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A few things to remember before you hire family or friends as wedding vendors


Is your close friend a fantastic photographer? Or maybe you have a cousin who is a florist. Are you considering hiring them for your wedding. It could be because they offered to do the job or you think you can get it done for for less this way, than when you hire a professional. While this may seem the easiest way to go about it, it needn’t work out well in all cases. Sometimes, it is better you pay extra and hire a professional for the job instead.


Let us look at why you should think well before you hire friends or family for your wedding.

Your friend may not be as good as you expect

You may want to give your friend some business by hiring him/her for your wedding. But do so only if you know how good they are at it. If they haven’t worked at a wedding before or aren’t as good as they say they are, you will be making a big mistake. Your friend or relative may be super nice, and may have convinced you that they are capable of the job. However, you wouldn’t know unless you saw their wedding portfolio, or have actually seen how well they do their business.

They may not execute your ideas perfectly as a professional would

When you hire a friend for your wedding, it is difficult to be assertive with what you want. Your friend may stick to what they think is best and not go with your original ideas. When it is someone you do not know personally you can usually switch to a different vendor if your ideas clash. But when it is a friend, this will strain your relationship and simply create an unnecessary rift.

With no contract, you are taking a huge risk

One thing that confirms you will have the required service from a vendor, is the service contract you sign. When you entrust the job to a relative or friend, it is unlikely that there will be any contract involved. Imagine what you will do if your friend decides to cancel at the last minute! You will be left without any back-up plan, and there couldn’t be a bigger disaster. On the other hand, most professionals will be prepared for unforeseen circumstances, and will arrange an alternative if they are forced to cancel for any reason.

Your friend will be occupied with their job instead of enjoying your wedding

Wouldn’t you prefer that your friend enjoys your wedding instead of worrying about the service they have to provide? If you do, you won’t have to think twice about hiring a professional for the job.

You now know what to expect and what could go wrong unless you make an informed decision. Nevertheless, remember that each situation is difficult and sometimes you may get a better when you hire a friend. Just think your decision through and go with it only if you are certain that your friend is reliable, capable and will give you what you want.

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Tips to help you choose your Maid of Honor

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Some brides do not have to think twice about who is to be their Maid of Honor. For others, it is a difficult task, choosing between their favorite girls.

The Maid of Honor is not just a position of pride, it is also one of responsibility. The success of your wedding depends to a great extent on who you choose for the task. If there is more than one contender for the role, make sure you think it over and assign the position to the person who is best fit to handle the responsibilities that come with it.

What are her responsibilities?

Your Maid of Honor is the captain of your bridesmaids group. She will be hosting your bachelorette party as well as your bridal shower, and helping you with all your wedding day decisions. She should be with you throughout the wedding ceremony, be capable of handling wedding emergencies and take charge of your wedding dress soon after you change out of it.

This requires her to be efficient, organized and available. One important factor is that you should feel close to her, be free to discuss your decisions or concerns and share similar taste. So, the right choice would be someone who is neither overbearing, nor too shy. Your best friend or perhaps favorite cousin or sister would be the best candidate for the role, if they fit these requirements.

Choose supportive and practical over stubborn and dramatic

Wedding planning is stress-laden as it is, and you need all the support you can get. Your Maid of Honor should be able to handle her responsibilities without making a big deal of it, or worrying you over every detail. She should be capable of working with minimum supervision, co-ordinate the bridesmaids without difficulty and not add to your stress levels by worrying you with unnecessary details.

Someone who understands your likes and dislikes, and knows your taste would be a better choice than an irresponsible and dramatic friend who seems incapable of handling the job without your help at every step.

Pay attention to personal situations when choosing the person

Being sensitive to your dear friend’s situation will help you make a decision that is both sensible and well-intended. If the person you’ve always considered for your maid of honor has just had a baby, or is going through a financial crisis, don’t burden her further by thrusting this role on her. Or if you feel that she still ought to fill the position, make sure you check with her first and confirm she is interested in being your maid of honor, rather than assuming it on her behalf.

What if you can’t make up your mind between two women?

For those ladies who are unable to decide between two best friends who are equally close to you and capable too, you have two options. Either ask them how they feel about being co-maids of honor, or leave the decision to them. This way, you can take the pressure off yourself, while also feeling good about your choice.

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