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A Complete Guide On The Duties of a Maid of Honor: Everything You Should Know

A Complete Guide On The Duties of a Maid of Honor: Everything You Should Know

This guide might be your lifeline for those who have wedding jitters and are bad organizers. We’ve compiled the duties of a maid of honour to help smoothen out the plan and share the details of what needs to be done pre-wedding and during the wedding. There’s a lot to unpack, but it’s not an impossible task.

If you need extensive and transparent information on topics such as wedding duties, you don’t have to look further than this article. There are plenty of experts who can help shed light on almost any topic. 

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The Duties of the Maid of Honor


If you have been chosen for the maid of honor, you are probably wondering exactly what your duties are and what is expected of you. There is a lot of work that goes into planning a wedding and the other components that go along with it and the bride has chosen you for a  reason. She expects you to be there for her when she needs advice or needs something taken care of.

There are also several traditional things that a maid of honor is usually responsible for. Below, you will learn more about some of those different responsibilities.

Bridal Shower


Most often, it is the maid of honor who hosts, plans and throws the bridal shower. Of course, you should talk to the bride first before planning this huge event because she may have some specific instructions in mind for you.

Assisting the Bride

Basically, the maid of honor is the person that the bride shares the most experiences with when she is planning her wedding. It is likely that she will be invited along for choosing decorations, the cake, the dress and even the venue. Be prepared to offer your honest opinion, but keep the interests and personality of the bride in mind as well. Remember that it is her wedding and that her desires should be met rather than yours.

There are also many other areas that the bride may require assistance. For example, the maid of honor is usually the main person to help the bride dress for her wedding day. She will probably be responsible for making sure that everything is taken care of on the big day and may even be asked to make some emergency repairs and/or decisions on the day of the wedding as well.

The Bachelorette Party

This is probably one of the most fun responsibilities that is left upon the maid of honor. It is usually her role to set up a fun night to celebrate before the wedding with the other bridesmaids and the bride. Be sure to consult with the bride on this one so that you select an event that will make her feel comfortable and relaxed. Some couples have even begun joining the bachelorette and bachelor parties into one huge event, so this is something that you may want to consider as well.



In the end, the maid of honor has been chosen by the bride because she is the one that the bride trusts the most. She is probably the bride’s best and closest friend and should be available to help the bride in any way that is needed.

Being the maid of honor is a huge honor at any wedding, but it does hold  great deal of responsibility as well. You should make sure that you are willing to provide the support that she needs before you accept the role that is being placed upon you.

Best for Bride

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