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What your wedding planner actually does and 5 things only a planner can do for you


Are you a soon-to-be bride battling with whether you should hire a wedding planner or not? While it is in no way impossible to have your wedding sans a planner, there are definite advantages to hiring a professional for the job. A good wedding planner will make your wedding planning a lot easier as she has valuable experience handling weddings, whereas you don’t. In fact, I think wedding planners deserve more credit than they usually get.

Anyone who has planned a wedding will know that it is no walk in the park. There are hundreds of details to handle, many things to arrange and several people to coordinate. Few couples have the required time, effort, patience or organizational skills to do it perfectly. Wedding planners are the right people to handle all the details of your wedding efficiently, when you can’t or don’t want to handle all these responsibilities yourself.

Although you have to pay a wedding planner for her services, it usually is money well-spent when you consider the stress that goes into wedding planning. This brings us to the question of who needs a wedding planner, and who doesn’t. To make things simple, look at the following list. You definitely need a planner if:

  • You have no clue about where to begin or how much anything costs
  • You and your partner have full-time demanding careers that leave you little to no time to plan your wedding details
  • Your wedding location is far away from where you live, and you cannot continuously monitor everything there
  • You do not have time or are unable to find inspiration through the internet, magazines or other wedding resources to plan your wedding.
  • None of your family members or friends are available to help you
  • You feel burnt out, stressed or panicky when you think of the wedding
  • You know what you want, but aren’t sure of how feasible it is or how to go about it.

If you don’t fall into any of the groups above, you may be able to handle your wedding all by yourself. Nevertheless, let us take a look at what a wedding planner does, so you can understand why we speak so highly of them.

What does a wedding planner actually do?


It is crucial that every couple work with a wedding planner who they are comfortable with. Read our article here to learn more about how you should go about choosing your wedding planner.

From the minute your wedding planner is assigned responsibility for your wedding, she starts working towards making your wedding a success. It is a service you are paying for, so she has to deliver to your satisfaction. Her duties include, but are not limited to the following

#Planning your wedding checklist and creating a schedule

A wedding planner knows the sequence in which things are to be carried out, so every task is complete and every detail in place, in time for your wedding. She will custom-create your wedding tasks checklist, and give you a specific timeline of what is to be done and when. This will allow you to mark your calendars for wedding tasks, get every job done on time and not miss out on anything that you may need for your big day.

#Vendor selection

You will need to work with wedding vendors for most, if not all your wedding needs. Just the thought of selecting the right person from all the vendors out there, working with and coordinating many people, perhaps even teams, to get everything in place on time can make a bride jittery. Fortunately, your wedding planner is equipped for the task. Once you share your vision for your wedding, and discuss your budget, your wedding planner can come up with a list of vendors who can handle each aspect. They can even carry out interviews, check rates and just leave you to make the final choice, saving you all the trouble.

#Negotiations, discussions and coordination with vendors


There are a number of factors that are to be discussed with each vendor—their availability, rates, overheads, what is included in their bills, extra services that may be needed, etc. Meetings will have to be held, phone calls made, emails shared, payment schedules fixed and contracts drawn. This will have to be done with your catering team, decorating team, florist, photographer, wedding dress vendor, baker—the list goes on. Your wedding planner will make sure all this is done on time and to your satisfaction. All you have to do is make your payments (which again your planner will remind you of, in advance) and leave the rest of the planning to her.

#Planning the finer details

Weddings today are displays of details. Every small and big detail at a wedding is important, and it is impossible to take care of everything if you choose to do it yourself. You must have a wedding design, based on your theme. This will cover everything from how the tables will be set at the reception, the centerpieces, the aisle decorations, your outfit, party favors, wedding cake and even how you photograph. Beautiful weddings are those that have plenty of fine details, but come together cohesively. Your wedding planner can help you decide on the palette, décor and every other detail for your wedding. Her experience will help her assist you with what is practical, and what may not work. The best part is that she can provide you suggestions that work within your budget, so you can plan your dream wedding without breaking the bank.

#Questions, concerns and etiquette

Wedding etiquette may be an alien subject to you. From the way your invitation is worded, to whether you should invite a new associate and whether a dress you choose is appropriate for a wedding-related event, there are so many things that you may not know or not be sure of. Your planner can guide you in the right direction. She will be well-versed in wedding etiquette and can make sure that you do everything the right way. By suggesting what is appropriate for your situation, she can make sure there is minimum chance for disappointment or embarrassment.

#Planning and preparing for the day


It will seem like there is a lot going on, on your wedding day. In fact, the days leading up to it will be filled with activity, that you can easily miss or forget a few details at least. But, this can cost you dearly. The Guardian puts it perfectly in this article, where it says, “Every minor flaw on the wedding day feels like a catastrophe to the bride and groom.” While you may not be able to foresee or plan it to the tee, your wedding planner certainly can.

She will prepare you and all those involved in your wedding, for the actual day by setting everything right during the rehearsal dinner itself. She will make sure that your bridesmaids know when to be where, the venue is decked up just like you had imagined it, everything is where it should be, the guests are comfortably seated, the music is played when it should be, all the vendors deliver on time and everything happens without a hitch. She will also be prepared to handle any last-minute mishaps. Remember how J Lo in the classic movie “The wedding planner” was equipped for every scenario you can possibly imagine; that is pretty much how wedding planners work. Need I say more?

#Take care of all the after-the-wedding details

The duties of your wedding planner aren’t over as soon as you are married. Instead, she will make sure that you have a great day without having to worry about whether the venue is vacated on time, the decorations are taken down, everything is returned to where they belong and the on-site staff are paid for their services. Additionally, she will make sure that your wedding dress is bagged and sent to your house while you set off on your honeymoon, and that your gifts are sent home with the person designated for the task.

