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Finding Unique Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids complement the bride. Similarly, the bridesmaid dresses complement the wedding dress. You have already figured out every detail of your unique wedding — down to your unique wedding dress to your unique wedding invitations. However, you still haven’t figured out what to do with your bridesmaid dresses.


The initial step is actually so obvious. Take down your gorgeous wedding dress, analyze it’s style, it’s cut and it’s theme, then go from there. If you have a luxurious Grecian wedding dress, then start from there. Search for Greek-inspired bridesmaid dresses online. There are actually a few extremely reliable web sites who can offer you a wide variety of designs to choose from. These Web Sites also feature wedding invitations and wedding favors, among others. If your wedding dress is Hawaiian-inspired, then what logical reason is there other than to have Hawaiian themed bridesmaid dresses? If you are wearing a princess cut wedding gown, you may also opt to have princess-cut bridesmaid dresses.


Consult your bridesmaids on the designs which they like. Most women know what cut and style suit them most, so a consultation would be a safer route. For those with more than one bridesmaid, let them debate on a style and cut which would work well for all of them. Or, you may let these bridesmaids wear separate styles so as to enhance their assets and to make them feel comfortable wearing the clothes of their choice on your wedding day. You could also give your bridesmaids a few magazines to leaf through. These wedding catalogues and magazines could be a huge factor in helping the bridesmaids come to an agreement on their bridesmaid dresses.

It would also be advisable to seek the help of a professional designer. These designers know women’s body types and they could design clothes to perfectly suit each body type. Remember, there are some things that clothes designers can see that the mere mortal’s naked eyes don’t.


Remind your bridesmaids that there are no slinky numbers allowed in weddings. That rule should be strictly enforces. So, if they want to change the style and cut of their bridesmaid dresses, the better make sure to stay away from embarrassingly suggestive clothing. Otherwise, threaten them that you are going to personally drag them through the threshold.

When it comes to the color, the bridesmaids actually have very little say about this. You should follow the wedding motif. Green bridesmaid dresses would look awful if your theme is lavender. Similarly, fuchsia pink bridesmaid dresses would totally seem out of place if your wedding color theme is yellow. You can choose bridesmaid dresses that may be just a shade or two darker or lighter than your wedding motif. However, you should never a totally different shade.

All in all, the important elements in choosing your bridesmaid dresses can basically be summed up as these: Your wedding dress style, your wedding color motif, your theme and venue, your bridesmaids personalities and preferences, and of course, your bridesmaids’ comfort.

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Don’t Forget Your Bridal Jewelry

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The process of getting married can be stressful.  From the cake to the flowers, everything must be chosen correctly to make the day of you wedding a very special day.  It is also very important that both the bride and groom be involved in the decision making process.  There are many things that crop up that may not have been accounted for financially, so it is important that there is open communication and that any problems that arise are addressed.

Budgeting for such an extravagant event can be daunting.  But before any of that can be discussed, the bridal jewelry must be purchased.  Buying an engagement ring can be a very elaborate process for the both of you, but it is important that the future bride know what the budget is in order to buy the most appropriate ring.  There are many ways in which to buy an engagement ring and they can vary in price for various reasons, so a budget can be a great first step.  There are traditional guidelines on how much should be spent, but depending on the needs, there are rings to fit any budget.

Once the engagement ring is purchased and received by the bride-to-be, it is time to sit down and plan the wedding.  One crucial ingredient that is sometimes forgotten is the wedding bands.  In most cases, an appropriate wedding band can be bought that matches the engagement ring.  This makes the purchase that much easier overall.  For the men, there are many styles and designs available.  From titanium to yellow gold, you have a huge selection available online as well in traditional stores that sell bridal jewelry.

Once everything is place for that glorious day, you can rest assured that you have chosen the appropriate bridal jewelry.  You can then enjoy your precious day, hassle free with the knowledge that you will spend the rest of your life together.

