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Wedding Woes and Bridesmaid Dresses

It’s every woman’s dream to have the perfect wedding, but the idea of being a bridesmaid and wearing one of those hideous bridesmaid dresses is another thing altogether. Ask yourself this simple question, who do you know has actually successfully reused a bridesmaid dress after a wedding?

The Bridesmaid’s Costume

In truth, most bridesmaid dresses look a lot like costumes, sometimes they remind one of dresses that a fairytale princess would wear to a ball, and could end up as a passable prom dress for a younger sister. Needless to say, these bridesmaids are the lucky ones. The unlucky ones are those that look like they are at the receiving end of the bride’s bad joke or at the very least her bad taste.

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The Bride: the Dictator or the Benevolent Leader?

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Of course, once your bridesmaids have said yes to be your bridesmaid, they are at your mercy. The common mistake that you can make is to make them wear what you think looks good on them, or what you think will fit better into your picture of your ideal wedding entourage. The end result will be that they will wear the bridesmaids dresses but you will not have happy bridesmaids.

You can take the higher path and ask for their input on which type of bridesmaids gowns they think will look good on them. If you are lucky, some of them will have good taste and come up with a reasonable compromise. In the worst case scenario, you will have bridesmaids dresses accessorized by grateful smiles from your bridesmaids. They will also feel a lot more comfortable in them and that is something that no designer dresses can guarantee you.

In choosing a style for your bridesmaids dresses it would be practical to have one that is simple and can easily be altered into something that is wearable on some other occasion. Leave the extra touches to the accessories that they can add to make the dress look better. These embellishments are also less expensive, and if the bridesmaids are given their freedom to choose which accessory to use, it could be something that would make them really “own” the dress.

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Why Worry?

Aside from the fact that it would be better to have your bridesmaids on your side on your wedding, bridesmaids dresses do not come cheap. Even if they are not as expensive as your wedding dress, it will still be a waste to have a dress made to be worn only once, when you can just as easily have one made that can be altered to be useful again.

Where Bridesmaid Dresses Go

The dresses that cannot be used after the wedding only have two ways to go, one would be at a discount store rack and the other would be to be hidden in a closet to never be seen again. You can give the poor dress another option by having one made that has a chance of being of use to someone else.

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