In short she ensures that you have a fantastic day, without worrying about what has to be done next or if everything will be where it should be, all because she is in charge.

Now, we have a good idea of all that a wedding planner does, but we aren’t finished. At least a few of you would be thinking that this is all stuff that you can handle, or perhaps your mother or friend can help you to. We agree!

Nevertheless, there are a few things that only a wedding planner can do right. Let us find out what they are.

5 things only your wedding planner can do for your wedding

1.Use their contacts to get you to the right people for the job

Unless you have worked with various vendors before, it will be difficult to find the right vendor for very specific needs within your budget. Plus, you can only find out so much about how reliable they are, from the feedback you receive from your sources. Your wedding planner has worked on several weddings and knows all the right contacts in the industry. This valuable exposure will allow her to put you in touch with the ideal person who will work within your budget, to handle every task for your wedding. This will save you time, effort and stress.

2.Tells you what is possible and what isn’t

Wedding planning can get too exciting, and brides can go over-the-top with certain plans, without really thinking it over entirely. In many cases, they may not recognize the feasibility of their ideas on such a large-scale. Your mother or best friend may also have only so much know-how to tell you what won’t work or suggest what can be done instead. A wedding planner has been there before, and knows what is possible and what isn’t. They will try to make you and your partner happy, but will direct you so you can avoid disappointment later.

3.As a neutral party, can advise you on how to sort out things

Now, here is a person who you can turn to, when you want something sorted out. And trust me, when I say, there are so many occasions when tempers may flare and opinions soar, where wedding planning is concerned. Your wedding planner has only your best interests at heart, and will know how to make sure the plans are made in your best interests. As long as she is in charge, you needn’t worry about how to convince your parents about who sits where at your wedding, or convincing your aunt about why you cannot use her idea at your party.

4.Handle any emergency and come up with Plan B

There are several things that can go wrong on the wedding day, or in the days leading up to it. Your wedding planner is the right person to foresee any such mishaps. She will usually have a Plan B in place for any emergency situation that may arise. Many brides freak out over last minute changes to plan or unexpected problems such as vendors who cancel. With a wedding planner in-charge, it is likely that you will not have to stress over any such issues. She will know what to do, and in most cases may even avert the problem without you even knowing about it.

5. Does her job seriously and you don’t have to feel guilty about her not having fun

Your wedding planner is a professional who you pay to make sure the wedding progresses smoothly. So, you needn’t worry about her not being a part of the fun. If the same task were handled by your family or friends, you would at some point or the other feel guilty that they were so engrossed in handling their responsibilities instead of having fun. With a wedding planner, this thought needn’t cross your mind. This is her job, and she is being compensating for it. So, you can relax and just enjoy your wedding, as you should be doing.

Ultimately, whether you hire a wedding planner or not, the important thing is that you enjoy your wedding and get married the way you always dreamed of it. And to make sure you have everything you have for your big day, whether you plan it with your wedding planner or all by yourself, come visit us at Best for Bride. You will find everything from your wedding dress to dresses for your bridal party, accessories and everything wedding related, with us.

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Choosing Your Bridal Squad: 4 Tips to Decide Who Should Accompany You on Your Wedding Shopping Adventure!

dress shopping

dress shopping

Wedding shopping is an experience that every bride should enjoy. We, at the bridal shop, try our level best to pamper our brides like princesses, from the minute they walk in. Although we do our part to make it a positive experience that you will cherish, you should remember that your bridal entourage has an equally important role in determining how your visit goes. A supportive bridal party can make your wedding shopping exciting, while a group that disapproves or criticizes most of your choices can ruin the day.

It is always refreshing to see an excited and buoyant bride walk in our door, and equally apalling to find her disheartened and confused when her entourage criticizes her choices or tries to take over the appointment. This is why the bride should carefully choose her entourage, and make sure it has the people who will help her make the right decision. Here is how to make sure you take the right people.

Take as few people as you possibly can

When the number of people accompanying you increases, so does the number of opinions. Don’t feel obliged to call all the people you think would like to go. Only ask those who can really help you. Two or three are good enough, as long as they can do the job well.

A good shopping buddy will be encouraging

How many times have we seen people make faces at the bride or say something horrible, when she comes out in a dress that she thinks is right? This is enough to cloud her mind, and make it certain that this isn’t the right one. It is best to avoid those who are too judgemental and make you miserable with their opinions. The last thing you want is to lose your self-esteem and confidence, based on their opinions.

They should be mindful of your budget

Your wedding dress budget should be sorted out before you go shopping, and your buddies should be those who can agree with dresses that fall within it. Don’t take along people who cannot respect your financial limit and force you to try a dress that is over-budget. If you end up liking it, it will only disappoint you that you cannot afford it.

Wedding dress princess seams
Image Credit: Wonderlane (CC BY 2.0, )via Wikimedia Commons

Your shopping companions have previous wedding experience

Renee Strauss, in her article on the Huffington Post mentions that brides can benefit from choosing someone who has been to enough weddings, to help you decide how practical any dress you wear, would be for the type of ceremony you will have. Having been to many weddings, it is likely that she will have a fair idea of how a feature may be helpful, or how it may cause difficulties if you were to wear it. Also, if there are cultural constraints on your wardrobe, this friend would be indispensable in helping you rule out features that won’t work, and those that will be right.

This has hopefully cleared the air on what you should remember when choosing your entourage. For more tips and information on wedding shopping, download our free e-book on What to expect at your Bridal Appointment.  Visit us at Best for Bride for all your wedding shopping needs, and we assure you the experience of a lifetime.