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Bridal Boutique – The First Important Stop For Your Wedding Shopping

When to Shop for a Wedding Dress After your man pops the question, the first lap for your wedding preparation begins – budgeting. Everybody contributing to the wedding kitty should sit down work on the budget to prevent nasty surprises later on. At this point choosing a bridal boutique is not yet a priority; first, agree on the budget, and wedding date. The rest can be sorted out later, following a system to keep sane all throughout the wedding preparations.When the budget is all laid out, start looking for a bridal dress. This is the second lap of your preparations and the first item to look for because a wedding dress has to be ordered six months before the wedding. Most brides choose a small bridal boutique because of the personalized service. This is understandable because during the preparations, brides are highly strung what with the whirl of activities and things to do to stage a perfect wedding.

A bridal boutique should have everything you might need – wedding invitations, crinolines, tiaras, jewelry, shoes, and the shop should offer alterations and gown cleaning if you have decided to rent a gown for yourself and your bridesmaids. The shop attendant in a small boutique also understands you don’t want to be a cookie cutter bride, so you should be in good hands.

Where to Shop

There are a number of shops catering to wedding gowns. They offer hundreds of designs from traditional to the unusual and top designer labels. There are big shops, small shops, online shops, and basement shops. You can even find some thrift shops that have wedding dresses in mint condition, which you can alter to make it truly yours.

If you have a bridal boutique in mind, check out if it has an online shop so you can leisurely view what they have for sale. Perhaps you can also catch discount offers and extra service without exorbitant fees. Check out other online bridal shops so you can compare products and rates for custom-made or rental gowns.

Whether you are shopping in a big store or a small bridal boutique, you have to make an appointment. This prepares the sales staff for your request to look at dresses within a price range; this also eliminates wasted hours in showing you dresses you are not going to get anyway.

Make Your Shopping Fast and Fun

If there are something nice you like in an online bridal boutique, visit the shop to see more of their wedding dresses. Bring a bridal magazine and the shoes with the heel height you are going to wear with the bridal dress.

Don’t be surprised that if you are a size 10 the clerk will give you a size 12 gown. This is the usual route because the wedding is 6 months away. There will be numerous fittings and alterations during the period until you get the exact fit before your wedding day.

Now you know why a bridal boutique should be your first stop for your wedding shopping.

A bridal boutique should be your one-stop shop for your wedding gown, wedding favours, wedding invitations and other essentials for you wedding. At, you’ll find everything you need, including wedding cakes.


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The Bridal Boutique of Horrors – How to Avoid It

You’ve heard of predator lenders, how about a little shop of horrors of a bridal boutique? Not that it has vampires for sales clerks and black capes and sinister gowns, but it has caused unfortunate brides headaches and regrets, not to mention the money they plunked on lousy bridal gowns. Here’s how to avoid this shop of horrors.Don’t Rush When You ShopExcited brides fall into the trap of going to a bridal boutique because they have not done their homework. They also fail to scour the area for more choices or compare prices and bam! They get the dirty end of the stick. Once stuck, there is no way out because they fear the terrible repercussions this may have on the wedding schedule.

The common cause for the error is their blind focus on the budget, not knowing that there are choices out there and they forget that not all bridal shops are equal. So they are stuck with a bridal boutique peopled with snooty or clueless sales clerks.

The ideal bridal boutique would be one that cares about how you want to look on your wedding day and gives personalized and friendly service all the time and a wedding dress specialist will guide you through the process to help you avoid costly mistakes.

How to Choose Your Bridal Shop

A wedding dress has to be bought six months before the wedding. This is to give time for time for fittings and alterations. Six months before your wedding, you never know how much weight you can gain or lose. During this time, you have to keep in touch with the bridal boutique so go for one that gives personalized service and one that is within the locality.

What to watch out for:

* Salesclerks who hurry you to make a choice
* Limited samples
* No discounts for a number of purchases
* Outdated styles

If you are shopping online, do not trust what you see on the website. Visit the store. Some bridal shops are not so honest about their merchandise so you have to see the dress to believe it is for real and available or you’re prime target for rip-off.

Hey, it’s your money so you have all the right to go to another shop. You have to deposit 50% of the total cost of the bridal dress before you can get a hold of the real thing. So do your bridal boutique hunting on weekends to avoid crowds and to have more time to do the rounds.

