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The Bridesmaid Dress That’s Worth Your While

With tons of bridesmaid dresses vying for your attention, it can be a circus choosing the best bridesmaid dress. What’s worse is ending up with a horrible dress you cannot return or exchange for another.

Unsure About the Style?

Unless you are always glued to fashion magazines and stalking fashion models, you might not have any idea what would look good on you. Then when you are asked to be a bridesmaid, you can’t think of anything and hope that anything will be alright. Wrong. You must choose a bridesmaid dress that looks good on you and you look good in it. That is the secret of fashion models.

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Instead of trusting what looks good on ramp models, check out what looks good on you. Choosing the right dress will be worth your while and your money. Your bridesmaid dress should highlight your best features and camouflage your imperfections. There’s nothing wrong about asking the sales clerk for a dress that gives a slim silhouette if you are a size 12 or a dress that makes you look tall than your 5’8″ height because bridesmaids all over are doing the same thing.

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If you want someone to do the critiquing over the dress, ask your fashionista friends to come along to the bridal shop. Luckily, bridal shops have specialists who can help you tremendously when choosing a style that fits and makes you look gorgeous. These people have the keen eye for details and have been in the business for long that just one look at you they can figure out which fashion style is for you.

Practical Tips

Fashion magazines have every tip for a perfect dress sense. Basically it has to do with the body shape, weight, and coloring. With the basics tucked under your belt, it becomes systematic when shopping for dresses with a particular style you like or want to try. One thing about shopping for dresses is the amazing variety; it really is fun shopping for dresses but you must be able to buy the right dress for your bridesmaid role. Stick to the basic rules when looking at a bridesmaid dress presented to you.

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Don’t waste your time looking dresses not your size. Go directly to the rack for your size and from there on choose particular styles that attract you. Try them on for size and ask your friends how they like it. The bridal specialist will be on hand to give you advice and may offer you other selections whilst pointing out what makes you look good in each dress.

If you want to do your shopping online, then it’s simpler and convenient. The dresses come in specific sizes and styles, and you can click the color chart for a particular shade of red, blue, green, or pink. Again, don’t waste your time plowing through hundreds of dresses. You must have a style of bridesmaid dress in your mind before you happily click the mouse.

While shopping online, take note of the fabric used for the dress. If you are allergic to synthetic fabrics avoid them. There are dresses available in various fabrics available – silk, sateen, organdy, lace, and chiffon. For your bridesmaid dress, take the time to shop but shop smart so you won’t waste your time and your money.

bridesmaid dresses

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  1. This is a very helpful post. But I would not want my bridesmaids showing too much on my day or have their dresses skin tight etc. I think i’ll go to the latest long gown and not strap. Thanks 🙂

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