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5 alternative bouquet options for the non-traditional bride

We’ve seen brides defying wedding traditions in a number of different ways; colorful wedding dresses, destination weddings, short hemlines, wedding brunches and many more. Despite all these factors, one factor that remained consistent across the ages was the wedding bouquet. Not many brides considered the necessity to step away from convention when choosing their bridal bouquets, and always floated down the aisle with a bunch of fresh floral blooms in hand.

Now, this tradition is also seeing a modern update. If real flowers are not your thing, or you want to create your own unique style statement with your choice for the wedding bouquet, here are some alternative options to look at. Check it out and find one which appeals to your taste.

1.Fabric flowers


If anything can look as stunning and original as a real bouquet, it has to be a fabric bouquet. Fabric offers you plenty of variety where colors and prints are concerned, you can experiment with checks, chevron, polka dots or prints for a unique twist. Or, how about a burlap rose bouquet for your rustic wedding? If you would prefer to keep it classic, consider silk flowers with pearl or silver accents. The main benefit of creating a fabric bouquet for your big day is that it can be tossed around without a worry, and will hold without any scope for damage. Talk about a no-stress solution, you couldn’t find one that is better than this.

2.Paper flowers


This is the best option if you are working on a strict budget. Paper flowers cost pennies, and you can go for any look you want with them. For originality, you can choose colored paper flowers made from crepe paper or tissue. Or if you want an entirely different effect, go with newspaper or printed paper flowers, and add accents like lace to create your signature design. Don’t you think this bouquet spotted on Real Simple is a work of art?

3.Dried flowers

dry flowers

Are you the girl who loves the smell of pot pourri? If you are, maybe a wedding bouquet made from dried flowers would just be right. With dried flowers, you can craft your own bouquet in any shade you want. What is more, they will live on and you can add them to your stash of sweet smelling dried flowers at home, after your wedding. Let the scent linger and remind you of the biggest day in your life.

The options do not end here. You can have brooch bouquets, beaded bouquets and I even found bouquets made from wheat sheaves on Wedding Ideas Mag.  So, get creative and find your own style.

There is more to using these unique choices at your wedding, than just creating a statement. Unlike real flower bouquets, none of these bouquets wilt, and so can be treasured forever. Isn’t that a great wedding memento to remind you of your big day in the years to come? So, what do you say? Is this choice for you?

Whether you would like any of these unconventional wedding bouquet choices, or would prefer to go with the traditional floral bouquet style, visit us at Best for Bride and make your floral visions come true.

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Dress up your wedding bouquet with Gorgeous accessories

Floral bouquets have a refreshing beauty.  You can never go wrong with adding more excitement to your wedding bouquet with a few well-chosen accessories. These accessories can easily tie your bouquet to the theme of your wedding. While we have seen bouquets that are entirely made from non-floral elements in another post, we will now look at some accessories that can be used with your floral bouquet in this article. This will not only allow you to have a unique design, but also give you the option to save something special from the bouquet as a keepsake to remember your great day by.

This video on the Martha Stewart website demonstrates some excellent techniques to dress up your bridal bouquet. Let us look at the various elements that were used to complete these looks.

Silk ribbon tie

silk bouquet

A bunch of flowers with long stems look naturally charming, but may seem a little incomplete. To add more finesse to the arrangement, all you have to do is trim off the excess length of the stems, and secure it with the most luxurious silk ribbon that matches your color palette. This is a very basic floral bouquet design, but one that is just right if your bouquet contains vibrant and lovely, large flowers which are attractive on their own, and do not require too many additional details. While securing the ends of the ribbon, it would be a good idea to use decorative pins in a row, to give it an attractive finishing.

Satin ribbon bow

For a compact round bouquet of flowers like roses, consider wrapping the stems with a double sided satin ribbon bow with a luxurious silky finish. You can tie the two ends into an elaborate bow, and add small details like button roses or little crystal brooches on the streamer.

Wedding brooch bouquets


Brooches are very dainty, feminine accessories, that add an instant charm wherever they are used. Dress up your wedding bouquet with these fantastic accessories, and it will be a wonderful addition to your overall look. You can choose brooches that match your wedding jewelry, or colorful brooches that match the wedding palette, and they won’t go unnoticed.

Lace trims

My bouquet  #jacksonlauren #wedding #flowers #goodtimes

Image Credit: Aenon Nimus

Flowers and lace are always a perfect match. A floral bouquet with a small lace trim in the perfect bridal accessory for a vintage style wedding. You can choose the trim to match your wedding dress, if it is in lace. It can also be your something old, where you can pick your lace from your mother’s or even grandmother’s wedding dress. Not only will this have sentimental value, it will also be a choice that renders a unique touch to your bouquet.

Patterned cloth trim

If your wedding theme incorporates patterns like chevron, geometrical prints, polka dots or stripes, add the same details as the trim for your wedding bouquet. It will be a perfect addition to the décor, and the brighter the color, the more attractive it will be against your white wedding dress.

Which of these ideas do you like? Come visit us at Best for Bride, and we can help you realize your ideas for the best wedding bouquet you can possibly think of