Shop Smart

Brides have choices of shops where to get their wedding gowns. If they have the money for a high-end designer wedding dress or one within a budget, there are appropriate shops uptown in malls, bridal boutiques, department stores, and charity shops.

It is recommended to visit the familiar or big shops as these have been in the business for years; narrow down the field until you find one that carries all brands of designer dresses and accessories and other wedding needs for convenient wedding shopping.

A one-stop shop bridal boutique saves you the trouble of dealing with numerous merchants for your bridesmaid dresses, wedding cake and invitations, and honeymoon arrangements. When everything goes smoothly, you won’t have a bag of horror stories to tell about your wedding dress to your family and friends.

A bridal boutique should also have wedding invitations and wedding favours to make your wedding shopping convenient. At you can have wonderful choices anytime.


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Fine Jewellery for a Truly Special Occasion

Traditionally, an engagement ring, like a wedding ring is an item of fine jewellery that is going to be worn on a daily basis by the majority of their owners. For this reason it is vital that the ring is liked by the wearer, it is not an occasional piece of jewellery that can be hidden away when not in use, it is something she will have to look at everyday so needs to be the perfect choice.

Selecting the perfect engagement ring is not an easy task, there are so many different styles and settings available, and also you have to take personal taste into consideration, it needs to be something the woman will enjoy looking at forever, I think for a man this is extremely difficult, while they may share their lives together, they may not share the same taste. For a woman an engagement ring is something she wants to show off to everyone, it is a symbol of their love and ongoing commitment to each other, and no woman wants to show off something she absolutely hates the sight of!

For me the actual “event” of ring shopping together, was a very special and romantic experience and I think many women feel the same way, you have your partners undivided attention, and you can try on as many rings as you like in various shops until you find “THE” one, the one you will be happy to look at on your hand every day. I feel if I had been told to go and choose it myself, then it would not have had the same impact, I would have felt he was disinterested and couldn’t be bothered, it would have lost all the romance of the occasion. On the other hand if he had chosen it as a surprise, for a romantic proposal, I can almost guarantee it would not have been something I liked, and I would have again felt a little deflated as I would have been expected to wear it regardless, in order to not hurt his feelings at his heartfelt gesture.

One way round a surprise proposal, may be for the man to select an inexpensive ring for the event, but to tell his then fiancée that they can go ring shopping together for the real one. That way they both get what they want, he the magic of the surprise proposal and she get the ring of her choice. Or maybe to ask the advice of his girlfriend’s best friend or mother, somebody who knows her true likes and dislikes, so he does not show up with a white elephant. If the proposal is something that has already been discussed together, but not actually happened, then perhaps they could go window shopping together, the woman could point out a variety of styles and price ranges and the gentleman could return at a later date to make the actual selection, safe in the knowledge that it is an engagement ring she truly likes and that is is a fabulous prelude to the wedding day.

Ultimately, I do not feel either party should select an engagement ring without consulting their partner, it is definitely too risky for a man to choose a ring alone for the woman in his life. While he may be a romantic at heart, he does not want to saddle his bride to be, with a piece of fine jewellery that she dislikes but has to wear every day for the rest of her life. If on the other hand the woman is sent to select a ring alone, while it will be a ring she loves, there is no special occasion, and he is sending a message that she is not worth the effort of a romantic gesture.

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Put That Special Touch on Your Clothing with Stylish Jewellery

Jewellery is one of those things that we barely think about; we plan our clothes for a day at the office, at home or for special occasions, but jewellery is the very last thing we think of.

There is so much available these days, from the very expensive gem-studded gold and silver items for sale in the jeweller’s shop, to the cheapest pair of earrings from the local supermarket, and there is something to suit every occasion and, more importantly, every purse.

The little black dress can be worn with simple diamond studded earrings and a matching necklace, but will look equally stunning worn with something very elaborate in gold and precious stones, or something a little more understated in silver.

