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Are You Ready to Trash Your Bridal Dress?

The Daring Darling BrideYes. More brides are thrashing their wedding dresses for non-traditional and action packed wedding photography. Imagine being underwater in a forest stream with your groom. The photographer, also underwater, catches the moment – billowing white silky sheath of your bridal dress silhouettes your body in the mysterious depths, highlighted by a beam of sunlight above. Mind blowing, isn’t it?

The photograph is taken from below the couple to show the upward movement towards the sunlight; the underwater scene gives a very other-worldly and artistic effect perfect for wedding photo album your children will enjoy in the future. But are you ready for the adventure that might ruin, stain, and tear your bridal dress?

If the idea is appealing than the usual ritual of group pictures, then go for it. By agreeing to your groom’s proposal for exotic photography, you are ready for anything that might happen to your wedding dress because there is no guarantee that your bridal dress will remain in pristine condition after a romp on the sand or running in the railway station. Anyway, the photographs will more than justify the trashing of the wedding gown.

The Best Trash the Bridal Dress Sites

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These tips can provide more ideas an exciting and fun photography session:

* Select from the rural, urban, or water themes for your trash the dress sessions.
* Look around the neighborhood; the park or an old junkyard can provide the stage without having to get out of town for a special shot after the wedding.
* If you want a sentimental touch, and if it is the right time, you can have your shoots in apple orchards or in a cornfield.
* A haunting photo session in an abandoned house may not appeal to others but it jacks up the photojournalistic appeal of the pictures.
* The wharf is another spot for a perfect sunset photo op.
* An empty university grounds where the couple have studied can also be a meaningful backdrop. If it won’t be against school policy, get permission to have your pictures along the hallway, where there is a heavy traffic of students.
* A night shoot at the beach under a canopy of stars adds romance to the pictures.

Here are tips to help you along while trashing your bridal gown:

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* Before the shoot, check your make-up.
* Don’t worry about your hair.
* Don’t be conscious of the photographer.
* Just do what you are supposed do and love every minute of it.

Trash the bridal dress photo sessions are not about literally trashing the wedding gown but a new way of photographing the bride and groom wearing their wedding finery in non-traditional and unusual settings -but the pictures always capture the radiance of love surrounding them, which makes the pictures truly appealing.

This is what counts in the new wedding photos. As for your bridal dress, you can donate it to charity or send it to the cleaners. You will not need it anymore once you have the dress forever preserved in amazing wedding pictures.

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  1. I would love to do something like this because it is so different. I am just not sure if I could get passed the guilt 🙂

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