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A few things to remember before you hire family or friends as wedding vendors

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Is your close friend a fantastic photographer? Or maybe you have a cousin who is a florist. Are you considering hiring them for your wedding. It could be because they offered to do the job or you think you can get it done for for less this way, than when you hire a professional. While this may seem the easiest way to go about it, it needn’t work out well in all cases. Sometimes, it is better you pay extra and hire a professional for the job instead.


Let us look at why you should think well before you hire friends or family for your wedding.

Your friend may not be as good as you expect

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You may want to give your friend some business by hiring him/her for your wedding. But do so only if you know how good they are at it. If they haven’t worked at a wedding before or aren’t as good as they say they are, you will be making a big mistake. Your friend or relative may be super nice, and may have convinced you that they are capable of the job. However, you wouldn’t know unless you saw their wedding portfolio, or have actually seen how well they do their business.

They may not execute your ideas perfectly as a professional would

When you hire a friend for your wedding, it is difficult to be assertive with what you want. Your friend may stick to what they think is best and not go with your original ideas. When it is someone you do not know personally you can usually switch to a different vendor if your ideas clash. But when it is a friend, this will strain your relationship and simply create an unnecessary rift.

With no contract, you are taking a huge risk

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One thing that confirms you will have the required service from a vendor, is the service contract you sign. When you entrust the job to a relative or friend, it is unlikely that there will be any contract involved. Imagine what you will do if your friend decides to cancel at the last minute! You will be left without any back-up plan, and there couldn’t be a bigger disaster. On the other hand, most professionals will be prepared for unforeseen circumstances, and will arrange an alternative if they are forced to cancel for any reason.

Your friend will be occupied with their job instead of enjoying your wedding

Wouldn’t you prefer that your friend enjoys your wedding instead of worrying about the service they have to provide? If you do, you won’t have to think twice about hiring a professional for the job.

You now know what to expect and what could go wrong unless you make an informed decision. Nevertheless, remember that each situation is difficult and sometimes you may get a better when you hire a friend. Just think your decision through and go with it only if you are certain that your friend is reliable, capable and will give you what you want.

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5 thoughts on “A few things to remember before you hire family or friends as wedding vendors

  1. I can see how this might cause a problem. A friend of mine had her nephew do the wedding photos and i am not sure he did things the right way, but what are you going to do now?

    1. Yeah, you just have to talk with them and make them understand that they are going to be a part of a huge moment in your life.

  2. It can be a slippery slope to walk down. I would keep my family members on the list, but towards the bottom.

  3. I feel like if I used one of my friends, they might try to plan what THEY think is OK, rather than just going with what we decide as a couple.

  4. Regardless if the vendor is a friend or family member a contract is needed, without any doubt.

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