For more casual outfits and office wear, those same simple diamond studs can add an air of sophistication without being too flashy, but there is a huge range of really colourful eye-catching jewellery available which can be worn with most outfits. Everywhere you see jewellery on sale you will find very different styles, from heavy ethnic items which look great with bohemian clothes but can also be worn with a simple white t-shirt and jeans, to delicate necklaces and bracelets with coloured stones, which look every bit as good as their precious counterparts. I think jewellery should always be worn, even if you are planning a lazy day at home – it always adds that little extra fizz to an outfit and shows that you take care of the smallest detail.

Jewellery can transform almost any outfit and these days there is a huge variety to choose from. One of the best things about the jewellery available in the shops today is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to purchase something that will not only enhance an outfit, but will also make you feel good wearing it.

For special occasions such as weddings, dinner parties or evenings at the theatre, you can choose to wear expensive items if you can afford them, but you can also buy cheaper pieces which look just as good.  Many people own expensive or antique jewellery but are afraid to wear it in case they lose it, and it is possible to have copies made which look as good as the real thing. The materials used for cheaper jewellery nowadays are of excellent quality.

A lot of women own some jewellery of high value and love an occasion to show it off. It’s sad when something precious spends most of its time hidden away in a jewellery box or a safety deposit box. I think it should be worn whenever the opportunity presents itself and not just for that very special occasion.

These days jewellery is sold in a lot of different retail stores. I have seen earrings retailing in a supermarket at £1.50 for five pairs of differently-coloured mock diamond studs and I would challenge anyone to be absolutely sure they could tell the difference between them or those available from a bespoke jeweller. Of course, for something special, or as a gift to a loved one, there’s no better place to buy than a jeweller’s shop, but, when funds are limited, try your local boutique or even the supermarket. You are sure to find something within your price range.  The good thing about buying cheaper low-value jewellery is that, even if you are on a very limited income, you can still own some pieces which will make even your simplest outfit look great. The real bonus is that you won’t have to insure them or panic when you lose any of them

Jewellery is an essential part of a women’s wardrobe; a favourite piece it can become her ‘signature’ in the same way that perfume can and there is nothing more rewarding, when getting dressed up in your best outfit, than adding that final touch knowing that you have done justice to the clothes and to yourself.  Jewellery, however much or little it costs, really does add sparkle to an outfit.

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Expensive Jewellery Is Not For Me!

Ah, the joys of planning a wedding! So many things to think about: the venue, the guests, the date, the cake and, of course, the bride. In fact, she gets a whole list of worries all to herself. Who is going to be her bridesmaid? What dress will she wear? How will she style her hair? But, I’ll be honest; I’ve never considered the choice of jewellery as another bridal worry.

I’ll admit I’m not the most traditional person out there. In fact, the idea of a white wedding makes me come over all sweaty and a little bit nauseous. So the question of how much I would spend on bridal jewellery is a simple one – not a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I love jewellery but I would much prefer to wear something that perhaps belongs to my mother or grandmother than go out and spend an extortionate amount on a new piece for the day. Sentimental value far outweighs actual value, as far as I’m concerned.

It just seems like yet another excuse to spend money and, bearing in mind today’s climate of easy debt and high interest payments, spending a lot of money on something that is not entirely necessary just seems a bit stupid. I would rather spend a little on the dress, shoes, hair etc for the big day and have a lot more to put towards a wonderful honeymoon. For me, it’s all about priorities and, unfortunately, bridal jewellery is not one of them!

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Bridal Jewellery and How Much You Should Spend

Buying jewellery for what might be the most important day of your life won’t always be easy, especially when trying to decide how much to spend, but there are a few points you should always consider.

Never spend what you know you cannot afford. While wedding is your big day, you don’t want to be worrying about how you’re going to pay off debts while you’re on your honeymoon!

Shop around. You might find a piece you like and have your heart set on it, but often the same piece or one very similar can be found for much cheaper. Leave plenty of time to shop so you have time to compare prices. The internet can be really helpful in searching for great deals.

Try to find jewellery you would love to wear again, especially if you’re stretching your budget when buying certain pieces. It’s not worth spending a large portion of your budget on a piece that you will likely only wear for a few hours. Think about the future and shop for jewellery you can wear again and again!