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Wedding Cakes: Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Choosing a wedding cake to suit your wedding theme can be a chore if you haven’t a clue where to start. There are tons of wedding cakes ideas and you are presented with dozens of choices but the tricky part is choosing the best baker, one who understands your wishes and can show an amazing portfolio.

Budget and Cake Size

Before embarking on the wedding shopping, brides must have a definite wedding theme in mind. This guides them throughout the wedding preparation and managing the budget; after choosing the motif for the wedding invitation and the wedding dress; the next big task is shopping for the wedding cake. Currently, bridal shops carry a wide range of wedding needs, including exquisite wedding cakes. But before seizing the first wedding cake proposal offered, stand back and go over these important details.

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How much can you spend for a wedding cake and how many guests are you expecting for the wedding party? The number of guests determines the size of your wedding cake. Size is a cake factor that adds up the expenses for the wedding cake. A regular-sized single layer cake cannot treat a hundred guests. You are looking for a cake of epic proportions to give all the guests a generous slice of the wedding cake.

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A round three tier cake at 6′, 9′ and 12′ gives a finger size serving to each guest and can cost $600. That’s for the size alone. Larger cakes for a hundred guests will cost more but servings are generous to delight guests with a sweet tooth. Generally professional bakers determine the prices of wedding cakes by the slice not by the size. The price of the cake escalates with the cake trimmings, decorations and wedding cake toppers, and the type of cake icing used. There’s the delivery cost too for elaborate several tiered cakes. Cake Icing

Wedding caterers also provide wedding cakes in their wedding package. Like all wedding cake providers, caterers have a long list of cake icing for different budgets and the most expensive cake icing to date is fondant icing. Fondant icing gives a satin finish to cakes and very tricky to make. Some fondant icing does not taste good and guests peel off the icing to get a bite of the cake. The latest fondant icing is however tasty but notches up the cake price per slice more.

Buttercream icing is another favorite. It is tastier and gives a splendid finish to cakes; in the hands of cake artists, buttercream icing can assume fantastic designs and colors. But there is a limit to what can be fashioned from buttercream. Although this is cheaper than fondant icing, it melts at an 80 temperature, thus won’t do for an outdoor or garden wedding.

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Sugar icing is way cheaper than fondant but as expected is very sweet and can be very dry. This can keep for days, which makes this icing type a favorite for outdoor weddings and the best white icing for a traditional wedding theme.

Cake Decorations

To slash the cost on wedding cakes decorations, bakers use fresh flowers and fruits to adorn cakes. Ribbons and colored candies are added to add texture to the decorations. The more expensive cake decorations include faux pearls and semi-precious stones. For a cake decoration you can keep after your wedding, a custom cake topper is a great choice. The more elaborate the cake decoration, the more expensive the wedding cake. Choose your baker when shopping for your wedding cake. Experienced bakers have spectacular portfolios of their creations or get a friend’s recommendation for wedding cakes.

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