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Unique Accessories for Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress will be the center of attention during the wedding ceremonies, and you want to make it as special as you possibly can. There are many ways that this dress can be made, but sometimes the lynchpin is in the accessories to give that wedding dress that more special appeal. You know what they say: the littlest things may actually be the biggest.

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Little Things that Mean a Lot

The accessories that you will use on your wedding dress do not have to be big and garish to be noticed. Sometimes subtlety is the name of the game. It really is a good thing to be spectacular on your wedding day, but there is a thin line between being spectacular and ending up as a spectacle.

Glitters and Garlands

There are quite a few ways that you can add to the beauty of your wedding dress, and some of these ways made as part of the dress itself, while others are applied on to the dress. Obviously since the dress is your foundation, choose one that fits you well, not just in terms of physical comfort but one that fits your personality as well. Here are a few ways that you can give your wedding dress a few extra touches:

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1. Crystals and seed pearls- these are the most common embellishments that are put on the wedding dress. Good quality crystals and seed pearls will add just the right amount of shimmer and sparkly when the light hits them.

2. Intricate embroidery- gives the gown a “heavier” feel.

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3. Different colored cloth- it can be something as big as a waist sash or just piping around the dress. The color is usually the motif of the wedding reception and you can choose to make the colors bold or in pastel.

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4. Butterflies- live butterflies can be made to land on the veil or the dress by putting on little dabs of honey. There is no guarantee that they will stay there but the more often than not make it through the walk down the aisle.

5. Fresh flowers- choose flowers that are not too delicate and will last a couple or so hours without water. Orchids and roses are very resilient and ideal for this purpose. Mums and daisies will also give your dress a certain cheerfulness.

You can even place accessory not on the dress but on yourself, like body shimmer or decals. If you want to consider a bit of body paint, just make sure that the kind you put on will not end up on your dress as well.

Add to It, Not Take Away From It

In accessorizing your wedding dress remember that the centerpiece is still you and your dress. Do not put on something that is so distracting that it will be the only thing that people will notice. In the best case scenario, people will love what you put on. In the worst case? People might ask “what on earth was she thinking?”

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