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Plan your wedding after picking your top priorities

Your wedding plans depend on the amount of money you are ready to spend. With thousands of big and small details to look at, it is often difficult to determine what deserves more attention than the other.

If you are like most couples, your wedding may be the first occasion when you plan a party, so huge. So, it certainly isn’t easy. If you enlist the help of a wedding planner, you will receive very useful guidance on this front. This is because they are professionals, who have practice planning on a budget. Additionally, when working with a wedding planner, you don’t end up with nasty shockers like mentioned on this APW article, where something turns out to be twice the price you anticipated. One or two such instances, and all your budgeting goes for a toss. Nonetheless, wedding planners come at an added price, and not every couple can afford them.

In such a scenario, the easiest way is to prioritize what is most important to you, and plan your budget around it. Pick three priorities, allocate funds to these first, and then decide how to distribute the rest of your budget.

Take a look at this list, and choose the three most important things you want for your wedding from it. Once you do, you can divvy up your budget to accommodate the remaining details.

Dream venue and décor

Are you open to looking at various venue options, or do you have your heart set on a single location? All-inclusive wedding packages cover everything at a reasonable price, but do you want everything customized with the added price tag? Are you particular on a specific color palette, seating arrangement, or centerpiece design? If so, set aside a chunk of your budget for all


Menu and bar

Must you have a classic five-course plated meal, or will a buffet do? Do you want an open bar, or serve custom drinks only? Do you want your wedding to be remembered for the food and drinks you served, or is it just one of the other things at your wedding? Hiring local vendors and customizing your menu around seasonal dishes can reduce your food bill, if serving gourmet fare isn’t very important, to you.


Entertainment and photography

Wedding entertainment, in many cases, is what makes a reception a hit or miss. Here, you have to weigh the price of a live band against a DJ, consider the cost of games and hiring special entertainers for children. Similarly, do you want a particular professional photographer to cover your wedding, even if it means he charges twice as much as the others in the area?


Flowers, centerpieces, wedding cakes and favors

If you are prepared to try out various floral combinations, you may get a better deal. Similarly, how important is having exquisite centerpieces? As for favors, do you want to gift expensive one-of-a-kind favors, or is it enough to choose a keepsake, without a hefty price attached to it? In the cake department, how important is customizing it with very specific details? Or can you work with the best packages on offer?


bouquet-603738_1280Dresses for the couple

The wedding dress is expensive. Do you want to buy it brand new, or is it better to rent your dress, or even use mom’s dress, and save the rest of the money for something more important to you? The same goes for the groom too. If you plan on keeping the dress, figure in the cost of professionally preserving it as well.

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Why are wedding gowns expensive?

Your wedding dress is one of the most expensive dresses that you will ever shop for in your lifetime. The Wall Street Journal estimates that most brides spend at least $1500 on their wedding dress.

So, what is it that makes wedding dresses so pricey? And, what can you do to reduce the price, when you go shopping for your wedding dress? Let us find out.

Cost of material

Wedding dresses usually involve many more yards of fabric than any other gown. Also, the materials that are used in wedding dress designs belong to the higher end of the price spectrum. Silk is a common choice, with the price falling anywhere between $15 and $35. Layers of lace raise the price level significantly. Although less expensive material may be used in the interior layers of these gowns, the bulk of fabric still adds up to the cost. For dresses that come in bigger sizes, it is only logical to assume that they use up more fabric, and are priced accordingly.

Labor costs

Wedding dresses are not machine-made garments. There is a reason these dresses look spectacular. Many details on the dress are done by hand and this translates to increased labor cost. It is impossible for a machine to churn out fine details at the right places and create the same impact as it is when done by hand. The more embellishments a gown has, and finer the detailing, higher is the overall cost of the dress.

Alterations and fittings

A wedding dress that you pick off-the-rack will most likely not fit you perfectly. So, you will have to use the services of a professional seamstress to alter it. Some shops offer a bulk discount on alteration charges, while others charge you for each change. If you want to customize your wedding dress by adding sleeves, changing the actual design or adding extras, you will have to spend more. The best way to save on alteration charges is to buy a dress that is closest to your actual measurements.

Fortunately, it is possible to find the perfect wedding dress if you take care of a few factors. Here is what you should consider when choosing your wedding dress, so it doesn’t go over budget

  • Choose a dress that is relatively simple. Keep the embellishments minimum and you will not have to spend extra on it.
  • If there is a dress that you like but is very expensive, ask your bridal consultant to help you find one that looks similar, but isn’t so costly. It is possible that you will find a similar design in a different fabric that isn’t as expensive, and find it just as attractive.
  • If you start your search early, you may be able to buy your wedding dress on sale. Or you can look for a second hand dress you love, for a fraction of the original cost. You could also take a look at stores that rent wedding dresses. After all, you will be wearing this dress just once, so why not rent it?

At Best for Bride, we have wedding dresses in all price ranges and also offer dresses on rent. Call us to book your appointment today, to find the dress that will translate you into the most beautiful bride ever.