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Wedding Invitations: DIY or Shop-Bought?

Making your own wedding invitations is a great idea – that is if you have the time to spend poring over every detail for 200 invitations. But if you have only 50 guests, the idea is feasible. But there are lovely ready-made invitations of all designs, sizes, and colors that can change your mind about making your own invitations. So what should you do now?

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The DIY Option

Bridal couples who worked on their own elegant wedding invitations deserve awards for their industriousness and perseverance. Why? Preparing the invitations or working on each card lovingly takes time and there are a hundred things to do apart from slaving over these invitations. There is the shopping for bridal dress, the groom’s and his best men’s tuxedos, the bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride/groom dresses, and choosing the venue, menu and music to do.

If you are bent on making your own invitations is popular way to save money. You can save as much as $100 for 200 invitations. There are online step-by-step tutorials that can show how to do beautiful handmade wedding invitations using rubber stamps or DIY invitation kits. To solve the time issue, use desktop publishing and le the local copy shop make several copies, and cut and fold the invitations.

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But before anything else, go over designs you want copied or create your own personalized wedding invitations. You can use different materials for your invitation or even take your own snapshots and convert this into a nice invitation with the elegant printing at the back of the picture. For more ideas for your invitation, check out wedding sites online BUT if you can’t come up with an idea or if you have no time at all, choose from the countless designs for wedding invitations to suit your wedding theme.

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The Ready-Made Option

You cannot expect to have unique invitations if you buy these from bridal shops YET you can personalize the invitation to make it truly your own. Bridal shops have a stock of ideas for personalized wedding invitations for the discerning taste and offer a complete range of exquisite cards and envelopes. This gives you the flexibility to mix and match or get a coordinated look for your invitations.

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With an assortment of invitations available, it is convenient to select one that conveys your thoughts, and tastes as well as the wedding style. All information – wedding couple, wedding host, wedding date and time and location of the ceremony and a brief note about the wedding reception are indicated in the invitation. You work it out with the bridal shop to get the right information down to pat and you can ask for a sample copy before finalizing the printing of the set.

The envelope is another detail. The invitations have two envelopes. The inner envelope is a sort of protective cover. This is enhanced with colored lines to reinforce your wedding color. The outer envelope is the mailing envelope. This contains the return address just in case there are undeliverable addresses. When you order these invitations, these are delivered after a week and after you have approved of everything and checked that spelling of names and other information are correct.

Your Choice

DIY or shop-bought wedding invitations? That’s your choice. Both have its pros and cons but if you want more time to do other wedding preparations, the smart choice is ordering your invitations.

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  1. DIY was great and unique but for us it was really time consuming – rather to buy!!!.

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