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Easy ways to inform your guests about your wedding registry

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Wedding etiquette restricts couples from displaying their wedding registry information on their wedding cards. Since this direct link with your wedding guests is out of the question, you need to look at other options to inform your guests about where you are registered. Remember that this should be done tactfully, and your guests shouldn’t have the impression that you are declaring your interest in receiving gifts.


Having said that, it is a fact that most wedding guests want to get you a wedding gift that you will actually use; not return or stash in the attic. Let us look at how you can make your registry information available to your guests, so they can locate it easily without asking you directly.

1. Make sure that your parents, siblings and all those involved in the wedding party know

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It is only logical to assume that the wedding guests will turn to those closest to you, to obtain your registry information. So, make sure they know where you are registered, as well as what items are included in your registry, so they can pass it on to whoever needs it. You can also consider designating the people in your wedding party to discretely pass the information around, so it reaches everyone.

2. Have a wedding website

A wedding website is essential today, and this is not just for putting your wedding registry information. Aside from using it to update all the relevant details of your wedding, you can create a page with all your registry information on it. Then include the wedding website URL on your invitation, and your guests will easily find what they want without having to ask. A wedding website is in fact, one of the most popular choices that most couples turn to, today. Use this option the most, and your guests will appreciate the ease with which they can gather all the information regarding the wedding, including venue details, timings, type of wedding being hosted and any other information that you would like them to know.

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3. Use the bridal shower invitation to pass the information along

The bridal shower invitation is an appropriate way to provide your wedding registry information. Technically, the shower is hosted by someone other than the bride. So, you will not breach any etiquette rules, by having it printed on the invite. Inform your maid of honour, mother, sister or whoever is in charge of the bridal shower, to add this in. The word will be passed along, and all those who want to know will obtain it this way.

We talked about why a wedding website is a great idea. It is also pretty easy to do, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. There are a number of free website builders, that allow you to make a splendid website, without any help from a professional. We suggest that you take a look at eWedding for some fantastic ideas.

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2 thoughts on “Easy ways to inform your guests about your wedding registry

  1. I never thought I would do this because I always felt forced when I was looking at a registry. BUT then I realized that at least every one is looking at the things that you have decided you would WANT for a gift.

  2. These days it is all about being online with social media and whatnot. Putting up a quick website is a great idea!

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