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The Cost of Popular Wedding Locations


Every bride has an image of what her perfect wedding day will be since the minute she understood what the concept of marriage meant. While some women are content with their wedding taking place in a Pancake Parlour or backyard, most women want their childhood dream transformed into reality. A recent article revealed that the average Australian couple spends over $36,000 on their wedding, not including the honeymoon. While important aspects of the wedding like bands, caterers, flowers and dresses cost a substantial sum of money, the most significant amount of money is spent on the venue.  The cost of the venue will depend on lots of different things but today we are going to have a look at the location of the venue.

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A common cliché for weddings is by the beach. Hawaii offers a vast range of exquisitely beautiful islands with locations like sunset boats, volcanic tops and beach fronts. Hawaii is a tropical paradise designed for any dream wedding with a range of companies offering packages for Hawaiian weddings. The ease of having the venue, photographer, band, hotel stay and transportation all covered prompts an additional bonus attraction for Hawaii as a popular wedding destination.

Cost Rating: 7/10


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The tranquil and lush countryside of France is another sought after wedding destination. Complete with French chateaus, country retreats, magical lakes and of course, the city of love, Paris. Many couples are drawn towards this location. French weddings generally take place within an old church with overflowing flowers and incense with a silk canopy hanging above the newlyweds. A tradition carried on from the Middle Ages consists of each wedding guest bringing a small cake and stacking them in a pile as high as possible in the center of a table. If the bride and groom can kiss over them without knocking them over, it symbolizes a lifetime of prosperity.

Cost Rating: 9/10

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Italy is a consistent attraction for brides and grooms across the world. With it’s historic villas, unique old towns and stunning countryside. Deep in the heart of Tuscany lies an elegant twentieth century demure villa named Villa Magi. Villa Magi holds an elegant combination of the beautiful Tuscan landscape and an Art Nouveau style to provide a perfect destination for weddings. Lucca is another prime location in Italy sought after by brides and grooms worldwide. Lucca is situated on the River Serchio near Tuscany. Lucca holds a vast array of historical gardens, buildings and churches such as the Church of San Michele in Foro and the Romanesque church of San Giusto. Wedding goers looking for a more traditional wedding often head to Italy.

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Cost Rating: 8/10


While initially India doesn’t seem like a contender for a popular wedding destination, it is surprisingly appropriate for those looking for a bright and cultured wedding. Beach retreats and palaces are the wedding trend in India. There is a vast range of places such as the HariMahalJodhpur which imitates the shapes and colors of the TajMahal and provides services for wedding functions as well as providing accommodation for the guests.

Cost Rating: 5/10

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