Getting rid of tradition can be something that can make the day a bit less stressful as well and you may be more comfortable throughout the wedding process. Below are some tips to get you started in the right direction.

Simplify the Wardrobe


No one said that you have to dress in a formal wedding gown with bridesmaids wearing matching dresses beside you. This is one of the easiest ways to create a modern look.

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Start with the wedding gown and choose something that defies all traditions. Choose a piece that shows off your personality and unique style instead of the tradition you want to uphold. You may even want to dare to choose a dress that is not a traditional wedding color to really stand out.

When it comes to the bridesmaids, one fun trend that is currently sweeping the wedding industry is dressing each bridesmaid in a different dress but that stick with the color scheme of the wedding. This is a great option because no two women are created the same. While one dress style may work well with one woman, it will look horrible on another. By having separate dresses, you will know that all of your girls will feel beautiful.

Throw out Traditions


If you are looking to completely go against the norm, you should get rid of some of the traditions that are usually present at weddings. For example, if you do not feel that being married in a church is important, choose a different venue instead. If the weather will be nice, you can always choose to have a wedding that is outdoors.

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Another tradition that may be a fun one to break is waiting until you walk down the aisle for the groom to see you. This makes for a fantastic photo opportunity and you can plan a ‘first look’ before the ceremony to make it even more special. Having this moment in a private setting will allow you to enjoy it even more.


You can do many things to have a modern wedding that defies tradition. These weddings are created with the bride and groom’s interests in mind and bring out a lot of the couple’s personality.

Keep in mind that you do not need to throw out all traditions in order to have a modern wedding. There are many that you can keep, but the point is to create a wedding that you love rather than one that is based upon tradition.

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3 thoughts on “Contemporary Celebrations: A Guide to Crafting a Stylish and Modern Wedding!

  1. Very helpful indeed! So definitely huge advantage over classic wedding and I am very, very lucky to have found this post. I wanted my wedding be bit different for what I always witnesses.

  2. Moving away from traditional wedding events is a good way to throw a “modern” wedding. It will seem new to those that were married traditionally and you can also “feel” like you are having your own wedding.

  3. Great tips. I want to have a modern wedding and this information is going to be very helpful for that reason!

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